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Is online Live Casino rigged? Know the truth behind online casinos at W88malayu with 5 ways to tell if your site is cheating you + 6 tips to play online safely!

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Online betting games on sites like W88 are fun to play but finding the right online betting site is extremely important in today’s time. This is because most online betting sites have mandatory transactions that you must make to play the games and win real money in return. However, can these online betting sites be trusted? Are online live casinos rigged? The answer to all these questions is in this article, so read on carefully to learn the truth.

Is online live casino rigged in Malaysia?

Diving straight into the topic, let us first address whether is online live casinos rigged in Malaysia or not. The answer to this question cannot be direct, but for the record, most live casinos that come with an online betting license to operate are considered to be legal and safe to use. What this means is that as long as you select an online betting site that has a legal background, you are playing authentic and safe online casino games.

know whether if is online live casino rigged w88 license
Live Casino sites with legal license certificates are a must!

Besides, these online betting site run a business so if they rig their games, they are taking a huge risk which could ruin things for themselves. Moreover, there are many professional live dealers on the betting site who can rig the casino games, but as long as they have live dealer cameras, you can easily tell whether or not they are rigging the games, which could again ruin their own reputation online.

That being said, there is still a good chance that your online live casino may be rigged and this is because of all the fraudulent activities happening on the internet these days. But don’t worry because here at W88malayu, we will help you find some of the best gaming websites like W88 to play online games that have been tested by gaming certificate laboratories license providers to determine whether or not an online live casino is rigged. However, as you read on, you will learn the top 5 ways to tell whether or not your online casino is fake or not.

5 ways to tell if your Online Live Casino site is sigged

As stated above, the best way to know if your online casino is not rigged is to look at the legal background of your online betting site. However, these 5 helpful tips can be beneficial to you in spotting a fake online casino website from a real one. So, go through this list thoroughly to learn how to spot if an online live casino is rigged or not.

know whether if is online live casino rigged explained by w88malayu

1. No clear view of the dealer dealing cards

  • Firstly, most popular live betting sites must have game rooms that are provided with live dealer cameras with multiple views.
  • Additionally, they should show the cards being dealt on camera so that the players can monitor the dealings well to spot fake gameplay.
  • Using online betting sites like W88 is a perfect example of this as they have skilled dealers with multiview screens to show live dealings on camera. So, creating an account in the W88 Register is a good option for beginners.

2. Universal gaming rules are not followed

  • Another important thing before playing any online casino game that players should make sure of doing is to learn the online game rules that are universally accepted.
  • This means that you should learn the game rules online and even their variations so that you immediately notice any foul gameplay in the game rooms of your online live casino site.
  • Moreover, the payout ratio should match the universally accepted ratio which is usually 1:1 for the main bets but all this can help pick a legal and safe online live casino website like W88 Live Casino.

3. Unavailability of more than one CS service

  • Customer Service is extremely important when it comes to online betting sites and thanks to the technology today, top sites can offer 24/7 live chat service.
  • So, looking at the customer service contact information is important as there could be technical issues on the site that can be resolved by contacting cs.
  • That being said, your online live casino site should have more than one way of contacting the CS agents, preferably via different modes of communication like CS W88.

is online live casino rigged learn truth from w88malayu

4. Does not provide an official link to the website’s license

  • Every online betting website must contain a link provided on their homepage that takes the customers to the official license and other important information.
  • This is the most important thing that you must make sure your online betting site has as license links are direct proof that the betting site is certified and safe to use by authorities.
  • That being said, it is also important to do some research on the license providers and must also check that the license is up to date. Joining sites like W88 can provide free license access and also a mandatory account verification upon which you can claim W88 Free Credit of RM30.

5. Winning Payout is not instantly added to the account wallet

  • Last, but not least, it is important to make sure that the winning payout that you get on winning bets must be added to your online casino account wallet instantly.
  • This is because the ideal payout given is instant since betting stakes are cut from the account wallet as well.
  • Using online betting sites like W88 is highly recommended as these sites do not only provide all of the above requirements, and are considered to be the green flags of online casinos.

Ensure that you always play online betting safely with these 6 tips

As stated above, using online betting sites like W88 is important because these sites not only provide top-quality customer care but also provide exclusive bonuses like the W88 Promotion offers that boost account wallets from the beginning to help customers spend as little from their own pockets. That being said, some responsibilities lie on the customers as well, and here are 6 tips to ensure you play safely online.

is online live casino rigged explained by w88malayu

  1. Check for legal licenses: As stated above, always check for legal betting licenses on the homepage of your website. Sometimes, there may be expired licenses provided on the site, so checking the date of the license and its expiry is important as well.
  2. Look at the transaction details: Secondly, you should make sure that the betting site uses trusted transaction methods that are widely used in the country. Moreover, these transaction methods should be quick and smooth to use.
  3. Visit online forums for reviews: Another best way to make sure your online live casino is not rigged is to look up information on the site by existing players. You can do so by visiting forums online related to the website and checking the reviews.
  4. Look at their Sponsor history: Sponsor history is another helpful way to ensure your online betting site is not rigged. This is because most online betting sites these days team up with top sports teams. The more impressive a sponsor history of the betting site, the better and safer it is to use. Check out W88 Sponsor history for example.
  5. Research on the game room providers: Game room providers are another important thing you should look into and this is because the game rooms are operated by a separate company from the betting site. So, who your online casino is teaming up with as distributors is extremely important to research about.
  6. Take pro player’s website recommendations: Lastly, to choose the best and safest online betting site, you can go ahead and look at what the pros have to say. This is because pros recommend good online betting sites like we recommend W88. Check out this W88 Review by a pro to get an example of a good online betting site.

Why does it feel that your online live casino site is rigged when it is not?

Do your online casinos have all the green flags and still feel like it is rigged? Well, there are many gamblers who feel this way but the reasons are all valid. Below are the top few reasons why online gamblers feel like their online betting sites are cheating them and are fake.

is online live casino rigged explained by w88malayu experts

  • Low RTP rates: The online payout you win is low, which also means that the RTP rate is lower than what you spend every day. This is one of the major reasons why people feel their betting site is cheating them which is a valid reason, but if you do not use casino strategies you may end up winning less RTP and losing more. That being said, the  RTP rates must be universally accepted, if not you must change game rooms.
  • High House Edge: House Edge is often taken for the maintenance of online betting sites and physical casinos. The house edge usually ranges from 0.5% to 6% depending on various games online. Since this is often taken away, many people feel that their online gaming site is cheating them and stealing from them which is not true. But checking the standard house edge for the games you play is important as well.
  • Loss is counted more: Lastly, the reason many people feel that the online live casino is rigged is because they tend to lose more. This is prominent when you do not use betting systems or strategies. Besides, negative events are remembered more, and since losing is negative, it is easily recalled which enforces anger stating that online betting site is cheating the players when that is not the case at all.


So, Is Online Live Casino Rigged? No, as long as you select a betting site with a legal and updated license, safe and popular transaction methods, top game room providers, interesting sponsor history, and top-notch customer service. This is why we recommend the W88 website where you can get it all including an extravagant online betting promotion bonus. That being said, using pro betting tips from W88malayu ca help you win more and thus, lose less to ensure a safe and fruitful gaming session online every time!