Cara W88 Deposit: Get 100% Bonus upto RM1,288 on 1st Deposit

Make W88 Deposit of minimum RM10 via Bank transfer, netbanking, or gamecard. Know cara deposit di W88 to claim the 100% up to RM1,288 1st deposit bonus – Hurry!

W88 Malaysia W88 Bonus RM1,288 W88 Deposit

W88 Malaysia is one of the most popular leading platforms in the betting world that offers members with an extensive and impressive amount of gaming products via sportsbooks, live casino game rooms, slot games, and more! So making a registration in the W88 register is not only a must but also beneficial thanks to the first deposit bonuses you can claim. But to claim these bonuses it is first important that you know more about making W88 deposit and also learn cara deposit di W88.

Top 3 popular W88 Deposit methods for Malaysia

As stated, there are many ways of getting the entertainment you need at W88 since they come with a variety of products for its members. But one thing that you should know about to enjoy fruitful gaming sessions is cara deposit W88. For that, you also need to learn more about the W88 deposit methods available on the betting site for Malaysian players. So, in this section, we will dive deeper into the 3 popular and safest W88 deposit methods.

1. Bank Transfer

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 via bank transfer methodMinimum: RM10
Maximum: RM25,000The first method to make a W88 deposit which is preferred by many is the Bank Transfer method. Here you get to make a deposit to the W88 bank account manually, with the minimum betting amount starting at RM10 only. The average time taken for the bank transfer W88 deposit depends on the banking servers, and other bank-related factors but should not take more than 24 hours.

2. Internet Banking

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 via internet banking methodMinimum: RM10/RM30
Maximum: RM25,000/RM35,000Internet Banking is the other fastest and safest method that you can use when learning cara deposit di W88. There are two ways to make a W88 deposit via netbanking that is the Help2Pay and PayPro options. Moreover, the minimum deposit amount here is RM10 or RM30, respectively. Making W88 deposits via this method takes place instantly up to 1 minute.

3. Game Syok Gamecard

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 via gamecard methodMinimum: RM10
Maximum: RM30,000If you own a game card then you can make a W88 deposit via the Game Syok game card credit. You can purchase a game card from the official W88 website with W88 deposit amounts starting from RM10 only. These game cards come with a 3 months expiration date and so you can instantly make W88 deposit to exhaust the credit in your game card in order to play fun online W88 games.

Learn cara Deposit di W88 in 3 simple steps

Playing W88 games can be done with real money or for free in the free demo games, but making a W88 deposit has its own perks as you get a chance to double up the W88 deposit amount by opting in for deposit bonuses, promotions, and much more as an official W88 member. So, to claim the deposit bonuses and more, you first must learn cara Deposit di W88 using these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Log into W88 and visit Deposit cashier

The first thing you must do is click on the ‘Login‘ button to log into your W88 account and access your account’s cashier.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 in simple steps step 1

  • If you do not own a W88 account, then create one by clicking on ‘Join‘ and filling out the W88 register form with accurate details for safe and secure transactions.

Then, click on the ‘Funds‘ option once you have logged into your W88 account, and this will give you a box where you must click on the ‘Deposit‘ option to access the W88 deposit methods as shown in the step below.

Step 2: Select W88 deposit method and fill form

In step number 2 of this cara deposit W88 tutorial, you must click on the ‘Deposit‘ button again in your account’s cashier unless you already are on the deposit page.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 in simple steps step 2

Then you will have to click on your preferred W88 deposit method to access the deposit request form. Although all W88 deposit methods are safe, we have selected the popular W88 Bank Transfer method. The below-mentioned details are the basic things you must fill out to send a successful W88 deposit request:

  • Deposit Amount: You will have to enter your deposit amount in the first slot keeping in mind the minimum and maximum deposit amount of the selected W88 deposit method. Here the minimum amount for W88 bank transfer is RM10 and the maximum amount is RM25,000.
  • Bank Account: In this section, you must select any one of the W88 bank names which you must send the deposited amount. The details for this can be provided and accessed via the W88 customer care or live chat service on the same page.
  • Deposit Channel: Then you must select the mode of payment which is Over the Counter in your closest bank or via CDM, or cash deposit machine, and thus, it is important to make the deposit before filling out the form.
  • File Upload: Since you have to make the W88 deposit request after you deposited the amount via bank transfer, you must then upload an image of the transaction receipt for security and confirmation purposes.

Once you have completed entering these basic details, move on to the last part of the cara deposit di W88 tutorial to complete the W88 deposit process in your official betting account.

Step 3: Complete details and send Deposit request

In step number 3, you must complete the basic details of the W88 deposit form and then confirm your W88 deposit request. Thus, no matter which W88 deposit option you choose, this cara deposit W88 tutorial will help you make successful transactions on your betting account.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 in simple steps step 3

The remaining of the form consists of the basic W88 deposit details that you must fill out with accuracy like:

  • Deposit Date and Time: The W88 deposit date and time is automatically added in the given slot so all you must do is double-check and ensure it is mentioned.
  • Your Bank: Now from the given drop-down menu, you must select your bank name from which you will be making the deposit.
  • Reference ID: When you get your banking receipt after making the W88 deposit in your account wallet, you must enter your reference ID mentioned there in this slot.
  • Deposit Wallet: Then from the drop down menu, you can enter the wallet you want to make the deposit in like if you want to game on casino games then select the casino wallet, etc.
  • Default Setting: Lastly, you can set the aforementioned W88 deposit details as the default setting by clicking on the button.

Once all this is done, you can recheck the details and then click on the ‘Deposit‘ button to send the deposit request on your W88 account.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 in simple steps step 4
The page will then refresh to a page stated that the request for making a W88 deposit was successful and further information will be notified to you. The W88 deposit will be made immediately since your funds have been cleared in the bank account. If there are any problems here, you can always contact the W88 customer care service for help.

W88 Deposit is now available via Cryptocurrency

If you do not wish to game on the W88 betting site with real cash then you can use Cryptocurrencies to play and earn in crypto USDT coins. This can be done by first creating a crypto account during the W88 register process or by visiting your profile and clicking on the ‘Create My Crypto Account’ button.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 in crytocurrency account

Minimum Deposit: USDT10
Maximum Deposit: USDT50,000

As shown in the image, you can switch to your Crypto account from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the homepage to access the W88 deposit form in the same way as shown in the cara deposit di W88 tutorial. Instead of a form, you can directly scan a QR code to make instant W88 deposits and then send the request by clicking on the ‘Claim’ button. You can game on the games, claim W88 promotion bonuses, and make W88 Withdrawals using USDT cryptocurrency.

Claim huge promotions on your first W88 Deposit – Hurry!

As promised, upon making your very first W88 deposit in your new account wallet, you can claim many new member W88 first deposit promotion offers. Most of these require you to make the minimum deposit transfer to successfully claim the W88 promotion bonus on any one of the many W88 gaming products. For more details and tutorial on the W88 Promotion, click on the given page link.

w88 deposit cara deposit di w88 to claim first deposit w88 promotion

  1. Deposit RM10 to claim RM30: The first cool W88 deposit promotion offer you can claim is by making a minimum deposit of RM10 exactly and this will deposit RM20 in your account wallet. Then you must complete the rollover requirement of 3 times on the W88 gaming products to withdraw the total of RM30 or more in return.
  2. 100% casino bonus up to RM1,288: The most beneficial of them all deals is the 100% bonus up to RM1,288 on casino and keno games on the official betting site. Upon making a minimum deposit transfer of RM30 and claiming your preferred W88 promo code on the respective account wallet, you will be able to claim this offer and upon completing the rollover requirement of 15 times you will be able to make a withdrawal.
  3. 100% sports bonus up to RM1,088: If you like W88 sportsbook products, then you can claim the 100% bonus up to RM1,088 on your first deposit using their given promo code for SABA sports or BTi sportsbook. Here, you must complete the rollover requirement of 15 times to be eligible to make a successful W88 withdrawal of the bonus amount.
  4. 100% slots bonus up to RM600: If you like Slot gaming then the W88 promotion offer of 100% up to RM600 is something you should claim on your first deposit of minimum RM30. This W88 promo has a rollover requirement of 15 times and upon completion you can make a successful withdrawal to your personal bank account.
  5. 20% welcome offer up to RM600: Lastly, there is the 20% up to RM600 welcome bonus that you can apply on 3 products on your first deposit of minimum RM30. Using this you get to apply the W88 promo code for Live Casino, SABA Sports sportsbook, or Keno rooms on the official site. You can make a withdrawal after completing the rollover requirement of 15 times.


Making a W88 Deposit is extremely simple and can take place quickly from your personal account to account wallet to play fun online games. However, you can also use the W88 cashier as an extra wallet to game or store cash and double up in an entertaining way. To further boost you account wallet, you can claim extravagant W88 promotion offers on your very first deposit to play on most of their top promotions. So, with this we complete the cara deposit di W88 tutorial which you can try out today to not miss out of the mentioned bonuses, hurry!