W88 Wallet – Transfer Money from Wallet to Wallet within W88

W88 Wallet helps the players to play different products with real money. Know how to transfer money from Wallet to Wallet within W88 & grab Free Credit of RM30.

W88 Malaysia  W88 Wallet  W88 Free RM30

What is a W88 Wallet?

W88 Betting company provides a platform to many online sportsbooks and live casino providers. In order to simplify the revenue process for the company and give variety to the customers, W88 has 9 wallets to deposit money and access W88 products. Every wallet is the key to different games, hence you cannot play a particular game conducted by a specific provider if you haven’t deposited any money in it.


In order to appreciate the customers and stop multiple deposits every day, W88 has come up with a solution of W88 transfer. Players can transfer money from one wallet to another within W88, to access all products without making multiple deposits in different wallets. You will learn more about W88 wallets, balance, and transfer of money further in this article. Continue reading for a better understanding of W88 wallets.

9 W88 Wallets you must know before making a deposit

W88 offers a variety of products for online sportsbooks and live casinos to bet on and play gambling, provided by different game providers and that opens up the space for different wallets for different products at W88 Malaysia. There are 9 different types of W88 wallets, know it all to make the right decision before making a W88 deposit in any wallet to gain the most out of W88 promotions.

Sr. No.

Wallet NameWallet IconCurrency



Main Wallet



Promotion: RM30 Free Credit
Common Wallet from where players can transfer their money to other W88 wallets.


Club W Grand, Evolution, Slots, Virtual & Lottery



Promotion: 20% up to RM600
Deposit in this wallet and access all the products provided by listed Clubs, Virtual & Lottery.


a-Sports Wallet



Promotion: 100% up to RM150
In order to place a bet on sports matches conducted by a-Sports, deposit in a-Sports


e-Sports Wallet



Promotion: 100% up to RM218
deposit money in e-Sports to place bets on sports matches conducted by e-Sports.





Promotion: 100% up to RM150
The deposit will be made in EUR currency to play Fantasy sports at W88 Malaysia.


Palazzo & Playtech



Promotion: 20% up to RM600
Access the slots and live casino games by Playtech & Palazzo through this wallet.


F7, F8 & F9 Fishing



If you want to indulge in virtual fishing games, make a deposit of a minimum of RM30 to play F7, F8, and F9 Fishing.


GPI Fishing & P2P



Fishing & other games conducted by Gameplay Interactive has a separate wallet, deposit a minimum of RM30.





A deposit in USD will be made in W88 to play poker at an online table on Poker App with other players and competitors.

Check the balance in your different W88 Wallets

There are two ways to check the balance in your W88 wallets, one of them is mentioned below under ‘Check the balance in your different W88 Wallets’ section and another one is mentioned under ‘How to transfer money from Wallet to Wallet within W88 Malaysia?’ section. It’s important to check the balance before transferring the amount otherwise how you will know from where to transfer and to which wallet.

  • Register your account at W88 Malaysia or do W88 login to your account if you already have one.
  • Click on ‘Balance/Points‘ to see the amount of money your every wallet has at W88.
  • A dropdown list will appear on your screen to show you the wallet and balance in it.


Isn’t it easier to determine the balance in different W88 wallets as we told you? Check which wallet has the money and where you want to transfer the money as per your gaming preferences and enjoy the online gambling experience at W88 without making another W88 deposit.

How to transfer money from Wallet to Wallet within W88 Malaysia?

Transferring money from one W88 wallet to another is as easy as transferring money from your bank account to your friends via UPI, it takes less than 3 seconds. Learn how to transfer money from wallet to wallet within W88 in 3 steps and enjoy your game without making another deposit to another wallet.

Step 1: Register at W88 & Select ‘Transfer’ under Fund $

  • In order to transfer your money from one W88 wallet to another, you must register at W88 and deposit. Click on ‘Join‘ to make W88 register in 3 minutes and click on ‘Login‘ if you already have an account.
  • Click on ‘Fund $‘ given under Login & Join buttons to see the dropdown down where all the important steps are given to access the W88 products.


  • Click on ‘Transfer‘ to begin the process of transferring the money from one wallet to another within W88 and access different products. You will be redirected to a new page, where you will follow Step 2.

Step 2: Select the Wallets & Amount for transferring

  • Click on the ‘Wallet icon‘ in the right corner of the screen as shown in the image to see the balance of each W88 wallet, this will help you understand where to transfer and how much. You can transfer from product wallets to the Main wallet if you haven’t claimed the promotion.


  • Enter the From & to Column, indicating from which wallet you would like to transfer the money to which. Enter the Amount of money you want to transfer from one wallet to another, there’s no limiting amount for transferring.
  • Your ‘From’ wallet must have the amount of money you enter to transfer to your ‘To’ wallet. Click on ‘Transfer‘ to complete the process of transferring the money from wallet to wallet.

Step 3: Transfer will be successful & see the results

  • Once you have clicked on ‘transfer’ the amount will be transferred and a pop-up message will appear on your screen claiming that your money has been transferred successfully.



  • Close the pop-up message and you can see the result of the transfer in your Wallet balance. You can enjoy the game you wanted to enjoy at W88 because now that wallet has cash. You can transfer your winnings back to the Main wallet and withdraw.


Choose the W88 wallet, where you want to deposit your money before you make a deposit in order to make a wise decision. This article contains all the wallets W88 offers and we hope you chose the one made for you and offers the most exciting welcome bonus. Sign up at W88 Malaysia, claim the first deposit bonus of up to RM600 and earn some fun-earned money through the W88 sportsbook and live casino.