W88 Live Casino | Best Online Casino Games in Malaysia 2024


Play W88 Online Casino Games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. with RM0.50 minimum bet. Join W88 & Win 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on Live Casino.

What Makes W88 Live Casino Stand Out?

Today, one of the most interesting and growing sources of entertainment, Casinos, is also available online. However, when it comes to a good live casino site, there aren’t many. Luckily, W88 Live Casino is one of the few top-quality sites that provides its users with endless sources of entertainment ranging from various famous casino games.


  • Wide Range of Casino Games: Joining W88 has many benefits and being entertained is just one of them. At W88, you can get access to many live casino games online provided by some of the top game providers in the betting world.
  • Safe Live Casino Site: Besides this, it is one of the safest use sites in Asia, when it comes to keeping your details and money safe. Speaking of money, joining W88 is one of the most fun ways you can use to invest and double up your cash.

Does W88 Online Casino Operates Legally in Malaysia?

Before we look into all the various features of W88’s awesome Live Casino section, let us clear one important question – Is W88 legal? The shortest answer to this is Yes. W88 is known to be Asia’s top safest online betting site and thus, they are completely legal.

w88malayu w88 legal license gaming laboratories licensew88malayu w88 legal license bmm
  • In Malaysia, gambling is not completely legal as it allows only casino and lottery betting. However, people still take risks and carry out online gambling on sites that have foreign licenses.
  • Since a vast majority of people do so, the legality of gambling in Malaysia becomes very blurred. W88 is a site that holds a foreign license as well.
  • They are officially licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and own an Offshore Gaming License to carry out online betting legally.

Dive Deeper into the Thrilling World of Online Casinos at W88

By now you know, that W88 is the best site to spend time on as it helps you make more money by depositing less, and for this, all you need to do is surf through and play most of the W88 Live Casino games that offer some of the best RTP rates in the betting world.

Best 6 W88 Live Casino Must-Try Games

To be fair, it is difficult to pick the best online casino games at W88 because they all are equally amazing and they come with their own benefits. However, since W88 casino offers casino fans to play some of the most popular casino games, here are 6 of the most must play games at their Live Casino.

#1: Baccarat

The first game that you definitely have to play is Baccarat. Baccarat is one of the most popular based-on-luck casino games that have been around for a long-time entertaining people. When you enter any Baccarat game room online, you will always find it active.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.50


  • The gameplay of Baccarat is simple because all you have to do is bet on the Banker or Player or Tie, and wait for the dealer to deal 2 cards on each side.
  • Whichever side gets the overall sum of the number 9 or a number close to 9 wins the round. Of course, like most casino games, Baccarat has its own set of rules and Baccarat tips that must be followed before the winner is declared.
  • The minimum betting rate of Baccarat at W88 is RM0.50 only which is the reason why you can play many rounds of this amazing casino game at W88.

#2: Blackjack

The next must-try game at W88 is Blackjack. Blackjack is one of those games that would keep you sitting at the edge of your seat because it is a game that is completely based on luck and is played against the dealer. This is why the game is so popular because many people cannot get enough of it no matter how many rounds are played.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM10


  • In an online Blackjack game, you must strive to get a hand with the overall sum of 21 or a number closer to 21.
  • Thus, the anticipation of the entire game as you wait for the dealer to turn each card around makes the entire Blackjack game a thrilling experience.
  • Playing Blackjack at W88 would cost you only RM10 per round. With the W88 welcome bonus of RM600, you can play many rounds

#3: Sic Bo

W88 offers a vast variety of games that you can never get bored of, so of course, they have to include the good old dice games. One of the oldest dice games at W88 is Sic Bo, which is equally entertaining and exciting as other casino games. Sic Bo is a casino game with many betting options that you can choose from.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.20


  • The main objective of Sic Bo is to bet on the assumption of the outcome of the 3 dice that are rolled using a machine.
  • You can choose from various betting options, as the outcome of the face values of the 3 dice is many.
  • At W88, you can play this amazing dice game for RM0.20 only.

#4: Poker

The next game that can either disappoint you or make you win, yet it is fun either way is Poker! Poker has been a game that is entertaining to its core and is even more exciting because here, you do not totally have to depend on luck. A poker is a game that is played with other players or the dealer itself, depending on the version.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM2


  • When playing poker, you all need to bet on the assumption that you have the best hand. Poker has many betting rounds to make things interesting, so you can fold or double up your bets.
  • Yes, it is a game that is usually sorted out and because it has many betting rounds, it is somewhat more expensive than other games.
  • But compared to other Live Casinos online, W88 offers you Poker game rooms that start with RM2, which is pretty reasonable compared to other rooms.

#5: Roulette

Another casino game that is not only fun to play but also exciting in itself is Roulette! This is probably known as one of the most famous casino games as even if you do not know the rules of the game, you probably heard its name. When playing Roulette Online, you need luck, wit, as well as a good Roulette strategy to help you win! At W88, one Roulette round has a minimum betting rate of RM1.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1


  • Like most casino games, Roulette offers many betting rounds that you can choose from as well as additional side bets to make things interesting.
  • The Roulette game requires equipment that is a roulette wheel, a small spinning ball, and a table with the numbers 0 – 36 on it.
  • From any of the numbers, you must choose to bet on the one you think the ball will land on, once it stops spinning on the Roulette wheel.

#6: Dragon Tiger

The last game that you definitely must check out at W88 Casino is Dragon Tiger. This is one of the easiest yet most fun W88 casino games that you can play. It is a game with very easy and simple rules to follow with equally easy betting options to understand. You can play Dragon Tiger at W88 with a minimum betting rate of RM1.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1


  • To play Dragon Tiger, you must focus on making 2 main bets, on Dragon or on Tiger.
  • Besides this, you can also bet on Tie in Dragon Tiger to make things interesting.
  • Whichever side gets the sum of the highest face value wins the bet.

Top Live Casino Promotions at W88

Now that you have been introduced to all the amazing games W88 has, you probably are excited to try them out for yourself. However, if money is stopping you from doing so then you do not have to worry about it – if you are using W88, that is.


This is because W88 promotions have 2 of the best bonuses you can find in the betting world dedicated to their new joiners. This means that if you create a W88 account today, these extra cashback bonus offers can be all yours!

Get 20% up to RM600 Using Code

The first appealing offer of them all is the 20% Welcome Bonus offer on W88 Live Casino.


  • For this, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 in their Club W Grand wallet as your first W88 deposit. Upon doing so, you must enter the code W20CA to lock the bonus in your W88 account.
  • You must complete a compulsory rollover requirement of 15 times to unlock the bonus and you can win cashback up to RM600!

Earn Extra RM30 on Withdrawal

The second most appealing bonus is the cashback of RM30 upon making a successful W88 withdrawal.


  •  You must first make a minimum deposit of RM30, as a small investment in your W88 account.
  • Once done, you must withdraw RM100 and you will get RM30 extra. Remember, an important step is to complete account verification precisely before applying for this W88 bonus promotion.

Start Playing Amazing Games at W88 using 3 Easy Steps

Let us now look into the 3-step guide of how you can play all the amazing aforementioned games at W88! Using only 3 steps, you will gain access to one of the coolest places in the betting world!

Register an Account at W88


The first thing you must do to access W88’s cool world is to make a W88 register by clicking on “Join” and entering all relevant information.

Make A First W88 Deposit


Next, you must move on to make your first deposit in the W88 wallet by completing your account verification and entering your bank details.

Access W88 Live Casino


Lastly, when you enter the W88 Live Casino domain, you will find all amazing game providers partnered with W88 and also all game rooms they offer.

Have Questions about W88 Online Casino? Talk to Customer Service

When you enter a huge place, it is common to get lost and have many questions. This is why the W88 site offers you with access to their customer service on every page they have 24/7! As a beginner, when you are playing at the W88 Online Casino it is natural to be confused about many things. So, talking to one of W88’s agents is the best way to resolve all your doubts.

So, whether you like playing games before you begin your day or right before you end it, the CS W88 agents will always be there to help you out! Not only this, but you can also access them through different modes of communication. Below mentioned are 5 ways to contact W88’s Customer Service Agents:

w88-live-casino-customer-care-live-chat-24x7-1The W88 Live Chat Service is the most used mode of communication by many online bettors. This is because W88’s live chat service is operated by AI as well as Live Agents making it a better mode of communication.
w88-live-casino-customer-care-skype-messengerIf you own a Skype account then you can directly message or call W88 CS agents on their Skype ID which is W88cs.help. This process may take a while as the W88 agents have to accept your request first.
w88-live-casino-customer-care-email-addressNext, we have the W88 email ID which is info@w88.com. You can use this email address to send W88 CS a comprehensive or detailed query. If you wish to change any sensitive W88 account details then this email comes in handy.
w88-live-casino-customer-care-telegram-messengerAnother form of messaging and calling is W88 Telegram CS. It is a good way of sending screenshots and screen-recording back and forth. You can contact them on Telegram by scanning the QR code on the W88 “Contact Us” page.
w88-live-casino-customer-care-whatsapp-messengerLastly, if you wish to communicate with them through call, then you can just call them on their WhatsApp number, which is +60 167490888. You can also send them a message and W88 Agents will get back to you shortly.

Honest W88 Live Casino Review

We have spoken a lot about how great of a site W88 is to play Online Casino games. However, you do not have to completely believe our claims on the awesomeness of W88! Although whatever is said here is highly based on the articulation of customer thoughts, below mentioned are some W88 customer reviews on W88’s Live Casino.

“W88 has given me a way to escape the boring life I live. It is good way of investing small amount of money too because you never know when your luck pays out and gives you more than you deposited.” ~ Asifa Hakif“Although not every day, but whenever I have a tough time at work I come home and unwind using this site. Playing W88’s Dragon Tiger is the most fun part when I have such days.” ~ Nalang Ismail“W88’s site is cool and chill, although I wish they did something about their dark mode. It is more bluish than dark. Regardless, they offer top quality game rooms with a wide range of betting limits.” ~ Farha Siti

In Conclusion

With this, we conclude looking into all the amazing things offered by W88 Live Casino. We urge you to join W88 today to claim the amazing promotion of RM600 using the bonus code on your first deposit. Additionally, when you wish to leave after making your first withdrawal, you can grab the RM30 free cashback bonus as well. At W88 Live Casino, you can never get bored because the entertainment never stops and keeps upgrading to better things.