How to Play Blackjack Online for Money in Casino Step by Step

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Learning and knowing how to play casino games can make you more interesting in your friend group especially if you know how to play classic casino games like Blackjack online. So, let us help you with that with one of the easiest tutorials you can find on how to play Blackjack online for money in casinos using one of Asia’s top online betting sites which is W88. With this, you will also learn some pro casino tips which will help you become a better gambler in no time!

What are the Basics of the Blackjack Game Online?

Before we introduce you to one of the most simple and only how to play Blackjack online casino game tutorial you will ever need, let us first look into what blackjack is and how this classic casino game is played. With this, you will know the basics of the Blackjack game which is applicable to most of the game rooms in the betting world online.


  • When learning how to play live Blackjack online the first thing you should know is that the Blackjack game is a classic casino game which is played with a 52 standard deck of cards and is played against the dealer in most game rooms online.
  • The objective of the game is to hit a Blackjack, in other words, the cards dealt to both the player and dealer should sum up to 21 or a number closer to 21. This can be done by adding up the face value of the cards, with the 10s and Aces combination being the highest.
  • Whoever gets this objective completed is deemed the winner of the betting round in a Blackjack game. Some blackjack game rooms offer more than one table, so there could be two or more winners depending on how many players are playing against the dealer.
  • However, if a player gets an overall sum of more than 21, which are the numbers 22 and above, then they immediately lose the betting round.
  • It is also important to note that there are more than one betting rounds in a single Blackjack game round. However, the dealer only deals the cards for themselves during the showdown. Through these betting rounds, you can add more cards to your hand to try to get to the objective. To make this easier, we recommend checking out our How to Win Online Casino Blackjack Article to help you win almost every betting round with ease!

6 Important Blackjack Terms You Should Know

As mentioned, there is more than one betting round in a single Blackjack game and thus, this casino game has certain terms which you should learn in order to avoid any confusion in the game room. If you have layered casino games like Poker before, then you must be familiar with most of these betting terms, however, if not, you can memorize them right here:

  1. Hit: When you get a card but think that you need another card to get closer to the number 21, then you hit. Here, the dealer will deal another card to you.
  2. Double Up: Doubling Up is a term used when you wish to Double Up your betting stake instead of hitting for another card. You can use this if you are confident in the hand dealt to you as the payout you can receive here is doubled up as well.
  3. Bust: Also known as Break, when the player or dealer ends up with a hand that sums up to any number more than 21, which is 22 upwards, then it is called a Bust. Here, the player or dealer immediately loses the betting round in the Blackjack game.
  4. Push: When there is a tie between the dealer and the player it is called a Push. Here, nobody wins or loses and the betting stake is returned.
  5. Stand: When you are satisfied with the hand that has been dealt to you or when you think that adding another card to your hand can lead to a bust, then you Stand, meaning you continue the round with the same hand without adding any more cards.
  6. Blackjack: As the name of the game, Blackjack refers to the number 21 made by adding up cards with the number 10 and Ace cards.

NOTE: Ace cards in Blackjack can have a face value of 1 or 11, depending on which number helps you get 21 or a number closer to 21. Getting the Ace cards with 10 cards for a perfect Blackjack can be easier using online Blackjack strategies.

Learn How to Play Blackjack Online for Money at W88 Casino in 3 Simple Steps

Now that you know most of the basics and important terms of the Blackjack game, you can go ahead and start playing Blackjack in any game room online. However, since choosing the right casino site to play Blackjack is important, we recommend using W88 as your online betting site to play this amazing classic casino game. So, using W88 we have come up with a how to play blackjack step by step guide which will help you play the online casino game effortlessly.

Step 1: Log Into W88 and Visit the W88 Live Casino Domain

  • The first thing that you must do to learn how to play Blackjack online for money at W88 is to create an account in the W88 register by visiting the official website and clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • Here, you will be taken to the W88 registration form where you must enter all your account details precisely. It is important to remember that you should also set a unique username and a strong password as your Login credentials.


  • Then, you must use those credentials to successfully log into your W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • Once this is done, you can access the Welcome Bonus offered by W88 as well as the live casino products there by clicking on ‘Live Casino‘.

Step 2: Filter Your Search and Pick a Blackjack Game Room

  • When you enter that live casino game room at W88, you may be overwhelmed by all the amazing products you will find there. Not only this but you will also see there are many game rooms you can select from for one single casino game offered by prominent game room providers.
  • However, finding the game room you want is very simple at W88 and all you must do is filter your search by clicking on the Search Bar.


  • In the search bar, you can type ‘Blackjack‘ and this will introduce you to all the amazing Blackjack game rooms you can find online.
  • Once this is done, you can select your preferred Blackjack game room to play the online casino game easily.

Step 3: Place Your Bets to Play Live Blackjack Online

  • Remember, Blackjack is a game with more than one betting round, so following the instructions in the game room is important. However, these instructions are easy to follow so it is more important to know how to navigate the game room.
  • When you enter a blackjack game room, you will find casino chips available which you must select and drag to any of the available seats on the table to place your first bet on the table. However, one of the pro Blackjack tips would be to observe some game rounds before placing your first bets.


  • Then, you must wait for the dealer to deal the cards, followed by another round where you can double up your betting stake for another card based on your decision.
  • Once the betting round is over, a showdown will take place where the player with the cards summing up to 21 or a number closer to 21 will win the betting round.

Blackjack Online for Money – Learn How the Gameplay Takes Place

To help you understand how to play Blackjack online casino game better, let us take a quick glance at how real-money gameplay works in Blackjack game rooms. Here we have selected to play at the club W88 game room on the W88 online casino website.

ROUND 1 – Select a Seat and Place Your Bets Before the Timer Ends

  • In the first round of the game, you will be required to place your bets, for this, you must select a seat in the game room and place casino chips based on the minimum betting rate to make your first bet.


  • Here, we have placed, RM2 on seat no. 2, which means the cards dealt on this circle will be the cards we will be playing with.
  • Once the timer ends, the dealer will start dealing a card on each table one by one. Additionally, the dealer will deal a card on their side as well.

ROUND 2 – Hit to get 21 or a number closer to 21

  • In round 2, the dealer will deal the cards face up and this is when you must make a decision.
  • Here, the first card dealt to us is the 10♠️ which means that we can hit to get another card in our hand with little risk.


  • When we Hit, the dealer will give us another card, here we received a 9♠️, which makes the overall value of our card 19. Doubling up more here would be risky since 19 is close to 21, so we won’t hit for more cards any further.
  • Once this is done, the dealer will deal the cards to the other players in the game room, when they decide that they do not want to stop hitting or doubling up, the showdown takes place where the dealer will deal cards on their end.


  • Here, the dealer’s cards sum up to 22, which is a close call, and ours still remain 19. Since having more than 21 cards does not count, we easily win this betting round, along with table no. 5 which has received a perfect 21 blackjack.

5 Important Casino Tips to Boost Your Blackjack Winnings

Let us now take a look at some online casino tips which will help you boost your blackjack winnings as you learn how to play blackjack online for money and help you receive wholesome payouts. Although there are many betting strategies you can use, these five will help you minimize loss and maximize profit in many ways, so here are the 5 tips that you should know and follow when playing casino games online.

  1. Use the Minimum Betting Rate: As mentioned, since Blackjack is a game with many betting rounds, it is important that you use the minimum betting rate available in the game room online. However, to do this, you will have to find online gaming which offers you a budget-friendly amount. That being said, if you use W88, you will come across many game rooms which appeal to both beginners and pros and as you saw, we used a game room which had a minimum betting rate of RM2.
  2. Make Use of Betting Strategies: Next, you must make use of betting strategies to place bets when playing Blackjack rounds online. Betting strategies are the best way where you can save money as well as guarantee wholesome payouts. Betting strategies ensure that you get your lost money back by creating betting patterns where you can increase or decrease your betting stakes based on your wins and losses. Additionally, using betting strategies can help you play with a betting limit which ensures maximum profit and minimum loss.
  3. Make Use of Bonus Promotions: The next important bonus tip that you should know is to make use of the welcome bonuses and additional bonus offers given by your online betting casino sites to earn some extra cash in your online casino wallet. With the W88 Promotion, you can get a bonus of up to RM600 on your online casino products which is something you should go for! Since Blackjack requires you to double up your betting stake often, having these bonus offers would help you in many ways.
  4. Observe the Gameplay: Another important casino tip which applies to most casino games is to observe a few rounds of the gameplay before placing your bets. Doing so in blackjack game rooms can help you know whether your online game room is cheating you or not as you can observe the live dealer dealing the cards and immediately know. If you notice any fraudulent activity then you can immediately report it so that action can be taken again any fraudulent activities against customers.
  5. Play Responsibly: Last but not least, it is important that you play responsibly and adhere to the online casino site as well as the game room’s terms and conditions. It is important that you be respectful to the live dealer as well as the other players in the game room. Besides this, it is important that you respect your own health and set daily hours and money aside specifically for playing Blackjack online. Once both the time and money finish for the day you should stop playing the game and come back the next day.

In Conclusion

This was all about How to Play Blackjack Online for Money in one of the best online casinos you can find in Asia which is none other than W88 online. With this, you can now go ahead and play this classic online casino game effortlessly and earn money almost every day! However, remember our 5 casino tips to play this game because the only thing cooler than gambling in Blackjack game rooms and winning is gambling responsibly. We now wish you all the luck and bid adieu to kickstart your Blackjack journey online.