No.1 Virtual Tennis Betting online guide: Play for RM2 only

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Virtual tennis betting is one of the many virtual sports games that you can access and play on the W88 Malaysia website. So, in this article, we have explained everything you must know about virtual tennis betting. Read more to explore tennis online betting from how it works to 3 winning tricks that can bag you huge wins online. Join W88 today to claim an extravagant bonus of RM1,088 on sportsbook products for online tennis betting.

Virtual Tennis Betting: How does it work?

The first thing that we will be looking into in this virtual tennis betting guide, is how virtual tennis betting actually works. Virtual tennis betting is one of the many popular virtual sports available on betting sites like W88 that offer computerized matches. These matches have the same feel as any normal tennis matches, except that each match lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, and sometimes even less.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel

Tennis online betting is one of the most famous virtual sports that you can play in the W88 sportsbooks. All you must do is wager on the different betting options for these matches, that take place in a computerized setting. This also means that the results are based on an algorithm, but since there are statistical charts in the game rooms, you can also make accurate predictions. So, read till the very end to learn more about virtual tennis betting and get some winning tricks from experts to win big online.

Simple W88 3-Step guide to play Virtual Tennis Betting

In this virtual tennis betting section, we will take a look at the 3 step guide on how to play online tennis betting in the W88 Sportsbook for virtual sports. Joining the W88 website is extremely beneficial for beginners because here you get to play some of the best virtual sports games starting at a minimum price of RM2 only.

Step 1: Log into W88 and select a Virtual sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do is log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials to access the W88 sportsbook.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel step 1

  • If you do not have an account in the W88 register, then create one within minutes by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and then filling out the registration form with accurate information.
  • Once done, you must go ahead and click on the ‘Sports‘ product on the W88 homepage, and click on your preferred W88 Virtual Sportsbook by choosing from V-Sports 1 or V-Sports 2.

Step 2: Click on an Online Tennis Betting window

  • In the next virtual tennis Betting guide
  • step, you will find yourself on the homepage of the selected virtual sportsbooks, wherein you will see all the different virtual sports products that you can play.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel step 2

  • From these, you must locate the virtual tennis window and click on ‘Virtual Tennis‘ to access all the matches, bet slips, statistical data, and everything you need to place a bet in the sportsbook as shown in the next step.

Step 3: Wager on your preferred bet and enjoy

  • In the final step of this tennis online betting tutorial, you must select a match from the list on the right side of the screen, and this will show you all the betting options below.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel step 3

  • From these, you must click on a sub-bet from your preferred betting option to access the betting slip, and then enter the betting stake in the bet slip.
  • To lock your bets in, click on the ‘Place Bet‘ button, and hereon you can enjoy the tennis online betting match gameplay in anticipation of the bet results.

5 Virtual Tennis Betting options that you must know

Let us now take a look at the different betting options that you must know about for online tennis betting in the sportsbooks. These virtual tennis betting options are easy to understand and wager on in the game room for online tennis betting in the sportsbook. Furthermore, understanding the virtual tennis betting options can help you apply some of the best Betting Tips effectively.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel betting options

  1. Match Winner: The first option is the match winner online tennis betting option, which lets you bet on any one player to predict who will win the match.
  2. Set Winner: Next is the set winner tennis online betting option, wherein you must wager to predict which player will win the set.
  3. Total Sets: Another set-related betting option is the Over/Under total set betting option, which lets you predict the number of sets to be over a certain number or under it.
  4. Handicap: The handicap betting option offers stronger players with handicap scores and the underdogs with headstart scores based on their strength difference. So, here, you must wager to predict which player will win the match based on the altered scores.
  5. Correct Score: Lastly, correct score is one of the online tennis betting options that lets you predict the correct score at the end of the match from various alternative sub-bets.

How do the Virtual Tennis Betting odds work?

Let us now take a look at how the virtual tennis betting odds work in sportsbooks online. The betting odds for online tennis betting works similar to those for normal tennis online betting matches. In the table below, you will see the difference between odds and how they work in distributing payouts, something that every beginner must know.

Wagered on Team 1Wagered on Team 2
virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners betting odds 2virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners betting odds 1
Betting odds: 1.45Betting odds: 2.55
Betting stake: RM10Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: Payout of RM14.50 is wonIf the bet wins: Payout of RM25.50 is won
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the betting options have different betting odds, which are multiplied with the stakes to provide payouts. Moreover, you will notice that higher odds pay more and lower odds pay less, and this is because higher odds have more odds to defy and lower odds have fewer odds to defy. So, depending on what you want, you can bet on options with higher or lower odds to win big or win easily on online tennis betting.

3 Winning tricks to earn big on Virtual Tennis

In this section, let us look into the 3 winning tricks to earn big on virtual tennis betting online. These tennis online betting tricks are beginner-friendly and also budget-friendly. Using these tricks to win, you can boost your online betting account more effectively as a beginner in the sportsbooks online.

virtual tennis betting tutorial for beginners by w88tel with tricks

  1. Make use of statistical data: The first trick is to make use of statistical data charts in the sportsbooks as a beginner. As you can see in the image above, the statistics charts give you good data on which team is more likely to win the match, which is very handy for virtual tennis betting.
  2. Wager with progressive systems: Another helpful online tennis betting trick is to make use of progressive systems in the sportsbooks. But it is important to remember to use budget-friendly ones like the D’Alembert method, which also works well with the pace of virtual sports.
  3. Do not bet on all matches: Lastly, to make accurate betting decisions, you must stop betting continuously on all the matches. This trick is also helpful to maintain a good amount in your bankroll as a beginner when playing tennis online betting.


This was all about the Virtual Tennis Betting online that every beginner must know to play some of the most exciting online tennis betting in sportsbooks at W88. Remember to use the given tricks well, and keep visiting W88tel for more such strategies and betting guides. So, go ahead and join the W88 website as a member to wager on some of the best online tennis betting games in the virtual sportsbooks using the 100% up to RM1,088 sportsbook bonus you can claim on your first deposit.