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Introduction to W88 Rewards Club

W88 Betting Company has brought the Club for Customers to Reward their Loyalty and that Club is called W88 Rewards Club, Best Loyalty Reward for Customer’s Satisfaction. W88 Rewards Club have exciting offers from free bets, Apple products, and luxury brand items to W88 gamecard and Sports merchandise. Players have to place bets as usual, collect points on their bets, and redeem them for any W88 Reward.


What’s the wait for? Join W88 Betting site today and begin by claiming a free credit and 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on your first deposit. Place bets on sports matches, play live casino games, spin slot machines, and bet on lottery numbers.

Wheel of Fortune: Spin to Win W88 Reward

Wheel of Fortune is a program initiated by W88 Betting company to provide the extra mile for its loyal players. You can spin the wheel once a week after making a successful deposit and claim exciting offers listed in the wheel, reward points, reload bonuses, jerseys, free bets, etc. Join W88 today & Begin your journey!


  • Eligible Member: Every member with W88 account, new or existing, who has made at least 1 deposit in a week is eligible to spin the wheel of fortune and win ton loads of exciting prizes.
  • Working of the Wheel: All you need to do is make a deposit per week to spin the wheel. Login to your account, go to Rewards Club page, click on Wheel of Fortune, and spin to win your prize.
  • Number of Spins in a wheel: Players can spin the wheel once every week after making a deposit in that particular week. Be noted that free spins cannot be accumulated or exchanged.

2 Important Components of W88 Rewards Club

Before you go ahead and commit yourself to collecting the points and redeeming the W88 Rewards, you must know two important components of W88 Rewards Club: Levels & Rewards. You have to unlock the levels to get discount in your rewards, higher levels offer great rewards redemption discount.

W88 Levels to Reach – Level 1 to Level 8




22%168 Number of Points within 30 days
33%388 Number of Points within 30 days
44%518 Number of Points within 30 days
55%688 Number of Points within 30 days

Upgrade to Level 6 with W VIP Club Invitation

715%Upgrade with W VIP Club – GOLD Invitation

Upgrade with W VIP Club – DIAMOND  Invitation

Note: Rewards Redemption Discount is NOT applicable for Free Bets Reward at W88 Malaysia.

W88 Rewards to Redeem – From RM500 Free Bet to Macbook Air

There are hundred of prizes at W88 Rewards Club that are waiting to be claimed by you, all these items are categorised in 6 different boxes and all of them are mentioned below. Keep moving the items by clicking on the arrows given on either site and claim them from W88 betting site.


Free Bets

Claim Free Bets from RM25 with 538 Points to RM500 with 10288 Points.


Leading Gadgets

Redeem Apple Products, iPhone with 148,888 and Macbook with 198,888 Points.



Redeem Wallets, Goggles, Bag packs, and Belts by Brands like LV and Michael Kors.


Luxury Lifestyle

Claim Wrist Watch by  Luxury Brands, Calvin Klein, Fossil, Gucci, Swiss, etc.


Online Deals

Claim W88 Game Card of different amounts ranging from RM500 to RM5,000.


Sports Merchandise

Exchange Reward Points for W88’s Present Sports Sponsor’s Merchandise.

Well, there are many prizes that are waiting to be claimed by you. Join W88 today and start by claiming the W88 Free Credit of RM30 as new member without making any deposit and by just verifying your account details. Claim welcome bonus up to RM600 on your first deposit, play games & collect points to redeem.

Explore W88 Rewards Club with 2 Steps Guide at W88

Play at W88 and collect points to Redeem W88 Reward! Yes, it’s that simple. Know more, explore W88 Rewards Club section and learn how to reach it in 2 simple steps. Join W88 today and claim free credit of RM30 upon verification. Make your first deposit and start collecting points by playing Sportsbook & Casino.

Step 1: Access W88 & Select W88 Rewards Club

  • Reach the official W88 betting site by clicking on the link given over ‘W88’ anchor text or clicking on the buttons given above, in the beginning of this article on W88 Rewards Club to visit Official W88.
  • Click on ‘Join‘ and fill the registration form to complete your new account W88 Register and access all W88 products. If you already have an account, click on Login and enter the asked details.
  • Immediate below the W88 logo, home icon is given, indicating the homepage of W88 betting site. Move your cursor to Home icon given below W88 logo and a dropdown menu will appear.
  • There are multiple facilities listed, like VIP Club, Rewards Club, Banking Options, Info Centre, etc for online players to gather more W88 Info. Click on Rewards Club to access W88 Rewards Info.

Step 2: Explore the W88 Rewards Section & Redeem

  • Once you click on the Rewards Club, you will be redirected to a new page where all the information regarding W88 Rewards Club is given, like Levels, Catalogue, Terms and condition, etc.


  • Explore the section to know everything you need to know about W88 Rewards Club or you can just continue reading this article to know everything you need to know to redeem W88 Reward.
  • Collect the points by playing games at W88 Sports and Online Casino betting site, and redeem the rewards you can using the points you have collected. Enjoy Playing and Winning at W888 Malaysia.

See what W88 Reward you can Redeem in Catalogue

To claim a W88 Reward you have to place bets, collect points, unlock levels, and redeem W88 Reward in exchange of points. But, before you begin the journey to place bets, collect points, and redeem your prize; you must know the goal, you must know hoe many points are you supposed to collect to redeem your desirable prize. And if you want to check what you can buy from the points you have collected. We brought you a way to know the answer of both questions, follow the steps mentioned below to know:


  • Step 1: Go to Catalogue in Rewards Club Page – Once you reach the Rewards Club section, click on ‘Catalogue‘ to see all the prizes that can be redeemed with the points you have collected.
  • Step 2: Enter the number of Points you have – There are two ways to set the limit and filter down the items available, you can either set the limit or enter the points manually and click on Search.
  • Step 3: Explore the filtered down Options to Redeem – As soon as you click on search, items will be filtered depending on the limit you set. Explore the options and Redeem the ones you like.

5 Important Terms & Conditions to Claim W88 Rewards

W88 Reward’s terms and conditions are easy to understand but online players often neglect it and face different problems in future. Take some time out and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before committing to W88 Rewards Club. Enjoy the best Gaming experience and best rewards  at W88 Malaysia.

  1. Eligible Members: As soon as you register your account at W88, you become eligible to collect points by playing on Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots, and Lottery. But you cannot redeem W88 Reward until you become W88 VIP Club member by collecting certain number of points.
  2. One Point Worth: Player begins to earn a point as soon as he places a bet of RM200 on either of the following products at W88: Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots, and Lottery. Hence, you have to place bets of RM200 or $60 to claim 1 point at W88 gambling site.
  3. Exchange Policy: Collected points cannot be exchange for real money, they can be exchanged for free bets and minimum number of points to get RM25 free bet is 538. Collected points are not transferable either, you cannot transfer the collect points from one W88 account to another,
  4. Points Validity time: Points collected by different level of VIP Club members have different validity date. Points earned by BLUE VIP Member expires in 6 months, Points earned by GOLD VIP Member expires in 12 months, and Points earned by PLATINUM & DIAMOND VIP are valid forever.
  5. Points Credited time: Points in your account are created in 2 day basis, that is, the amount of money you spend in 2 days will be calculated and verified to see the number of points you earned. Points are credited in your account at midnight on 2 days based calculation.

FAQs regrading W88 Rewards Club

1. Will W88 Reward Points Expires?
Points of every W88 Reward level have different expiry time. Points of BLUE level expires in 6 months, Points of GOLD expires in 12 months, and points of PLATINUM & DIAMOND are valid for lifetime.

2. How to earn W88 Reward Points?
Online players who joined W88 after 1st February 2014, will be able to earn points by placing worthwhile bets on listed W88 products as soon as they become W88 VIP Club – BLUE member, first stage.

3. How to see my W88 Reward Points?
Login to your W88 account and click on ‘Balance/Points‘ to see your Rewards Points. Your Reward points will be given below the dropdown menu, that appears on your screen after clicking on Balance/Points. If it states that you have 0 Reward Points, it means that you haven’t be enrolled to W88 VIP Club yet.


4. Can I transfer my W88 Reward Points?
NO, you cannot transfer your W88 Rewards Points from one W88 member’s account to another account.

5. How to Sign Up for W88 Rewards Club?
You cannot Sign Up into W88 account, you must be invited to enrol in VIP Club – BLUE level to start earning W88 Rewards Points and become an elite member of W88 Rewards Club. Hence, W88 Reward is associated with W88 VIP Club. You will grow in W88 Reward as soon as you grown in W88 VIP Club.


W88 Rewards Club is one of the prominent features of W88 Betting company, W88 rewards its loyal customers in the best way! A simple way to redeem any desired W88 Reward is to play at the W88 sports and casino betting site, collect the points, unlock each level, and redeem what you want. If you are in this game for the long term, then W88 Rewards Club is the best destination for every online gambler. Join today and claim RM30 free credit on the new register at W88 without making any deposit whatsoever.