W88 Sportsbook Malaysia review 2024: No.1 sports betting site

w88malayu w88 sportsbook betting bonusw88malayu w88 sportsbook betting minimum rm5

W88 Sportsbook Malaysia review 2024: Join W88 and claim a 100% bonus up to RM1,088. Play W88 sports betting at a-Sports, BTi, SABA C, V1, or V2 W88 sportsbooks!

W88 Malaysia W88 Bonus RM1,288 W88 Sportsbook

Betting on sports matches is extremely fun these days thanks to it taking the entertainment and thrills of watching sports matches to another level. However, using the right online betting sportsbook like the W88 sportsbook is extremely important especially if you are a beginner. To know why, check out this detailed review on the no.1 sportsbook in Asia for a W88 sports betting tutorial and to know more about the W88 promotions on these amazing sportsbook products.

Why pick W88 Sportsbook for sports betting in Malaysia 2024?

Before we get into the simple betting tutorial by W88malayu, let us first address why you should pick the W88 sportsbook for sports betting in Malaysia 2024. This is something that will help you get an overview of why the W88 sportsbook stands out from the others in Malaysia.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting for welcome bonus on first deposit

  1. Legal and Safe: The first thing that makes the W88 sportsbook the best sports betting Malaysia platform is the fact that this betting site has a legal license from the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers and is backed by a strong SSL certificate.
  2. Beginner friendly with low stakes: Another important aspect of this betting site is the fact that it has a beginner-friendly interface catering to the needs of different kinds of beginners and also has low minimum betting stakes starting from RM5 only.
  3. Sponsors of top football teams: Last but not least, for sports fans who love football, using the W88 sportsbook is extremely beneficial as this cool betting site has partnered with some of the top teams in the sports world including the winners of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Argentine Football Association.

Know the top 5 W88 sportsbooks you can use to place bets

W88 sportsbook betting Malaysia is fun thanks to it providing customers with the top sportsbooks in the betting world online. Here you get to switch between whichever kind of sports betting you prefer. Moreover, here you get to wager on fun sports matches from football to politics betting. Let us now give you a quick overview of the top 5 products on the betting site which are the a-Sports, BTi, SABA C, V1 and V2 sportsbooks.


w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia asports

Minimum Stake: RM5

The first W88 sportsbook that you will come across is the W88 a-Sports bookie which provides its customers with an Asian betting view and updated odds with statistic charts and a live streaming option to place accurate bets in the sportsbook for great payouts.


w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia bti

Minimum Stake: RM5

The next W88 sportsbook is the BTi sportsbook which gives its customers the chance to wager in the Asian or European view with many filter options to bring the perfect match to you. Here you can place in-play bets via the W88 live stream option.


w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia saba c

Minimum Stake: RM5

SABA C is a new sportsbook for members to play W88 sports betting on their favorite matches in the most simple Asian betting view. Here you get to wager on matches for low prices as well making this the most beginner-friendly product on the site.

V1 & V2

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia v1 and v2

Minimum Stake: RM0.6 to RM2

Lastly, next is the virtual 1 and 2 sportsbook that you can use to place bets on computerized virtual matches online. By indulging in some of the best virtual live streams, you can bet on fantasized matches including horse and greyhound racing.

6 Must-try sports matches to play W88 sports betting

The W88 sportsbooks above bring to its customer’s many sports matches that they can wager on with exciting betting options but here are the 6 sports that you should play W88 sports betting to enhance the thrills it brings.

1. Football

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia football sports betting

First on the list is Football which is probably the most played product in the W88 sportsbook. Here you can wager on fun 1X2, over/under, handicap betting options for hot matches. Since W88 partners with top football teams, as part of the W88 sponsor deals, you get quick updates on your favorite teams’ matches daily on the W88 homepage.

2. Baseball

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia baseball sports betting

Baseball is another sport that is probably a hidden gem when it comes to wagering on teams in the sportsbook. Because baseball is a game that is equally thrilling that can get you to sit at the edge of your seat when watching the live match in the W88 sportsbook and wagering on the top teams in the baseball world with the click of a button.

3. Basketball

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia basketball sports betting

Basketball is another sport in the W88 sportsbook that many members wager on as W88 brings the hottest match updates with live streaming options on the matches. Whether or not you wish to wager or not on basketball games, you can always tune in to watch the fun matches that take place in top basketball leagues.

4. Badminton

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia badminton sports betting

Watching matches in sports with teams is pretty exciting to wager on but to take this to another level, you should definitely wager on single-player sports like badminton. W88 badminton has limited betting options which makes W88 sports betting on these games even more exciting especially when in-play betting using the live stream service.

5. eSports

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia esports sports betting

W88 eSports betting has its own sportsbook that you can access via the a-Sports or BTi W88 sportsbooks. What is even more cool is that the live gameplay displayed by W88 gives you the best experience of watching a match full of action and fun betting options that makes you want to keep coming back for more!

6. Boxing/MMA

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia boxing mma sports betting

Last but not least is the W88 Boxing or MMA sports matches that you can wager on in the W88 sportsbook. Like Tennis, this match comes with limited betting options thereby enhancing the thrills of wagering on the players wrestling or indulging in action-packed sports to determine who will be the winner of the match.

Know about the top 3 main betting options in the W88 sportsbook

Before we get into the tutorial on how to wager in the W88 sportsbook to play W88 sports betting, let us quickly glance at the top 3 betting options that you will come across in the W88 sportsbook. Knowing this is extremely important as this will help you understand which betting option would bring more entertainment to you among them all.

w88 sportsbook w88 sports betting malaysia betting options

1. Handicap (HDP)

The first kind of betting option is the handicap betting option which is known to alter the results of the real match as there could be an underdog team and a strong team playing together. This option gives the strong team a handicap of certain goals while the underdog team gets a headstart of certain goals, based on the strength difference between the teams.

2. Over/Under (O/U)

Next, is the over/under or o/u betting option that lets you make predictions on the combined scores of both teams at the end of the match. This betting option is fun as there are certain margins given where you must wager on whether the total will be more than (over) the margin or less than (under) the margin.

3. Home-Draw-Away (1X2) 

Another betting option that is most common is the Home-Draw-Away, or the 1X2 betting option where you must wager on the outcome of the entire match. There are three sub-betting options for the three outcomes of the match which is where the home team will win, where the away team would win, and where there is a tie.

How to bet on W88 Sportsbook – 3 Steps Instructions

Let us now introduce you to the easiest W88 sports betting tutorial on the internet created by the W88malayu team. Using only these three steps, you can wager on any W88 sports match taking place in the sportsbook. No matter which sportsbook you pick, the steps are the same as shown below.

Step 1: Log into W88 and select sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do is log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button on the homepage and entering your login credentials.
  • If you do not own an account in the W88 Register, you can create one by clicking on the ‘Register‘ button on the homepage and filling the form with accurate details.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial step 1

  • Once you have completed login into your W88 account, you can click on the ‘Sports‘ product on the homepage and then click on your preferred sportsbook bookie.
  • Here we will go with the BTi W88 sportsbook as it offers you with a lot of filtering options and minimum bet stakes of RM5 only.

Step 2: Filter the W88 sportsbook to pick a match

  • In the next step, you will find yourself on a page with all betting options and odds for different matches from various sports. So to find that you want, you must filter the W88 sportsbook according to your preferences.
  • For instance, here we clicked on the ‘Soccer‘ option from the left panel and filtered the sportsbook by looking for a match from the Daily match-list for today based on leagues.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial step 2

  • This will give you all the matches based on your preference on one page in the W88 sportsbook betting Malaysia. From these, click on your preferred match and move on to the next step.
  • Here, we will go with a match played between the Melaka United and Kuching team under the Malaysia President Cup league.

Step 3: Enter the betting stake & place the bets

  • When you enter the page with only the betting options for the selected match, you can locate a betting option that you wish to wager on and then click on your preferred sub-bet option.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial step 3

  • This will give you a betting slip to the right side of your screens where you must enter the betting stake to see how much payout returns you will get. Here we wagered on the Melaka United team with betting odds of 1.70.
  • If you are satisfied with the returns then you can click on the ‘Place Bets‘ button to lock your bet for the match. Now all that is left to do is tune into the W88 sportsbook to watch the match live and get the results.

Betting odds at W88 sportsbook help with accurate predictions

Using the same W88 sports betting example above, let us now look at how the betting odds can help us make accurate predictions in the W88 sportsbook to help us boost your account wallets with good payouts from every bet you place in the W88 sportsbook.

Bet on Melaka United @ 1.70

Bet on Draw @ 3.26Bet on Kuching @ 4.37
w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial betting odds 1w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial betting odds 2w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88malayu tutorial betting odds 3
Odds: 1.70Odds: 3.26Odds: 4.37
Bet Stake: RM5Bet Stake: RM5Bet Stake: RM5
If 1 Won: You win RM8.50If Draw: You win RM16.30If 2 Won: You win RM21.85
If 1 lost: You lose RM5If no draw: You lose RM5If 2 lost: You lose RM5

As you have seen above, the higher the betting odds the more payout we will receive since this means that the team with high odds has a less chance of winning the game and because the risk is high the reward is also high. But this also means that lower odds are given to the team that is most likely to win the game and to win consistently when W88 sports betting, you should always opt for lower odds to win in small amounts.

Join W88 today and claim 100% bonus up to RM1,088 on sportsbook

W88 sportsbook does not only provide you with fun betting products but also gives you some of the most entertaining times with its live stream options and low betting stakes. But the most beneficial part of being a W88 member is the first deposit W88 Promotion bonuses that you can bag to boost your sportsbook wallet for an even longer entertaining time.

100% up to RM1,088

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting for welcome promotion

Upon a minimum deposit of RM30, you can claim 100% up to RM1,088 welcome bonus on any one of the sportsbook products using the given code under the W88 promo section on the official site and completing the rollover requirement of 15 times.

20% up to RM600

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting for welcome bonus

Another exciting bonus in the W88 promo section is a 20% up to RM600 offer on a-Sports betting. This needs you to make a first deposit of minimum RM30 and complete the rollover requirement of 15 times in the a-Sports W88 sportsbook only.


Overall, the W88 Sportsbook is the best sports betting Malaysia platform which may cater to some pros but it definitely helps many beginners with its easy-to-use interface and extravagant new member welcome offers. Join today to claim up to RM1,088 and play W88 sports betting starting at a minimum of RM5 only in the top sportsbook products you can find in the betting world online!