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Introduction to Eight two bar game at W88

W88 Malaysia is one of the most popular online gambling sites which provides you to bet on sports matches on W88 online sportsbook, gamble on live casino, slots machine games, and virtual games with high-quality graphics, soothing soundtrack, and awesome backdrop. Today, we’ll be discussing the best online game at W88, Eight-two bar game with Mohtang tiles.


Eight-two bar game at W88 is a popular Malaysian game developed by the leading game maker GamePlay Interactive, it’s origin belongs to china though. Including famous Mohtang tiles with a round chess set of 36 numbers from 1 to 9 and 4 white dragon pieces.

5 Basic rules to understand Eight two bar game at W88

One needs to know the rules and understand the game before playing it, let’s give you a clear-cut idea of Eight two bar game at W88 and help you earn decent pocket money through it. Mentioned below are 5 points to help you understand the game better.


  1. Mahjong tiles: Eight two-bar games is a popular W88 game that is played with 40 Mahjong tiles, they are like card decks played in poker with different patterns on the tile.
  2. Mohtang tile position: The dealer will roll 3 dice before dealing the cards to determine the players from where the dealing will start by the dealer in Eight two bar game.
  3. Eight two bar objective: Each player will be dealt with 2 Mahjong tiles and the cards will be shown to determine the winner against virtual dealer’s cards.
  4. Mohtang tiles rank: White dragon > 9 pairs of crabs > 8 pairs of crabs > 7 pairs of crabs > 6 pairs of crabs > 5 pairs of crabs > 4 pairs of crabs > 3 pairs of crabs > 2 pairs of crabs > Two – Eight Bar
  5. Winner showdown: Whoever’s hand points are higher than the dealers will the game and take the profit home to its W88 main balance account.

Mahjong tiles rank from highest to lowest

Let’s learn Mahjong tiles before playing the game to understand the game better, imprint the ranks in your mind like a tattoo if you want to master the game.






White Dragon Pair

Two similar white dragon tiles make white dragon pair.



9 Pairs of crabs

Two tiles with 9 circles each make 9 pairs of crabs.



8 Pairs of crabs

8 Circles in each tile of a pair of tiles make 8 pairs of crabs.



7 Pairs of crabs

2 Tiles with 7 circles make a pair of 7 pairs of crabs together.



6 Pairs of crabs

Pair of tiles with 6 circles embedded in them makes 6 pairs of crabs.



5 Pairs of crabs

2 Tiles with 5 circles embedded in them make 5 pairs of crabs.



4 Pairs of crabs

Pair of tiles with 4 circles embedded in each of them makes 4 pairs of crabs.



3 Pairs of crabs

3 Circles in each tile of a pair of tiles make 3 pairs of crabs.



2 Pairs of crabs

Two tiles with 2 circles each make 2 pairs of crabs.



1 Pair of crabs

2 Tiles with 1 circle in each make a pair of crabs together.

How to play Eight two bar game at W88 – 3 steps guide

We hope you understood the rules of Eight two bar game at W88, so without further ado let’s get into the real action. Mentioned below are the three steps to guide you to play Eight two bar games at W88 with ease.

Step 1: Access W88 & register your account

Follow the points mentioned below stepwise to play Eight two bar game at W88 smoothly.

  • Access the official site of W88 Malaysia via the link provided in the article to avoid duplicated websites and save yourself from fraud.


  • Click on ‘JOIN’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make W88 register and enter valid credentials to avoid trouble in the verification process further.

Step 2: Select Eight two bar under the W88 Games product

  • Click on the ‘GAMES’ given in the horizontal panel with other W88 gambling products to see the available games under W88 games product.


  • Choose ‘EIGHT-TWO BAR’ game at W88 and click on ‘PLAY’ to play the game and earn huge profits of real money.

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Step 3: Dealer will appear, place the bet & win

After clicking on Play, you have to choose the table you want to play in. Play the game with only RM2 in starting and enjoy winning real money with a virtual dealer.


  • Players are supposed to bet on Eight two bar games even before the virtual dealer deals the mohtang tiles, you’ll get 20 seconds to bet on. The minimum betting limit is RM2 at Eight two bar game.
  • The virtual dealer will roll the 3 dice to determine the first mohtang tile position after adding the numbers in 3 dice.
  • Then 2 mohtang tiles will be dealt with every player on the table face down, showdown will determine the winner in the end when all the cards have been dealt.
  • The player with the higher points compared to the dealer will win the Eight two bar game and gets the profit in the W88 balance account.

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3 Points to remember while playing Eight two bar game at W88

Eight-two bar game at W88 is a bit complicated game as it involves Mohtang tiles and some people are not completely familiarising with the concept. Therefore, remind yourself to avoid mistakes and keep 3 points in mind while playing Eight-two bar game at W88.

  1. Know the Mohtang tiles better: The core symbol of Eight two bar game is 40 Mohtang tiles that are being used in the game. Learn everything you can to know them better and know your points so no cheating can happen if you doubt. Imprint them on your brain like a tattoo.
  2. Follow strategies of small bets: We would suggest you place a small amount of betting amount if you are a beginner to avoid large losses, practice with less amount of money to master the Eight two bar game before blowing all your money into it. Follow more strategies.
  3. Money & time management: Eight two bar game at W88 Malaysia is a popular and intimidating game and we all know how winning can be so tempting, but don’t go wasting all your time and money on it. Time is money, it’s better to be managed than wasted.

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Eight-two bar game at W88 is a fascinating, intimidating, and addictive game, keep track of yourself while playing the most innovative and popular game of Malaysia. We hope that we helped you understand the concept of the game better and you’re ready to bang it up. Sign up at W88 and claim welcome bonuses of up to RM600 in your wallet with a simple and small first deposit.