Best online slots reviews at W88 – 99% RTP & win RM600 cash

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Introducing online slots at W88

Haven’t you always wanted an online gambling game where you don’t end up losing 100% of your money after losing the bet? Well, W88 Malaysia has brought the best for you. Play online slots games at W88 with a high return to player percentage of up to 99.17%.


W88 offers literally tens of thousands of online slots games to bet on, it has 1500+ slots games from more than 10 different providers with an exclusive range of different themes, soundtracks, backdrops, and symbols. The best feature of online slots games is that you always earn some amount back rather than losing it all like other online casino games like poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc.

Is it safe to play online slots at W88?

More than 30,000 Malaysian players visit W88 on daily basis and commit themselves to online slots and earn huge profits of real money through it. Is it really difficult to trust W88 especially when it is trusted by 30,000 people? As the number says a lot itself, W88 Malaysia is one of the most trustworthy online gambling sites. Know whether online slots are rigged or not before playing.


We provide you with solid evidence to solidify your trust in W88 Malaysia and prove its credibility in the online slots market through the license. W88 in Malaysia is operated by Marquee Holdings Limited with its domain spread all over the world and is authorized by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to perform online slots business legally.

5 highlights of online slots at W88

Why should you play online slots at W88 Malaysia? Well, that’s why we brought you the top 5 highlights of the W88 slots online review to help you understand what’s best for you.


  1. Never a complete loss: online slots games are considered to be the best among all the other casino games because you’ll never lose all the amount you wager in. There’s always a good percentage called RTP that comes back in your account.
  2. Exclusive slot themes: Every slot game has a different theme, inspired by wilderness, fantasy, forest, cartoon, horror and so much more. Enjoy online slots with thousands of themes, soundtrack, backdrop, and high RTPs.
  3. High-value symbols: The value of each and every symbol in online slots is different and W88 provides some symbols with high value. You can get to know the value of the symbol from the paytable provided by the game provider.
  4. Coins calculation: All the bets and wins are counted in coins in order to play online slot games at W88 Malaysia and are converted back before entering your money account wallet by multiplying the number of coins to the value of the coin as per the table.
  5. Calculation of pay-out: The best thing about online slots is the RTP rate, you’ll never lose 100% of your betting amount. Pay-out will be determined by the symbols after a spin, paytable, value of symbols, and the betting stake. When 3 or more matching symbols are appeared on the spin reel, horizontally and vertically then the wins are awarded.

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Top 5 online slots providers at W88

W88 Malaysia has more than 15 online slots game providers to provide amazing slots games for you, with high RTP, low house edge, wonderful backdrops, soundtracks and so much more.


We provide you with the top 5 online slots providers for you at W88 Malaysia in a tabular form.

Sr. No.

Slots Provider


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  • With a 99%+ RTP rate, Playtech offers the highest RTP online slots available in the online gambling market of Malaysia.
  • Ugga Bugga offers 99.17% of RTP for players, takes advantage of the opportunity, and earns loads of money through returns.

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  • It is growing in the market at an immense pace and has hundreds of slots to play at W88 with loads of themes.
  • Joker’s Lucky Deluxe is the highest RTP rate at W88 by Skywind game provider

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  • Mostly known for online casino games, the Evolution game provider is trying its hands in online slots and is being loved by many Malaysian players.
  • Try the rising star at W88 and enjoy the slots games up to 97.60% RTP.

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  • One of the most popular online slots providers in Malaysia is Microgaming slots.
  • It provides slots inspired by power and fantasy and allows the players to play with just RM5, implying the minimum betting limit as RM5.

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Pragmatic Play

  • Best known for its innovative slots games, Pragmatic Play is one of the most popular game providers at W88 and many other online gambling sites.
  • It is inspired by a variety of different themes with high-quality graphics.

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Top 5 online slots at W88 for Malaysians

There are thousands of online slots to play at W88 Malaysia but you don’t have to waste your time and money by playing every to understand which is better for you. We provide you with the top 5 online slots with high RTP to earn at least 97% cashback.

Check out the Best slots with highest RTP at W88 Malaysia and start making huge money!

#1. Ugga Bugga – 99.17% RTP by Playtech

  • Provider: Playtech
  • RTP Percentage: 99.17%
  • Number of pay lines: 36
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 6


  • Ugga Bugga has the highest RTP rate among all the online slots, not only in W88 Malaysia but in the world. With the tribal theme, dark green leaves in the backdrop, giving a spooky sense.
  • Symbols of tribal people dancing, mask, cooking in an earthen pot, temporary house, etc and embedded in a shelf made of wood. Play and grab the most out of it immediately.

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#2. Wizard of Gems– 97.66% RTP by Play’N Go

  • Provider: Play’N Go
  • RTP Percentage: 97.66%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Wizard of gems gives the sense of candy crush but don’t mistake it with candy crush, the symbols might look like candy but as the name suggests itself; it is the gems of the wizard, full of magic.
  • With 5 reels and 3 formats, with 15 pay lines and 97.66% RTP; Wizard of gems is the highest RTP online slots by Play’N Go slots games provider.

#3. Joker’s Luck – 97.61% RTP by Skywind

  • Provider: Skywind
  • RTP Percentage: 97.61%
  • Number of pay lines: 9
  • Minimum betting limit: RM1
  • Number of reels or formats: 3


  • Joker’s Luck Deluxe is completely different from traditional slot games, it depends on the image you spin will create, the more resemblance it is to the joker, the more you’ll get the payout.
  • It commits to giving you 97.61% RTP and a low house edge. With a wonderful soundtrack and simple backdrop providing the view of the paytable, it is the highest RTP game by Skywind.

#4. Today’s Weather – 97.36% RTP by Genesis

  • Provider: Genesis
  • RTP Percentage: 97.36%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Who doesn’t like to know the weather when it comes to going out and having some fun? Well, now you can have some fun with today’s weather with Genesis slots game provider.
  • It has gorgeous sunny weather as a backdrop and different weather symbols like rain, clouds, wind, etc with numbers and letters embedded in the 5 reels to spin and win.

#5. Big Bad Wolf – 97.34% RTP with Qtech

  • Provider: Qtech
  • RTP Percentage: 97.34%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Big Bad Wolf is an inspired online Qtech slot, consists of thrilling action between one big bad wolf and three little pigs, who are chased by the wolf to destroy their home.
  • The symbols are embedded in the house with fields backdrop and distant hills, showing the theme of the slot perfectly. The graphics are clear and beautiful with vivid animation, they offer a worthy experience with an amazing soundtrack behind.

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