Why roulette is called as the devil’s game – 5 facts exposed

The numbers on the wheel add up to 666 that’s why roulette is called as the Devil’s game. Here, W88Malayu will unveil the 5 extra secret reasons for devil game.

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Roulette is a preferred choice of a live casino game that 1st invented in the 1700s in France. Despite these substantial roots, quite a few mythologies are hovering about how this game arrived to be. For example, you may have heard roulette is also named the “devil’s game.” So why roulette is called as the devil’s game and how did the game come to own this title? Scroll down to find out more additional info.

Introduction to online Roulette casino game

Considered a famous and amusing casino game Roulette is one of the most discovered games in physical and online casinos correspondingly.


  • The game implicates a wheel on a round-shaped base which is separated into 37 or 38 cases based on the variation of the game.
  • The most played and preferred types of the game are European and American which are defined by the fact of a single “0” in the former and a double zero in the after. The game is all about reeling a ball in a rotating wheel and gambling on the number at which the ball stops.

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5 Facts on why Roulette is called as the Devil’s game?

Roulette has a mixed record, but it’s one of those games that has hardly altered over the era.

Overview – why Roulette is called as the Devil’s game?

As per a popular legend, the game’s 1st champion Francois Blanc in his tracking for-profit traded his soul to the Devil and created a deal with it to obtain the mysteries of Roulette for himself.


  • The story is based on the truth that the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 36 is 666, which is named the “Number of the Beast”
  • Following the pact, Roulette tables with an extra zero became famous at casinos showing the massive retail hit of the game.
  • The number 666 has collaborated with the anti-christ for its impression in the Bible.
  • The token has arisen out of a Biblical quotation that alerts of the number 666 as the number of the beast.

Here are 5 engaging points you must know why Roulette is called as the Devil’s game – everyone’s beloved casino game.

(1) The Devil connection

  • The roulette reel is referred to as the “Devil’s Wheel”.
  • This is due to its numbers adding up to 666, also known as the “number of the beast” as per the Bible.
  • It could likewise have something to do with the game’s direction to ship players to hell or in terms of a game suffering their credit ratings.

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(2) No one knows the source

  • Many assumptions are floating everywhere as to where roulette was invented.
  • Most players believe the theory that the game roulette was developed by French physicist Blaise Pascal after he tried to form a wheel that could exhibit endless movement.
  • And as the term “roulette” comes from the French phrase for “little wheel” – this idea does seem to have the most significance.
  • Others consider it was driven up by a French monk or by a group of French Dominican monks.
  • More lately, roulette is deemed to have emanated from an English game called Even/Odd.


(3) Used to be simple to trick

  • Before CCTV days and high-level casino safety, it was pretty easier to fool in playing roulette.
  • Now it’s practically impossible until you’re devising with a participant on the inside – not a great belief indeed.
  • Cheaters have still discovered a form to win the house, whether that was utilizing a magnetic ball, rigged spin, or other things.
  • Cheaters would keep in mind the wheels with chips, patterns, or flaws and chase the practices of which numbers lighted, before sweeping the casinos out of their million cash.
  • Currently, casinos replace tools regularly so don’t even assume about testing this one by yourself.

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(4) 17 – the most favored bets

  • James Bond, 007, was a great roulette participant in Ian Fleming’s authentic books and his favorite number was 17.
  • It could be one of the most prevalent bets because of James Bond or it may be simply because of its prominent position on the table pushing it to a number players are most attracted to.


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(5) The allure of the Roulette game

  • Despite the reality that the luck of the devil cares to avoid regular players, the game is widespread among gamers attempting to garner a bit of luck.
  • The game has been favored by wagerers who endeavor their luck since the game’s earlier days from Pascal to Louis Blanc’s reworking.
  • The game can transform lives both for more profitable and eviler, by the staking burning down to Pascal’s approach of life.
  • There are noteworthy consequences following the determination to put chips at a precise place for the players.


To answer Why roulette is called as the devil’s game? the sum of all numbers in roulette gaming is 666. This coincidence entices the attention of many participants. There is even a roulette 666 system that bettors all across the world apply to improve their likelihood of earnings.