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Introducing W88 sportsbook – Best in the market

W88 Malaysia has been in the market for long enough that it is now deep-rooted in the soil of online betting and no other website has the capability to share its foundation. It provides everything for its customers so they don’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy online gambling like sportsbooks to bet on, slot machines, lotteries, live casinos, fantasy betting, etc.


W88 provides innovative ideas through its sportsbook and we are here to provide you honest sportsbook online reviews for W88 Malaysia. Bet on W88 with multiple betting options, an affordable betting limit, and an exclusive range of sports to bet.

Is W88 sportsbook is legal in Malaysia?

More than 30,000 players from Malaysia visit the W88 sportsbook every day to commit themselves to online betting and earn huge profits through it. Is it difficult to trust something that is trusted by 30,000 people? As the number suggests itself, W88 Malaysia is not only a trustworthy but leading online gambling site.


To solidify your trust towards W88 sportsbook, we provide you solid evidence to prove its credibility in the online gambling market, the license. W88 has been operated by Marquee Holdings Limited for more than a decade with its domain spread all over the world and is authorized by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to perform online gambling business legally.

5 compelling reasons to choose W88 sportsbook for betting

W88 Malaysia is leading the marketplace for more than a decade and had made a tremendous impact on bettor’s betting style with its amazing features. If you are searching for the right destination to bet? Then you are at the right place, my friend. Look at these 5 reasons that will compel you to choose the W88 sportsbook.

  1. Live streaming scores: W88 sportsbook broadcasts scores live in the sportsbook scoreboard, use the live streaming facility of W88 sportsbook to keep an eye on scores to use them to your advantage.
  2. Unusual odds 24×7: Take the best advantage of the unusual odds calculated by professional experts at W88 sportsbook in different formats to obtain a clear idea to predict the winner.
  3. Exclusive betting options: W88 provides loads of betting options on different sports, like 2-way money line winner, top player, 1×2, full-time winner, handicap, over/under and team matchups, and so many more at one destination.
  4. Affordable betting stakes: W88 sportsbook allows the players to bet with the least betting stake of RM only, which implies that you can start your online betting journey with just RM in W88 Malaysia.
  5. Flexible viewing options: Players can choose to display the odds in different formats, fractional, decimal, and even from different countries as per their preferences.

Grab a chance to earn huge profits of real money! Learn how to bet on W88 sportsbook and nail the online sportsbook betting.

Top 6 W88 sportsbook providers to bet on matches

W88 Malaysia offers 6 completely different sportsbook providers to bet on sports events and matches. One emphasis on Asian sports, some emphases on European sports, and some emphasis on fantasy betting, while some of them emphasize virtual betting sports. Let’s look into all 6 W88 sportsbook providers descriptively to know which is offering what.

#1. a-SPORTS 

a-SPORTS is an ancient sportsbook provider of W88 with a traditional layout and offers the authenticity of a real-life bookmaker to Malaysian players. It offers great betting odds and options to bet on at W88.


  • Sports available: W88 a-SPORTS sportsbook provider offers popular sports to bet on like soccer, saba soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, hockey, and many more popular leagues.
  • Betting options: a-SPORTS sportsbook provider have multiple betting options like a full-time winner, handicap, over/under, 1×2, the man of the match, 1st half score, total runs or goals, and so much more.
  • Minimum betting stake: All a player need to bet in a-SPORTS sportsbook provider is RM0.5

#2. e-SPORTS (Asian)

W88 e-SPORTS offers popular Asian games to bet on to feature Asian gamblers and provider a mixture of modern and traditional layouts with a simple interface to use. It offers hundreds of live matches every day for players to bet on and win real money.


  • Sports available: Football is the popular game of e-SPORTS (Asian) sportsbook provider with many more sports matches to bet online like soccer, cricket, boxing, esports, etc
  • Betting options: e-SPORTS (Asian) sportsbook providers have a huge number of betting options like 1×2, handicap, total overs, half-time score, full-time score, Asian handicap, match winner, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: e-SPORTS (Asian) sportsbook provider requires only RM0.5 to begin online betting.

#3. e-SPORTS (European)

The sportsbook with the most elegant modern outlook is e-SPORTS (European), focusing more on sports famous in Europe. With unusual betting odds, loads of betting options and many new features to bet on, live betting makes it popular.


  • Sports available: Soccer is the most popular game of England, making it obvious to top in e-SPORTS (European) sportsbook. Other than that the sports available are basketball, tennis, boxing, cricket, handball, etc.
  • Betting options: 2-way money line winner, full-time winner, 1×2, handicap, to win the toss money online, home team top batsman, over/under, home team top bowler, etc are major betting options at W88 e-SPORTS (European).
  • Minimum betting stake: RM0.5 is the minimum betting limit to bet on e-SPORTS (European) sportsbook.

#4. v-SPORTS 1

The letter ‘v’ in the word v-SPORTS 1 stands for virtual, as the name suggests itself; v-SPORTS for virtual sports to bet on. You can see the match and bet on games whenever you please and wait for results to showcase. Horse racing is famous under the virtual category.


  • Sports available: Asian cup, Bundesliga, football, world cup, basketball, tennis, hours racing, and dog racing are 8 virtual sports to bet on at v-SPORTS 1 at W88 Malaysia sportsbook.
  • Betting options: Players can bet on different teams to win the full match in the v-SPORTS 1 at W88 Malaysia sportsbook.
  • Minimum betting stake: RM0.5 is also the minimum betting limit to bet on v-SPORTS 1 at W88 Malaysia sportsbook.

#5. v-SPORTS 2

v-SPORTS 2 is like fantasy betting, the only difference is that the teams are virtual in these sports too. It offers large variety of games to bet on and can be played instantly whenever you want, you don’t have to wait for the match to take place.


  • Sports available: Virtual football cup, football, racing, tennis, golf, instant Euroleague legends, instant football, and instant racing are the sports available to bet on v-SPORTS 2.
  • Betting options: You have all the betting options that are available in real games under v-SPORTS 2 at W88 Malaysia sportsbook like over/under, handicap, scores, match winner, handicap, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: You can bet on v-SPORTS 2 at W88 Malaysia sportsbook with just RM0.1 to start betting.


FANTASY SPORTS betting is a very innovative, unique, and different kind of online betting at W88 sportsbook. It gives its players an opportunity where bettors are supposed to predict or create their dream team and if that team matches with the team in reality then the player wins the bet and takes the pot home.


  • Sports available: Fantasy sports mostly consist of soccer leagues to play and bet on, to make the desired team and compared with the team lineups in reality.
  • Betting options: Predicting your own desired team to match it with reality is the best betting option Fantasy betting provides at the W88 Fantasy sports sportsbook provider. The more your predicted team matches the real, the more you win.
  • Minimum betting stake: Minimum amount of money you’ll need to bet on Fantasy sports id EUR2.

How to bet on W88 sportsbook – 3 steps beginners guide

Without further ado, let’s get where all the action takes place, where theory ends and practical begins. Mentioned below are the 3 simplest steps to guide you on your way to the W88 sportsbook and teach you to bet, we also provide the consequences of your betting to demonstrate it well.

Step 1: Access W88, register and choose e-SPORTS

  • Access the official site of W88 Malaysia via the link provided in the article to be safe from duplicated links.
  • Click on ‘JOIN’ to make a W88 register and enter valid information to avoid problems in the verification process.


  • Select ‘SPORTS’ from the given W88 products in the horizontal column to access W88 sportsbook providers
  • Choose W88 sportsbook provider ‘e-SPORTS (European)’ to bet on sports matches currently going on or upcoming ones.

Step 2: Choose the sport and select the league

  • Choose the ‘Soccer’ sports or whichever you want to bet on at W88 sportsbook.
  • Click on ‘All Leagues’ to monitor all the ongoing leagues to choose from and bet on at W88 sportsbook.


  • Select ‘England – Premier League’ as it is the most popular league going on in soccer or choose any whichever you like to bet on.

Step 3: Observe the odds & place the bet

  • Select the ongoing or recent upcoming match to bet on at W88 sportsbook from the list of matches to choose from.


  • Observe the odds and take advantage of displayed odds as they are professionally calculated and greater odds yield great results.
  • Click on the team you want to bet on and enter the stake amount you want to wager in the bet at W88 sportsbook.
  • Click on ‘Place Bets’ to confirm the bets and wait for the results to be announced.

Suppose you chose West Ham vs Newcastle EPL 2021 to bet and you wager RM100 on a particular team, let’s see what will happen if the team you support will win the match. Mentioned below are the 2 cases in the table to demonstrate the scenario better.

Case 1: Bet on West Ham

Case 2: Bet on Newcastle

Odds: 1.71Odds: 5.00
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM171Pay-out: RM500
If West Ham wins: you get RM171If Newcastle wins: you get RM500
If West Ham loses: you lose RM100If Newcastle loses: you lose RM100

What are you waiting for now? We hope you understand the game better now. Bet at W88 sportsbook and grab a chance to earn a huge profit of real money.

W88 Sportsbook is Android & iOS compatible

Yes, you heard it right! You can bet on sports anytime and anywhere you want; you don’t have to open your laptop or desktop in order to bet on sports; all you have to do is make the W88 app download to access the W88 sportsbook and enjoy online betting at the tip of your fingers.


W88 sportsbook app offers absolute safety and ensures transparent transactions. It also allows the players to make payments in cryptocurrency. The minimum amount to deposit in W88 is RM30 and it provides a dedicated customer care service is available 24*7 with a user-friendly interface.

Top 2 promotions for new members in W88 sportsbook

Kickstart your online betting journey with the whopping free credit of RM30 without deposit and W88 promotion of up to RM150 in W88 sportsbook wallet and earn more real money.


  1. Free deposit of RM30 with no deposit

To claim RM30 for free, without making any deposit, first, you must create a W88 account and then verify the details to enter into the account through phone number, email address, and bank details. Do 1 rollover to complete the W88 terms and RM30 will be credited to your account.

  1. Claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM150

Sign up for your account at W88 and make your first deposit of up to RM30 at least in the W88 sportsbook wallet. Complete the rollover requirement to unlock the locked bonus amount into your main balance account.

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W88 sportsbook is a one-stop shop for every kind of sports betting you want to pursue and we provide you honest sportsbook online review of W88 Malaysia to help you make an unbiased decision. Begin the best adventure of your life with W88 and enjoy promotional deals on weekly basis too. Join now to claim RM150 as soon as you can before it vanished in thin air.