10 Progressive Betting Strategies to maximize payout profit!

Want to use Progressive Betting Strategies to boost your bankroll? Choose from 10 betting progression systems – Martingale to Arbitrage – for maximized profits!

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Do you wish to find a progressive betting strategy that actually works? Well, here we have 10 of them that are strategically effective to boost your bankroll account wallet on online betting sites like W88 in no time! These 10 progressive betting strategies are exactly what you need to up your game and increase your chances of winning big while collecting huge payout returns, so be sure to try them all out today!

What are Progressive betting strategies?

Before we look into the progressive betting strategies below, let us first look into what are progressive betting strategies. As the name suggests progressive means increasing in terms of betting wherein you can increase your bankroll amount at the end of the gaming sessions for sports betting as well as online casino gaming.

progressive betting strategies that work like charm for your gaming sessions
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In progressive betting strategies, you must change your wagering amount based on your wins or losses during your gaming sessions. Here you can increase your wagering amount by doubling it, by one unit, or in terms of patterns depending on which progressive betting strategy you go for. However, the basic idea behind it all is to help you earn back the cash that you lost on losing rounds as part of the payout returns.

10 Progressive Betting Strategies you must know about!

Let us now move on to the next section where we introduce you to the top 10 progressive betting strategies. So, stop settling for ineffective betting strategies and take control of your game by trying these 10 progressive betting strategies today. With these powerful techniques, you’ll see your chances of winning boost to new heights. So, join the W88 Register to try out these Progressive betting strategies with their extravagant new member bonuses today!

1. Martingale betting strategy

  • The Martingale Strategy is the best strategy used for recovering your lost betting stakes and is one of the oldest and simplest progressive betting strategies.
  • Here, after each loss, you must double the size of the initial betting stake after losing a betting round and then go back to the initial betting stakes after a round is won.
  • This helps you earn back the lost stakes as part of the payout on the winning bet however, you may require a huge bankroll amount to double them up on lost bets more effectively.

2. Reverse or Anti-Martingale

  • As the name suggests, the reverse Martingale or Anti-Martingale progressive betting strategy is the opposite of the Martingale betting strategy but in a low-risk manner.
  • Here you must increase the stakes by doubling it on winning bets and decrease the stakes after each loss to earn more on the winning bets only.
  • This strategy is more effective for beginners who are looking for progressive betting strategies but also require a good amount of cash in their bankroll.

progressive betting strategies that work for gaming sessions

3. The Paroli formula

  • The Paroli system can be considered as a combination of the Martingale and Anti-Martingale strategy which is one of the progressive betting strategies that appeals to many.
  • Here you must increase your wagering amount on winning bets, but go back to the initial betting stake amount after a loss.
  • This way you can not only boost your account bankroll with profits but also save up on your existing cash in the bankroll making this a good betting progression strategy.

4. D’Alembert bet method

  • The D’Alembert strategy is a betting progression system that caters a lot to beginners as they can use this progressive betting strategy by also keeping a smaller yet reasonable bankroll.
  • All you must do when using the Progressive betting strategy is increase the betting stake by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win.
  • This may not help you get back the entire losing stakes on lost bets but it can still help you earn back some of it while maintaining your account bankroll cash balance.

5. Ladder betting system

  • The Ladder betting system is the simplest form of progressive betting strategy wherein all you must do is increase the betting stakes on winning bets.
  • You must increase the betting progression strategy on winning bets and this increment amount can be based on whatever you feel like wagering except that it must be more than the previous stakes.
  • This way you can increase it flexibly yet maintain the same stakes after losing a bet, making it an effective progressive betting strategy, especially for entire sports leagues.

progressive betting strategies for beginners to boost bankroll

6. Fibonacci betting patterns

  • Also known as Nature’s Sequence the Fibonacci betting strategy helps you bet in patterns as a way to maintain your bankroll and also enjoy the thrills of betting online.
  • Here you must increase the wager after losing a bet in the Fibonacci pattern so if you lost RM1 then bet again with RM1 and if you lost that round then the betting stake will change to RM2, and again to RM 3, then RM5, RM8, and so on.
  • This however requires a lot of patience, luck as well as other Casino Tips to win since you must win more rounds for it to be more effective as this progressive betting strategy is for bankroll managing purposes only.

7. Labouchere betting strategy

  • The next betting progression strategy is the Labouchere betting system which is similar to the Fibonacci strategy but here you get to create your own pattern based on how much you wish to earn.
  • Based on the amount you want to earn at the end of your gaming session, you create a betting sequence in such a way as to determine the next betting stake amount and also progress toward your goal.
  • This again takes up a lot of time and patience and sometimes you have to win more rounds using other Casino or Sportsbook strategies as this only helps in managing your bankroll.

8. 1-3-2-6 betting strategy

  • The next progressive betting strategy is another pattern-based strategy, however here you must bet with the 1-3-2-6 pattern which is a very handy casino betting strategy.
  • In this strategy, 1-3-2-6 is the sequence at which you must increase your wagering amount but only after winning a round, and maintain the same stake after losing a round.
  • This way you can create a proper structure and also set losing limits on your bankroll to manage it well, but like other progressive betting strategies this one requires patience too.

progressive betting strategies for beginners to boost account cash bankroll

9. Kelly Criterion strategy

  • This is one of the progressive betting strategies that require mathematical calculations to determine the betting stakes to manage your bankroll.
  • Here you must wager online by calculating the odds and then determining the percentage of payout based on the odds.
  • However, this strategy is not very popular since this literally requires you to do mathematical homework which sometimes isn’t the best when you wish to have fun gaming online.

10. Arbitrage strategy

  • The last progressive betting strategy is the Arbitrage strategy which works to help you gain profits regardless of the bet outcome.
  • You can do this by comparing different sportsbook odds or casino game odds online and then wagering on the same betting option but in the sportsbook or game room that offers lower odds since lower odds guarantee wins.
  • This again is time-consuming and it is used by professionals who play betting online as a profession as you must continuously keep an eye on the odds and be quick with the bets.

progressive betting strategies for beginners to boost account bankroll


These were the top 10 Progressive Betting Strategies that work as a charm during gaming sessions be it in the sportsbooks or casino gaming online. Using betting progression strategies also requires you to apply some other professional strategies that work hand-in-hand to bag more wins thus more payouts. So, for more strategies that complement the progressive betting strategy you select, keep visiting our website as we provide pro insights for beginner bettors!