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Don’t let anyone cheat you! Know 3 secret clues to discover the truth whether online slots are rigged or not. Understand RTP & house edge before placing bets!

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Introduction to online slot machines

What if we tell you that there’s a variant of an online casino game that will never let you lose 100% of your betting money? Isn’t it interesting? Online slot machines are the one! They have a seemly low house edge, great odds, and even greater RTP. The amount of winning will depend on the similar items occurring on the pay line and the value of the items in the paytable at W88 Malaysia.


Online slot machines are entirely based on luck, all you must do is place your bets and spin the reel. The rest will be automatic. It is one of the best live casino non-card games to play, have fun, and relax. If you are starting new, then we recommend beginning with a minimum betting amount. Learn how to play W88 slots to earn real money with the highest RTP-rated W88 slots game and low house edge.

Online slots are rigged or not?

Online slots offer 95%+ RTP most of the time. Even then, the phrase ‘house always wins in the online gambling world is whispered from time to time. New consumers often use this phrase when they lose their money. You’ll never hear this phrase from a professional player.


  • Online slots are a part of the online gambling business, and such accusations of rigging affect the business badly. Neither online casino wants such accusations, not they take it lightly.
  • In fact, they take such accusations seriously and never wants to consider such a list of online gambling site. Hence, they provide more winning to players to satisfy their customers.

Hence, it’s a business, not a fraud. Online slots are not rigged. They don’t take the customer’s money consistently. Their business runs better with equal give and take procedure. Let’s understand house edge and RTP percentage to start knowing the truth.

Understand the house edge & RTP

Let’s understand the house edge and RTP to understand that slots online are not rigged. Keep in mind that online slots are a business, and no business wants a loss in their bank balance.


  • House edge: a small portion of your winnings will be transferred to the online gambling site you are playing. That works as a mathematical formula to help the online slots business to make some profit and run efficiently for its beloved customers.
  • RTP rate: Full form of RTP is returned to the player. It means the amount of money the player will be returned at most after placing his bets on the spinning slot. Slot machines have an RTP rate of a minimum of up to 95% and a maximum of up to 99% for players to get a return.

Now that you have understood the meaning of house edge and RTP, we hope you understand that running an online gambling website is a business. And no business aims for a loss. They are just a way to ensure a consistent flow of money to be able to conduct gambling activities for customers.

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3 clues to know whether online slots are rigged or not

As we promised in our title and meta-description. Mentioned below are the 3 secret clues to expose the truth about whether online slots are rigged or not. Investigate the website before playing to ensure trust.


  1. Unknown provider: It’s alright to play one new, recently launched slots online provider as they will give high returns and often winnings to attract more customers. But never wager your money on old and unpopular online slots provider. Always choose popular providers.
  2. Constant 0% RTP: If any slots online machine gives to 0 return consistently for more than 5 times then we recommend you change the game provider. Frequent losses are not acceptable, especially when it comes to slots online. Play slots online with a high RTP percentage.
  3. Invalid license: There are some things about online gambling sites you have to look for before playing slots online. License, SSL certificate, customer reviews, popular game providers, smooth layout, and fast and transparent transactions are some of those things to look for before playing W88 slots.

Read online casino slots reviews before beginning your journey with any online gambling site and enjoy earning real money.

3 Reasons to ensure that online slots are not rigged

Slots online are not rigged! & We stand by our conclusion. But the question you might ask is why are we so sure? Well, there are not just one but three reasons to ensure that an online gambling site won’t rig you while you play slots online.


  1. Already build-in house edge: What’s the point of rigging when the house always has a mathematical advantage over the player who loses and the player who wins. A small commission is taken from the winning player, known as the house edge, which is the profit of the house.
  2. Diversified process: Online gambling platform is not responsible for providing the slots online to the customers. Game providers are responsible for so. The transaction is handled by the online gambling website and winnings are given by the game providers, independently.
  3. Constant monitoring of flow: The flow of money from a website to game providers and back is consistently monitored to ensure no laundering activity takes place. This fact ensures that no one Riggs the customer. Hence, online slots are not rigged.

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