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Virtual basketball betting is as thrilling as basketball betting online that you can bet on on popular betting sites like W88 online. So, to learn all you need to know about virtual basketball betting, from what it exactly is to how to play online basketball betting on these matches to tricks to win virtual basketball betting online read on. By the end of this article, you will be prepared to place your very first bet in the W88 virtual sportsbooks online to get big wins in return!

Virtual Basketball Betting: Know how it works!

Before we introduce you to the simple 3-step online basketball betting guide, let us give you an overview of what is virtual basketball betting and how does it exactly works. As the name suggests, virtual basketball betting basically means betting on basketball matches in a virtual setting. These matches are thus computerized basketball games that you can find and wager on in virtual sportsbooks online.

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide for beginners explained

However, unlike basketball matches, virtual basketball matches take place in a quick-pace, with each match lasting for 10 to 15 minutes, or sometimes even less. All you must do to play virtual online basketball betting is wager on the main betting option for the matches, and then view the virtual gameplay to determine the winner of the match. This is done best at the W88 Sportsbook, which is dedicated for virtual betting online. As you read more, you will learn how to bet on virtual basketball matches to get a detailed example of what exactly is virtual basketball betting online.

Play Virtual Basketball Betting in 3 simple steps

In this section, let us look into the 3 virtual basketball betting steps that are beginner-friendly to carry out in the W88 virtual sportsbooks. Using the W88 website is beneficial for its members, thanks to the extravagant bonus offers on first deposits and other promotion offers they can claim.

Step 1: Log in at W88 and pick a virtual sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do is log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials in the pop-up box.

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide for beginners step 1

  • If you do not have an account in the W88 register, then create one within minutes by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and then filling out the registration form with accurate information.
  • Once done, you must go ahead and click on the ‘Sports‘ product on the W88 homepage, and from here click on your preferred W88 Virtual Sportsbook by choosing from V-Sports 1 or V-Sports 2.

Step 2: Select a Virtual Basketball match window

  • In the next Virtual Basketball Betting step, you will find yourself on the homepage of the selected virtual sportsbooks, wherein you will see all the different virtual sports products that you can play.

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide for beginners step 2

  • So here, click on the ‘Basketball‘ window to access all the virtual basketball matches that you can bet on. Once done, move on to the final online basketball betting step in this tutorial.

Step 3: Wager on a team and wait for the results

  • For the final virtual basketball betting step, you will find yourself on a page with different matches taking place back to back. So here, click on a sub-betting option from your preferred match.

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide for beginners step 3

  • Doing so will open a betting slip on the right side of your screen, and here you must enter your betting stakes. Doing so will show you the potential payouts results based on the odds and stakes.
  • Once done, click on the ‘Place Bet‘ button to lock your bets in the virtual sportsbook before the timer ends. Now all you must do is enjoy the virtual basketball gameplay in anticipation of the betting results.

Explore top 3 betting options in Virtual basketball betting

In the next section in the virtual basketball betting guide, we will introduce you to the top 3 betting options that are common in virtual basketball betting that you must try. Although these may seem intimidating, they are easier to play in the sportsbooks even if you are a beginner especially with the Betting Tips mentioned below.

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide betting odds explained

  1. Match Winner: The first betting option is the match winner bet in the sportsbook wherein you must bet to predict which team will win the match in the sportsbook.
  2. Total Score: The next is the total score bet wherein you must wager to predict whether the total score of both teams will be over a margin or under the margin.
  3. Handicap Bets: Next is the handicap betting option wherein you must place bets to determine whether the team with the handicap scores would win the match or headstart scores which is given to the teams at the beginning of the match based on their strength difference.

Understand how betting odds work in Online Basketball betting

In the next section, let us take look at the betting odds and how they work to distribute payouts on the online betting side in the sportsbook. These betting odds are multiplied by betting stakes to determine the potential payouts, but understanding how odds work based on end-game results helps you make better online basketball betting decisions.

Wagered on Team 1Wagered on Team 2
virtual basketball betting tutorial guide betting odds outcome 1virtual basketball betting tutorial guide betting odds outcome 2
Betting odds: 1.20Betting odds: 4.60
Betting stake: RM10Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: Payout of RM12.00 is wonIf the bet wins: Payout of RM46.00 is won
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the betting options have different betting odds which are multiplied with the stakes to provide payouts. Moreover, you will notice that higher odds pay more and lower odds pay less, and this is because higher odds have more odds to defy and lower odds have fewer odds to defy. So, depending on what you want you can bet on options with higher or lower odds to win big or win easily on online basketball betting.

3 Bonus tips to win big on Virtual Basketball betting online

In the final section of this virtual basketball betting guide section, we will introduce you to the 3 bonus tips that you must use as a beginner to win big payouts on the virtual basketball betting games online. With this, you will be equipped to bet on all the online basketball betting games in the W88 sportsbook, so read on!

virtual basketball betting tutorial guide for beginners with tips to win

  1. Wager with a progressive system: Firstly, you must make use of progressive betting systems wherein you must increase the stakes or decrease them based on your wins and losses in the sportsbooks to earn back some of the lost stakes as part of the payout returns.
  2. Bet more on bets with lower odds: Next you must bet more on betting options with lower odds because as stated above, lower odds have fewer odds to defy which means that they come with easy wins which is great for beginners.
  3. Do not be biased on virtual teams: Lastly, since virtual basketball betting gives out results that are determined by computer algorithms, it is best  to avoid being biased towards your favorite team. Instead, use betting charts to analyze the teams and bet on the team with a better chance of winning.


This was the Virtual Basketball Betting tutorial that you can use as beginners to win huge payouts online in the W88 sportsbooks. This is thanks to the simple how to bet guide along with the tricks to win online basketball betting, all provided in this article. So, go ahead and join the W88 website as a member, and wager on some of the best online basketball betting games in the virtual sportsbooks using the 100% up to RM1,088 sportsbook bonus you can claim on your first deposit.