Top 5 W88 Promotions in Malaysia – Win 100% bonus of RM1,288

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5 Best W88 Promotions for new members in Malaysia 2024: 1. RM30 free credit 2. 100% Bonus of RM1,288 on Casino & Keno 3. RM1,088 1st deposit cashback on Sports.

W88 Bonus RM1,288 W88 Free Credit RM30 W88 Bonus RM1,088

These days online betting is considered to be a fun way to be entertained online as using betting sites like W88 gives you the benefits of accessing game rooms from top providers and their classic casino games. But it is also important to acknowledge that playing these casino games can sometimes be too heavy on the pockets as to be entertained for long hours you also have to be ready to spend that much.

But luckily, if you join the W88 website, then the W88 promotion offers can help you boost your bank account without spending a lot from your own pockets! At W88, you can find 5 exciting W88 bonus offers to boost your account wallet as soon as you join the website. So, without further ado, let us dive into the W88 free credit and the other 4 new member bonuses that you can claim upon making your first deposit.

Grab the W88 Free Credit RM30 on account verification

Firstly, let us look at the W88 Free Credit RM30 that you can get on verifying your account details. That is right, upon making a W88 register and then verifying important details for your own account safety, W88 will give you a freebet of RM30 as a new member no deposit bonus! However, to make this W88 promotion completely yours, there are some things you should keep in mind.

w88malayu w88 promotion w88 free credit rm30 for account security

Terms and Conditions

The terms of claiming the W88 Free Credit is absolutely simple. Here, you must visit your profile after immediately registering a W88 account and verify the following details to be eligible to opt-in for this promotion offer

  1. Update Password: Firstly, you will have to go ahead and create a new password for yourself in accordance to the W88 password strength requirement and then secure your account with a security question.
  2. Add Bank Account: Then you must add a bank account to secure sensitive information as a part of the account security procedure.
  3. Phone number verification: Then at the click of a button, you must verify your phone number for OTP verification purposes
  4. Email Verification: Lastly, verify your email address just like the phone number for updates, notifications, and other important things related to your account.

When you are done completing this process, you will see the RM30 free credit locked in your account wallet on the betting site. To unlock this free credit, you must then make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your account and complete the 1 time rollover requirement to make a minimum withdrawal of RM100. After a successful withdrawal, the RM30 free credit will be unlocked to play in any W88 dashboard products.

Note: W88 now lets you game online with USDT which means that you can access all the products and promotions on this site to play with USDT cryptocurrencies. In case, you wish to play with crypto, then you can claim the W88 Free Credit of 5 USDT on your crypto account with the same conditions applied.

Grab exciting W88 Promotion deals on your new account today!

Along with the W88 free credit of RM30, W88 allows its customers to opt-in for other exciting promotion deals on the site. As a new member, there are other 4 promotions that you can claim on the first deposit for casino, sportsbook, slots, and other products on the official W88 website. Let us now take a look into them and the terms and conditions to make the promotions completely yours.

1. Get 100% bonus of RM1,288 on Casino & Keno games

For those who like playing casino and keno games, the first W88 promotion on this list will appeal to you the most as here you get a welcome bonus of 100% up to RM1,288 which is the highest promotion cashback offer from them all. This promotion lets you play best casino and W88 Keno games offered by one of the top providers on the site. Depending on your preferred gaming style, pick a W88 promo code and apply it when making the first deposit to claim the promotion.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for casino and keno

W88 Promo Code

Minimum DepositProductRollover Times
MYCLUBRM30Club W Casino



RM30Club W Keno


Terms and Conditions

  • To claim this promotion, you must be a new member of the W88 family and completing the verification process from your profile is ideal.
  • A minimum deposit of RM30 is mandatory to be eligible for this promotion offer.
  • Upon making the deposit, the bonus amount must be rolled over 15 times where the first rollover must take place within 30 days of claiming the bonus offer.
  • W88 has the right to forfeit this promotion offer in case of any mistreatment from the player’s end. Each member can use only one welcome bonus offer from the site.
  • If you have not be qualified for this promotion by W88, then the deposited RM30 can be withdrawn without any rollover condition. Or you can opt-in for any alternative W88 promotion by contacting customer care.

2. Claim 100% up to RM1,088 on Sports betting products

For all the people who enjoy sports betting, the W88 Sportsbook bonus may be extremely beneficial to you as a new member. For the W88 sportsbook bonus, you get a promotion cashback offer of 100% up to RM1,088 which you can use on 2 popular sportsbooks on the site. So, depending on which sportsbook appeals to you the most, select a code and make your first deposit to be eligible for this promotion.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for sportsbook products

W88 Promo Code

Minimum DepositProductRollover Times





Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a new member on the W88 site to claim this promotion offer, and also must verify your details for security purposes.
  • To be eligible for this promotion, you need to deposit a minimum RM30 as your first deposit at W88.
  • This deposit and bonus amount must be rolled over 15 times, and the first rollover must take place within 30 days of claiming the product.
  • A withdrawal can only be made if you have completed the rollover requirements, however, if you did not quality for this promotion then you can contact W88 cs and opt in for another W88 bonus or withdraw the money without a rollover requirement.
  • W88 has the right to cancel this promotion and even suspend your account if any fraudulent activities are noticed.

3. Play Slots with 100% up to RM600 promo

Slot gaming is not only fun but also thrilling as the game rounds are almost continuous and quick-paced. This is however something that requires a good promotional deal so that you can game on slots online while going easy on your wallets. At W88, you do not only get free game rooms for W88 Slots but also one of the best W88 promotion offers of 100% up to RM600 for slot betting.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for slots gaming

W88 Promo Code

Minimum DepositProductRollover Times


RM30Gameplay Interactive15






W100PP20RM30Pragmatic Play









RM30TopTrend Gaming15


Terms and Conditions

  • This W88 promotion is exclusive to only new members on the W88 site. Verifying your account details is also ideal for claiming the promotion.
  • Making a minimum first deposit of RM30 is necessary to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The deposit amount along with the bonus must be rolled over 15 times on the products of the respective W88 promo code. The first rollover requirement must be completed within the next 30 days of claiming the bonus.
  • If you were not qualified for the W88 promotion, then you can withdraw the deposited cash without any rollover requirement, but qualified members cannot make withdrawals until the rollover is completed otherwise the bonus will be nullified.
  • W88 can cancel this promotional deal on your account or suspend it if you violate any conditions of the bonuses and the site.

4. Use 20% up to RM600 promo for sports & live casino games

The last and exciting promotion offer is for the top gaming products on the W88 website and so, this bonus can apply to 3 different kinds of bettors, those who enjoy sports betting, those who enjoy classic W88 Live Casino games, and those who enjoy playing keno online. In this W88 promotion, you get a 20% bonus up to RM600 on three exciting products with different W88 promo codes.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for new members

W88 Promo Code

Minimum DepositProduct

Rollover Times





RM30Club W Grand


Terms and Conditions

  • This W88 bonus is available for newly registered members as a welcome bonus. You must also complete the verification process for security purposes.
  • Making a minimum deposit of RM30 is mandatory for claiming this W88 promotion.
  • Once deposited, the money must be rolled over 15 times with the first time being within 30 days of claiming the promotions offer.
  • W88 can forfeit this promotion if you are caught misusing the W88 bonus deal in any way.
  • Qualified members must complete the rollover requirements before they can make a successful withdrawal, otherwise, the promotion deal will be nullified. If you have not been qualified for the deal, then you can make a withdrawal without the rollover requirement.

How to claim a Malaysia W88 Promotion bonus in 3 simple steps?

Now that you know about the W88 free credit and other new member W88 promotions that you can claim upon joining, let us move on to the next section where we introduce you to how you can create an account un the W88 register to claim any one of these new member bonuses.

Step 1: Register an account and visit the promo section

  • The first thing that you must do is visit the official W88 website by accessing a link from our homepage and clicking on ‘Join‘ to create an account in the W88 Register. This will give you access to the registration form which you should fill out with precise details.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for new members step 1

  •  Next, make sure you complete the verification process to collect the RM30 free credit and once done, click on ‘Login‘ to log into W88 with your new credentials.
  • Once all this is done, you can click on the ‘Promos‘ options from the ribbon menubar and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select your preferred W88 bonus and copy the code

  • In step 2, you will find yourself on the page with all the promotion deals available on the W88 Live Casino site, so here, you must filter the page by clicking on the ‘New Member‘ option.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for new members step 2

  • Doing so would give you all the new member bonuses mentioned above on one page. So, from these, you can click on your preferred bonus and read the terms and conditions underneath it thoroughly.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for new members step 3

  • Once you agree with the terms and conditions of the selected promotion, copy the given W88 promo code for the product you prefer and move on the last step of claiming the W88 promotion.

Step 3: Make a W88 Deposit and amount transfer with the code

  • In the final step, click on the ‘Deposit‘ option to make a W88 Deposit in your account of a minimum of RM30 and then you must click on the ‘Transfer‘ option, to transfer the money from the main to the bonus product wallet.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus for new members step 4

  • Next, you must select the wallet you want to deposit from and to. Here, you must click on the Main option from the first drop-down menu and then click on the wallet the bonus applies to.
  • Once done, you must enter the transfer amount which is RM30 in the given slot and below that paste the W88 promo code.
  • Then, click on the ‘Transfer’ button to successfully complete the transfer from your main wallet to the bonus wallet by applying the promo code.

Now all that is left to do is complete the given rollover requirement for the W88 promotion you selected so that you can make a successful W88 Withdrawal of the bonus amount and payouts from your W88 wallet to your personal bank account.

Know the answers to 3 crucial questions for the W88 Promotion

The W88 Promotion bonus deals is extremely beneficial to beginners as it gives them a chance to game online without worrying a lot about spending more than they should to game at the W88 products by boosting their account balance. However, there are still some important questions that you must know when it comes to claiming these W88 promotion bonuses online. Let us now address 3 important questions for the W88 bonus whose answers you should know.

w88malayu w88 promotion welcome bonus on w88 dashboard products

1. Is RM30 enough to complete the rollover requirement?

RM30 is the standard minimum amount that you must deposit in the W88 registered account that will allow you to play most of the games eligible for the rollover count for the respective promotion offers. However, there is also a good chance that you may require more money, and so you should consider making a W88 deposit slightly higher than the minimum requirement to game online with ease.

2. What happens if I fail to complete the rollover requirement?

The rollover requirement is important when it comes to claiming the promotions and it is important that you complete the as soon as possible to reap the benefits soon. However, in case where you cannot complete the rollover requirement, your bonus amount will be cancelled and the payouts you have won so far will be forfeited by W88.

3. How to know if the promotion is active?

W88 notifies its members regarding any promotion offers that they have applied to and so, you will get a notification when the bonus is active. That being said, you can always visit the W88’s Fund section and check the history of promotion claims made. Here you get detailed review of the bonuses you claimed but if you want more information, you can always contact the W88 Live Chat service.


These were the top 5 W88 Promotion offers that you can claim right from the moment you create an account in the W88 register. Be sure to complete the rollover requirements and adhere to other important rules of claiming the W88 bonus. That being said, it is important to always visit the official W88 promo page so that you stay up to date with the bonus codes and information under it. With this we bid adieu, and wish you a happy gaming at W88!