How to do W88 Withdraw: RM30 Bank transfer within 15 minutes


Make W88 Withdrawal of minimum RM30 & maximum RM100,000 within 15 minutes via Bank transfer Only! Cashout RM30 Free Credit after 1st successful W88 withdrawal.

W88 Malaysia W88 Bonus RM1,288 W88 Withdrawal

07 Must know Informative Points on W88 Withdrawal

Know 7 points before withdrawing your account to save your chances, mentioned below are some points one must know before withdrawing their winnings from W88 official website in Malaysia. Know minimum, maximum withdrawing limit, fee, methods, terms, time taken, etc.

  1. Minimum Withdrawal amount: Least amount of real money you need in your W88 main wallet to withdraw is RM30. Hence, you cannot withdraw your money if there’s less than RM30 in W88 wallet.
  2. Maximum Withdrawal amount: RM100,000 is the maximum amount of real money you are eligible to withdraw from W88 wallet to your bank account in a day.
  3. Number of withdrawals allowed: Players can make a request to withdraw their money from W88 to their bank account 6 times a day, that is, you can make 6 requests to withdraw money.
  4. Withdrawal methods: There’s only one way to withdraw your money and winnings, that is, local bank transfer. One ay to withdraw ensures clear safety and single path secures from fraud.
  5. Time required to cash out: It takes 15 minutes to transfer your winning amounts from W88 website to your bank account after the request has been made for withdrawal.
  6. Rollover terms & conditions: Player must complete a 1 rollover requirement to make the amount withdrawal if he hasn’t claim any promotion yet. The amount will be subjected to more rollovers as per the terms and conditions if you have already claimed the promotion.
  7. Withdrawal fee/commission: There’s no extra fee or commission taken by W88 to transfer your money, you will not lose a single penny in the process of W88 withdrawal.

6 Local banks available for W88 Withdrawal in Malaysia

6 Local banks in Malaysia are applicable for W88 withdrawal. We indicate the local banks below to help you know in advance whether your bank is applicable on the W88 Official website or not. These banks include HongLeong Bank, RHB Bank, MayBank, CIMB Bank, Public Bank, and AMB Bank.

W88 Withdrawal: 3 Steps Guide to Cash out your winnings

Well, if you are here then you have completed the long path of registering your account, depositing real money, playing loads of online sports betting and live casino games, and have won enough to withdraw your winnings. Hence, without further ado, let’s get you your winnings in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Login to W88 & Select Withdrawal under Fund $

  • Access W88 Official website in Malaysia via mentioned buttons to avoid fraudulent and duplicated sites, deposit real money and play sports online betting and live casino gambling to win.
  • First of all, player needs to login to W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘ in the right corner of the homepage top. If you haven’t created your account at W88 yet, then read 3 steps guide on W88 Register & create your account in less than 5 minutes at W88 Official Malaysia.


  • Click on ‘Fund $‘ below two buttons on the top right corner of the W88 homepage and a drop down menu will appear on the screen with 5 services to choose from.
  • Select ‘Withdrawal‘ from the vertical list on the fourth number and you will be redirected to a new page, where you can continue the process of withdrawing your winnings.

Step 2: Select Bank transfer & Add Bank Account

W88 Withdrawal has only one method to cash out winnings, that is, local bank transfer and the minimum withdrawal amount id RM30 and maximum withdrawal amount is RM100,000.


  • Select ‘Bank Transfer‘ to withdraw the money from W88 wallet to your bank account.
  • Click on ‘here‘ to add the banking details if you haven’t added or update the details in case you want a withdrawal in different bank account, you can add 5 different bank account in your W88 account for deposit and withdrawal. After clicking on here, add bank details in a pop-up screen.


  • Bank: Select the Bank where you have account from the given list of 6 available banks for W88 Withdrawal in Malaysia to withdraw your winnings, be aware while selecting the bank name.
  • IFSC Code: Enter the correct IFSC Code of the branch of your bank account and re-check.
  • Address: Add your residence address accurately as per your bank account, as in the address you have given to your bank will be added in this column to verify your name and identity.
  • Your Account Name: Type in your legal name in the column that has been used in your bank account and other legal documents to verify your name and identity to W88 Malaysia.
  • Your Account Number: Enter and re-check the account number of your bank since that’s where W88 will transfer your winnings. Be vigilant while typing the account number and re-check until sure.
  • Set as Preferred: Click on the tick box if you want to make this bank account as your default bank for W88 deposit and W88 withdrawals in Malaysia with MYR Ringgit currency.

Click on ‘Add Bank Account‘ to finalise the banking details, take a quick glance one more time before adding the details to ensure that everything you added is correct to fasten the withdrawal process.

Step 3: Enter the Withdrawal Amount & Submit the Request

After adding the bank account to your W88 profile, pop-up section will disappear and you’ll reach to the old W88 Withdrawal page, where bank transfer and other details are given to be filled by you.


  • Withdraw Amount: Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from W88 wallet to your bank account, minimum RM30 and maximum RM100,000 can be withdrawn from the account in a day.
  • Bank Account: Select the bank account in which you want to withdraw the money from the given list of added bank account at W88. Be careful while adding the bank account.

Click on ‘Withdraw‘ to submit the withdrawal request and wait for W88 workers to verify you account and transfer your winnings, it will take 15 minutes to complete the process and transfer the money.

As promised in the beginning, let’s get you W88 Free Credit of RM30 in three steps. Read the terms and conditions, before registering the account at W88 official website.

03 Mistakes to Avoid while Withdrawing Real Money

Learn from mistakes and avoid making three most common mistakes made by players in excitement and rush to withdraw their winnings, you might end up delaying your withdrawal process this way. Consistent mistakes might get tracked by W88 and it might suspend your account predicting the hacking possibility.

  1. Accurate Account Number: People often make mistakes by being over confident about their account number and they think they have memorised it, while they end up entering the wrong the back account number and lose their money someway.
  2. Active Bank Account: Make sure to add an active bank account where you make frequent transactions. Otherwise you will end up cancelling your chance of withdrawal.
  3. Enter Correct Amount: Minimum amount is RM30 and maximum amount is RM100,000 to withdraw, you can withdraw 6 times in a day, keep this time before placing your requests.


W88 Withdrawal is the best reward for hours of online sports betting, live casino gambling, slot machines spinning, and so much more. Get ready to withdraw your winning via bank transfer within 15 minutes. Complete your one online gambling journey’s cycle by making a withdrawal of your winnings and unlocking free credit bonus of RM30. Join W88, claim free credit, deposit, play and withdraw real money!