10 Best How to win online casino blackjack tips to earn huge

Looking for huge returns is one way to improve your blackjack luck. W88tel provides 10 how-to-win online casino blackjack strategies to increase profits by 97%.

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No matter where you reside, time is the true currency. W88 Malaysia therefore offers you the top 10 carefully considered tips & tricks for winning online casino blackjack for novices, which guarantees a living without requiring time-consuming errors and a 97% success rate in online betting and gambling.

#1. Comparison of odds and variations

There are several Blackjack variations available at the various live casinos. To find out the RTP of each blackjack variation and select the one with the greatest RTP %, click on the information symbol, which is represented by the letter “i.”

10 Best How to win online casino blackjack tricks

  • The proportion of return that players will receive in their W88 wallet following a blackjack victory is determined by the RTP %.
  • The probability of winning online casino blackjack is better the higher the RTP.
  • The house always has a mathematical advantage over the winning player because of this. Because of this, players in any online casino blackjack game will never see an RTP percentage of 100%.

#2. Steer clear of progressive betting systems

Everyone discusses winning live casino blackjack strategies, but frequently the issue of “How much should I bet on online casino blackjack?” remains unanswered. We are here to provide you the best possible response to your inquiry and have always got your back.

  • The majority of betting systems take a progressive strategy, encouraging users to keep playing since they will eventually win.
  • This is untrue, and it has been utilized for a very long time to deceive players into believing they can win a huge pot by creating a false fantasy.
  • However, the truth is that no betting strategy can ever help you outsmart the house since, well, it’s a business, and the house always comes out on top in terms of overall profit.

#3. Think twice about side bets

Never forget that side bets are not subject to RTP. The better technique is limited to conventional Blackjack games to take advantage of the higher odds. Even though the payouts are substantial, the risk is higher because the odds are poor.

Blackjack tips & tricks - Think twice about side bets

  • Since blackjack has the lowest house edge among the casino card games offered online, the house makes less money when playing this game. As a result, casinos began to install multiple decks.
  • Blackjack at an online casino is made more entertaining by side bets, but they also gradually cause players to lose a lot of money.
  • Never placing a side bet is the greatest way to win in blackjack in an online casino. Prior to using more sophisticated strategies, stick to the cards technique until you have gathered experience.

#4. Recognize when to go all in.

You have three choices once the dealer deals you two cards and shows you his cards: you can choose to stand, hit, or double down. When you double down, you risk your initial bet once more and request a card to keep playing. Get the hang of it and discover how to play blackjack online with W88 Malaysia.

  • Without hesitation, always go for double down when the opening two cards have a value of 11.
  • When your starting card value is 11, you have a good chance of winning because the 10-value card can increase your winnings.
  • With 19 & 20 value in online casino blackjack, you have a good chance of winning even if you hit 8 or 9 as the third card.

#5. Recognize when to divide

The basic strategy for winning at online blackjack casinos is to play for the long run in order to increase your winnings while the dealer is weak. To win in online casino blackjack, the ideal method to use this basic strategy is to split when you have a pair.

Blackjack tips & tricks - Recognize when to divide

  • In online casino blackjack, novices are always tempted to split tens in order to increase their winnings.
  • However, in online casino blackjack, you should never split a ten if there is double the amount of money on the table.
  • Don’t divide a ten-card even if the dealer’s card is as weak as less than six value cards. Don’t split if you already have 20 because you have a solid hand.

#6. Martingale’s technique for blackjack

The main aim of this technique is to double the wager amount in each subsequent round at the same time. Blackjack strategies and tactics, such as the Martingale method, raise your chances of winning in the third round of an online casino blackjack game by 15%.

  • Players in the online casino blackjack game double their stakes in each subsequent round as a way to make up for lost money.
  • When playing online casino blackjack, it’s crucial to remain loyal to just one side. For example, if you decide to wager on the banker in the first round, you should do so in all subsequent rounds as well.
  • Recall that the stakes in the subsequent round will return to the starting amount if you win the current one. To start, the smallest possible wager should be made.

#7. Play video games responsibly

Being a responsible gamer is not a required component; rather, it’s an extremely important tactic. You have the power to save your hard-earned money, and the only way to do it is to play responsibly. Here are the best 3 strategies for playing blackjack at an online casino responsibly:

Blackjack tips & tricks - Martingale's technique for blackjack


  • Tight budget: Set aside a 50:30:20 ratio for needs, wants, and investments when allocating your bankroll to avoid overspending on online casino blackjack. When playing blackjack at an online casino, only use thirty percent of your cash in the want category.
  • Time restriction: Keep track of the time you spend playing blackjack at online casinos and adhere to the stringent time restriction. Keep track of your time because blackjack is an enjoyable and engaging game.
  • Never chase losses: Maintaining hope is a good thing, but occasionally it’s preferable to give up on a fruitless endeavor. Never give up hope, but don’t follow a losing trail for too long either.

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#8. Practice makes perfect

Save your money and don’t waste it on foolish mistakes. Apps for blackjack and free games are great for trying out fresh, basic strategies.

  • More than 60 games are available for free online at W88 Malaysia’s Blackjack section, and downloading is not necessary.
  • In W88tel’s game practices, players who like the technique method will find betting strategies and charts that will help them continue with the dealer.
  • W88 blackjack games are great for casual players searching for delight tags and are comparable to ones found at online casinos.

#9. Respect the betting limitations

Skilled blackjack players know how to increase their starting chip.

Respect the betting limitations - blackjack online strategies

  • Decide how long you want to play for and how much of your bankroll you want to spend before you sit down at a blackjack table.
  • Accept any buy-in and wager restrictions on the table, as well as the maximum number of hands that can be played in an hour.
  • It would help you determine realistic bet limits for yourself and help you consider which true funds blackjack games you can afford to play.

#10. Put the insurance bet aside

Online casinos recognize that novice blackjack players value side bets and stakes, so they will gladly accept insurance when it is suggested.

  • The most dangerous side bet to place is this one unless you can trust on your cards.
  • Blackjack has a 9:4 chance of happening, yet the insurance bet pays out just 2:1.
  • When combined with a 7.4% house edge in blackjack games using six decks, insurance bets only serve to annoy players.
  • If you want to play blackjack smart, stay away from this side bet.


Because we value your time, we’ve provided you with the top 10 tips for winning at online blackjack casinos. By following these tips, you can play online blackjack with a 97% guarantee of success and a respectable lifestyle free from time-consuming errors. Join W88 to receive RM3,000 every day.