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Introduction to W88 Slots Online

The most interesting games in casinos are the slot machines and the same ritual follows up in online casinos, slot games are the most interesting and played games in online casino. Gamblers who love to play on slot machines have to go nowhere anywhere, all they need is a device, whether a desktop or a mobile to play slot games online and earn even more than real slot machines in real casino.


Online slot games offer more pay-out percentages, great variety of products, thousands of different themes, amazing soundtrack, awesome backdrop, high-quality graphics, and so much more than real casino slot machines. Try out yourself at W88 Malaysia, register your account, deposit real money to play slot games online and win 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 in W88 slots wallet.

7 Reasons why King W88 Slot Games are the Best in Malaysia

Hundreds on online gambling platforms are present in Malaysia and yet, we claim that you should select W88 betting company to play slot games online, Why? We have answer to your question and that comes in 7 points, read the points mentioned below to know the reasons why you should choose W88.


  1. Legalised Platform to play Slot Games: W88 Gambling site is a legalised betting platform, authorised to conduct slot games online for Malaysian online players under PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) under First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation.
  2. Affordable Betting site to play Slots: Minimum deposit limit at W88 betting site is RM30, which means you have to deposit RM30 in W88 wallet. But the minimum betting limit of play slot games is RM0.1, which means you need only RM0.1 in your W88 wallet to spin the reels in most Slot games.
  3. Great variety of W88 Slot Games: MicroGaming, Playtech, Qtech, Pragmatic Play, Play N’ Go, Yggdrasil, Gameplay Interactive, etc. are some of the most popular online slot games provider at W88, which provides hundreds thousands of slot games with different theme, backdrop, etc.
  4. Availability of Android & iOS App: W88 betting company launched its Android and iOS application, W88 Lite App, for online players who love playing online gambling but are deprived of desktops. Hence, players can play slot games in app too not, it takes only 13.93Mb of your space.
  5. High RTP rates on Slot Games: There are top rated online slot games present in W88 betting site, like Ugga Bugga with 99.17% RTP rate by playtech, other slots with high RTP rates are Golden Rour, Immortal Romance, Jokerizer, Win Sum Dim Sum, Joker Strike, Heroes, Extreme Heat, etc.
  6. High-Quality W88 Slot Games: Video quality of every slot game to play at W88 is top-notch, though you might not like the theme of some slot games but that doesn’t degrade the quality. It offers amazing backdrops, awesome soundtracks, and interesting symbols in W88 slot games.
  7. W88 Slot Games PromotionW88 Promotion on slot games is the highest welcome bonus available, that is, 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on first deposit of minimum RM30 in W88 slots wallet with bonus code given in the website ‘Promos’ section. Join W88 & Claim Now!

10 Best W88 Slot Games Online to Spin & Win More!

There are millions of online slot games in the world by thousands of slot game providers, but which ones are the best for you? We have got the answer for you, mentioned below the 10 most played W88 slot online games to play and win more real money. Join W88 & claim W88 free credit of RM30 with no deposit.

1. Ugga Bugga by Playtech


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1
  • Return to the Player: 99.17%

Minimum betting stake at Ugga Bugga by Playtech is RM0.1, hence you need only RM0.1 to spin the reel in Ugga Bugga slot game one time. Ugga Bugga is the topmost slot game online with 99.17% RTP rate. There are 6 reels in the slot game with different symbols, like mask, food, drums, soup, hut, person, and so much more to win real money with great ease and high return to the player rate.

2. Immortal Romance – MicroGaming


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1
  • Return to the Player: 97.86%

This slot game is based on the fantasy drama, love between immortals with dramatic, scary, and yet amazing soundtrack. There are characters, numbers, and different locations embedded in the 5 reels. The backdrop of the Immortal Romance slot game is dark with spooky creatures behind. Play Immortal Romance by MicroGaming with just RM0.1 and earn with 97.86% RTP rate.

3. Jokerizer by Yggdrasil


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.2
  • Return to the Player: 98%

There are 5 reels, 3 rows and 18 pay lines in Jokerizer slot game. Symbols used in the reels are number 7, lemon, bell, cherries, star, grapes, etc. Spin the slot game and double your money with great RTP rate. Backdrop of this slot is a beautiful candy shop, with large candies standing in front of the shop and soothing music with magical effect. Play Jokerizer by Yggdrasil and win real cash.

4. Win Sum Dim Sum – MicroGaming


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1
  • Return to the Player: 97%

As the name claim, this slot game is tasty and delicious, it will make your crave for dim sums. Card values, dim sums, chicken wings, dumplings, etc. are embedded in the 5 reels of the slot Win Sum Dim Sum by MicroGaming with 97% RTP. Join W88 to play the Win Sum Dim Sum by MicroGaming and claim welcome bonus up to RM600 on your first deposit in W88 slot wallet.

5. Joker Strike by Qtech


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.5
  • Return to the Player: 98.11%

Joker Stride is one of the most popular slot game by Qtech slot games provider with minimum betting limit of RM0.5 and 98.11% RTP rate. Card values, bells, card suits, number 7, word Wild, and joker face are embedded in the 5 reels to spin and win. Joker face is the highest valued item of the slot online, you will win a lot if the pay line contains joker face and word Wild in it.

6. Heroes by SpadeGaming


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.5
  • Return to the Player: 98%

Heroes slot game by SpadeGaming is based on the happy dramatic story and end in a win with different characters and card values embedded in reels. Spin the slot with a minimum of RM0.5 betting limit and win as per the pay table of the slot game. The design of this slot is elegant amd royal, even the spin button will make you press itself once you enter the game, try it out now at W88 slot login.

7. Wizard of Gems by Play N’ Go


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.3
  • Return to the Player: 97.66%

As the name suggests itself, different coloured and shaped gems are embedded in the reels on Wizard of Gems, it looks like a candy crush layout. There’s a wizard on the left side of the screen with trees and castle in a backdrop. Spin the reels with RM0.3 only and get a return of 97.66% at Wizard of Gems slot game by Play N’ Go, before that, claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on slot machines.

8. Golden Tour by Paytech


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.01
  • Return to the Player: 97.7%

Golden Tour slot game is made for golf lovers, if you are one of them and this will bring tremendous joy to you. the symbols present in the reels are golf kit, ball, flag, vehicle, shows, beer, and even rats. the background of the reel in a green golf ground with distant trees. If you want to bet on 5 lines, it will cost you RM0.05 for a spin. If you want to bet on only 1 pay line, it will cost you RM0.01 only.

9. Extreme Heat by MicroGaming


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.2
  • Return to the Player: 97.50%

Everything in Extreme Heat slot game by Microgaming is on fire! There are 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 pay lines, it will cost you RM0.2 to spin the slot game for 1 pay line. The embedded symbols are lemon, bell, burning 7, burning 77, burning 777, burning bar bar, burning dollar, etc. As said, everything is on fire, every symbol is burning in Extreme Heat slot game by MicroGaming.

10. Age of the Gods by Playtech


  • Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.25
  • Return to the Player: 95.02%

Age of the Gods represent the ancient theme is the slot game, with copper vessel, dragon, hunter, and card values as their symbols. Minimum betting limit to place a bet on 1 pay line at Age of the Gods by Playtech slot game provider is RM0.25 and RTP rate of 95.02%. Join W88 and play Age of the Gods after making a deposit of minimum RM30 with bonus code to claim 100% up to RM600.

How to Play W88 Slot Games Online – 3 Steps Guide

There are hundreds on online slot guides in the market but we provide the simplest one with great quality images. You can just see the images and understand the steps, you don’t have to read the content if you don’t want to. Hence, learn hot to play W88 slot games online with 3 steps or 3 images, your call.

Step 1: Register W88 & Select Slot Games Provider

  • The process of learning how to play W88 slot games online is to visit the official website of W88 in Malaysia. Click on the link or buttons given above to reach the W88 official website in Malaysia.
  • If you already have an account at W88, enter your username and password, and click on ‘Login‘ to access your W88 account. If you don’t have an account, then you have to do W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘ and filling your details in the W88 registration form to create your new account.


  • Once you are done creating your new account as W88, forget everything and validate your 100% account first to claim free credit at W88 Malaysia of RM30. Let’s get back to W88 Slot Games.
  • Click on ‘Slots‘ given in the horizontal menu bar of W88 official website below the W88 logo and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen with images of all the slot games providers present.
  • Click on any of the Slot games provider you trust to play slot games online. We recommend playing slot games at MicroGaming Slot Games Provider, Most popular in Malaysia.

Step 2: Select the Slot Game you want to Play

  • One you have selected the Slot games provider, list of hundreds of slot games will appear on your screen, you can filter them selecting different options, like New, Featured, Top, Favourites, etc. We recommend selecting New because new slot games offer way more than old one, better odds, better pay-out rates, better Video quality, better soundtrack, better backdrop, etc.


  • Once the W88 slot online games are filtered as per your request, select the one you would like to play, we are choosing ‘Cats of the Caribbean‘ by MicroGaming to present an example for you.

Step 3: Spin the Real and Win the Real Money

  • Once you select the game you want to play, you will be redirected to a new page and slot game will open on your screen, ready to be spun. Minimum betting limit of different slot games are different.


  • Click on the spinning icon to make the symbols in the reel spin and wait until they stop. Your pay-out amount will depend on the symbols value in money line. Enjoy earning real money as the RTP and pay lines. Don’t forget to make a W88 deposit before playing the W88 slot games online.
  • Reminder: While making W88 deposit, make a deposit of minimum RM30 to claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 in slots wallet. Don’t forget to claim what is truly made for you at W88 Malaysia.

5 Bonus tips to Win at W88 Slot Games Online

Before you rush to play W88 slot games, we recommend you read the 5 bonus tips given by W88malayu’s betting experts to win more real money in less time daily. Be careful while gambling online! Knowing your limits before jumping into the main field of online gambling is the best thing to know about oneself.

  1. Select Reputable Provider: There are thousands of slot online games providers in the world, some of them are new in the market, some of them are old and reputed, while some of them are just a scam. Be careful about scam slot games provider and choose reputed providers to play slots.
  2. Study the Pay table: In slot games, players are paid as per the recurring symbols in the pay-line and this information is always present in the pay table. Hence, you should always study the pay table before playing the game to know your potential winnings and losses at W88 Slot online.
  3. Play high RTP Slots: Slot games that offer better RTP rates provides more real money to the players. Hence, select the online slot providers and games who offer great deal in RTP rates like Playtech and MicroGaming. Check the RTP rate before playing the slot game at W88 Malaysia.
  4. Practice Free Slots: There’s no better way to learn something other than practicing it again and again. Hence, try out the free version of online slot games before you invest your money in the arena. Practice as much as you can to get the hang of the game and learn to embrace the losses.
  5. Stick to the Budget: Players often end up losing a great deal of money in the heat of the moment and that’s why, you must have a budget to know your limits. Don’t spend more than 5% of your monthly salary in online gambling and don’t forget to invest 20% of it for future ventures.


W88 Slots Online offers a seamless way for online players to earn real money with exciting slot machines to spin online. Mentioned above is everything you need to know about W88 slot games, introduction, benefits, top 10 slots online at W88, how to play slot games online, and 4 bonus tips to earn more real money. Follow the steps and instructions in this article thoroughly to join W88, claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on slots online, and win even more real money by spinning the reels at W88 betting site.