8 Best Online Blackjack Strategies for Novices to win money

Learn how to split & double when playing blackjack. Discover the 8 best online Blackjack strategies for beginners to use with W88 casino to play & win real money

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One of the most popular casino games that can be played online is blackjack. Playing it is fast and enjoyable, and by using some of the best online Blackjack casino tips and techniques, you have a good chance of making a profit. These are the top 8 blackjack online strategies.

#1. Find out how many decks of cards were utilized

  • Finding out how many decks an online casino uses is crucial since it makes keeping track of which cards have been played with rarer decks easier.
  • The cards are shuffled after every hand at online casinos using an RNG, or random number generator, which produces improbable card games.
  • Although you won’t be able to “count cards” online, if you can recall which cards have already been played, you can use patterns to improve your chances.


#2. Make use of a strategy card

  • Using and adhering to a basic strategy card when playing blackjack in a live casino is one of the online blackjack methods that W88tel.com may demonstrate to you.
  • With the help of these cards, you may determine when to hit and when to stay based on what the real dealer is holding.
  • Make sure you find the tactic that works well for you because some players have bolder card sheets than others.
  • A cheat sheet won’t be necessary as frequently as you play blackjack online as the probability will become ingrained in your senses.

#3. Understand your insurance plan

  • When you play online blackjack and the live dealer displays a “Ace,” the “house” will give you insurance.
  • In order to protect themselves from a blackjack, players might wager half of their original stake.
  • Consider creating an insurance plan before you play online blackjack, regardless of your eventual decision to accept or decline the insurance.
  • One may say the same thing about dividing hands. Fewer gamblers will split their hands more frequently than others, who would never split and opt for a single sure victory.
  • Make sure you have a plan for when and how you will split your cards or seek insurance before you start playing online.


#4. Avoid splitting ten

  • Gaining more money on the game table when you believe the live dealer is holding a weak hand and you have the ability to count more chips is one of the most important online blackjack techniques for beginners to succeed over the long run. Breaking when you hold a pair is one way to do this.
  • Since it is possible to build a blackjack or at least own two high ending hands, beginners may be tempted to split 10s repeatedly.
  • Splitting 10s is never acceptable, even though it is possible and would leave you with twice as much money on the table.

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#5. Increasing by Two

  • If you play Blackjack online at W88 online for an extended length of time, the Doubling Down action allows you to double your initial bet in exchange for drawing one card. This is actually the only way you can possibly anticipate to emerge from your gambling knowledge victorious.
  • You will observe averages where you lose more spans than you win, but overall you stand to defeat 47% of ordinary hands.
  • In order to tip the scales in your favor, it’s important to make it such that you win more often and lose less money when you don’t. Doubling Down is the previous method to achieve this.
  • You are more likely to be approaching a Blackjack with your final card if your pair is higher.


#6. Blackjack Surrender Technique

  • Though it might seem paradoxical, remember that winning at blackjack is almost as much about minimising your losses as it is about maximising your gains.
  • One way to achieve this is by using the blackjack surrender strategy, which will cause you to lose half of your wager but let you keep the other half rather than losing it all.
  • This is typically done when the live dealer shows an extremely strong hand—an Ace or a 10-indicating that it might be difficult for you to win—in reference to their upcoming card.

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#7. Divided or Not

  • Splitting pairs is a more advanced strategy among the top online blackjack games. If two of your cards have the same number, you can divide them into two separate hands by doubling your
  • initial bet.
  • Since breaking your hand lowers both of your unique hands to the face value of the single card, this strategy seems contradictory, but it may also work to your advantage.
    If you are dealt 9 and 9, for example, you could probably win with the ensuing 18, but since a 9 is a strong card by itself, you even have a good chance of winning with the following card that is drawn.


#8. Bet up to your bankroll limit

  • This isn’t about online blackjack methods; rather, it’s about common sense knowledge that might improve your overall performance.
  • As with all your online casino wagering, you should always place bets that you can afford to lose.
  • If you have $100 left over for betting in the near future, don’t bet $25 per blackjack hand. The game’s wild swings indicate that you will most likely lose your money shortly.
  • But if you bet $1 a hand, you might continue to be unlucky without losing all of your money. You can progressively raise your bets as you start building up your bankroll.


These are the top 8 beginner-friendly online blackjack tactics that you may use at W88 Malaysia Casino. Here, you can use real money to play the various live dealer table games offered by the casino. Make sure to take advantage of the 100% up to RM600 welcome bonus when you make your first deposit.