Top 5 games by Playtech online casino Malaysia: Win free RM30

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Playtech is one of the most prestigious online casino and slot machine games providers in the online gambling market of Malaysia. W88 brings the best for its players and ensures full satisfaction, mentioned are the top 5 online casino games and their variants by Playtech online casino Malaysia in 2024 to play and earn real money.

#1. Slots – 0.5% house edge and 99%+ RTP

Playtech offers hundreds of slots online machine games with an exclusive variety of themes and winning opportunities. In fact, Playtech is famous for its slot machine games globally.


  • Playtech is mostly famous for its slot machines with highly graphic reels, amazing soundtrack, and high RTP percentage.
  • Slot machines are merely based on luck, spin the reels and wait until it stops, then determines the end value.
  • The value of each item in the reel is added as per the value table of the slot game and the player wins a particular amount of credit.

#2. Blackjack + Ultimate blackjack variant

Equally known as twenty-one, W88 blackjack is thrilling, fun, easy to understand, and simple to play. Blackjack has a high opportunity for strategy, advanced players with professional mathematical knowledge play a perfect blackjack online game and count cards. Blackjack is one of the card games that can be found in every casino and Playtech offers the best kind with variants.



Blackjack games are played with a live dealer, eight decks of cards, a blackjack table, and multiple players.

  • You can even watch as the cards are dealt and other players place their bets and play blackjack to get an idea.
  • Creates a realistic gaming environment and makes you imagine you are playing in one of the world’s top casinos.

Ultimate Blackjack

Live Unlimited Blackjack is played with a total of eight decks of cards and a live dealer who is trained to the exact highest standards of Playtech.

  • While in regular online casinos, Blackjack tables are limited to a particular number of players at a table, Live Unlimited Blackjack enables an unlimited number of players to participate.
  • The player with the highest sum total value of cards, up to 21 wins the round and takes the money home with the lowest house edge.

#3. Baccarat – 7 seat, squeeze & VIP baccarat

Baccarat is one of the simplest and most popular Playtech online casino Malaysia card games, it is greatly based on luck but a simple trick can do wonders for you. The aim to play W88 online baccarat is to bet on either side, banker or player to get a value close to the largest single-digit number.


Baccarat 7 seat

7-Seat online casino baccarat games are being played by Malaysian players with highly trained live dealers.

  • As the name suggests itself, seven players seat at the same table to play baccarat 7 seats; making a fantastic atmosphere always.
  • As a result, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the excitement and will forget that you are playing on a computer.

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Baccarat Squeeze

The Market-leading, Playtech online casino Malaysia offers a baccarat squeeze online casino table for players and an ultimate live casino game experience like no other casino game.


  • Players will experience the squeeze-up closer look which will end up adding suspense to the game with multiple camera views.
  • Delivered from the finest studio, baccarat squeeze is a truly authentic game that has widespread appeal to Asian markets.

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Baccarat VIP

VIP Baccarat is played with limited players, up to 7 players at the same table, with highly trained Live Baccarat dealers.

  • As the name suggests, players often feel as if they are sitting at a royal Baccarat table at one of the world’s top casinos.
  • This immersive gaming experience with a high betting limit, starting from RM150 creates a hugely exciting and suspenseful atmosphere.

#4. Roulette – Single zero roulette & prestige lite

W88 roulette is one of the most popular games in the Live Casino category by Playtech in Malaysia. It is promptly based on pure chance and prediction. A ball spins opposite to the numbers plate, inside the numbers plate and the players are supposed to predict the number it stops on.


Single Zero Roulette

Take your place at Playtech’s Single-Zero Live Roulette and be part of adventurous action at Playtech online casino Malaysia.

  • Single zero roulette’s wheel has 37 numbers in total, from 0 to 36; it is the easiest game to play and understand, based purely on chance.
  • Therefore, it is great for beginners to begin their online gambling journey in the W88 live casino and then advance to higher levels.

Prestige Roulette Lite

Prestige Roulette Lite has the same offering, with fewer cameras and angle alterations to avoid distractions.

  • It enables the players to experience roulette at a faster pace than usual and a perfect version to deliver as a dedication proposition.
  • Alike speed roulette, it produces more rounds per hour and allows players to get more games without waiting around.

#5. Casino Hold’em Poker – Texas hold’em

Poker online is a thrilling, fun, and intellectual game with an exclusive range of variants. The advancement in technology has enhanced the way players play poker, nowadays more of it is played online. Playtech provides the most popular variant of poker, that is, Texas Hold’em.


  • Live Casino Hold’em Poker is played with a highly trained Poker dealer and a real Casino Hold’em table.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker is a variation of five-card poker where 2 hole cards are drawn to each player and 5 shared community cards.
  • Playtech online casino Malaysia at W88 offers a dedicated shuffler to hand shuffled card deck to the live deal after the end of each round of the game.

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We hope you got what you were looking for, the best online casino games without risking much money but earning more. Play the top 5 online casino games by Playtech online casino Malaysia in 2024 & earn real money with W88. Sign up now & claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 Playtech wallet.