How to play W88 crazy monkey slots: Get 100% up to RM600 cash

tart playing Crazy Monkey Slots at W88 with minimum betting amount of RM9 & grab a chance to earn a payout of up to 96.23%. Join W88 & win bonus of up to RM600

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Introducing Crazy Monkey slots – 96.23% RTP

If you want some relaxation in your life, then the best way to do that is to play W88 slots without risking much of your money and expecting returns of 96%+ RTP rate. Crazy Monkey slot games are the easiest game with the simplicity of animation, video graphics, soundtrack, backdrop, and cartoon-like appeal.


The framework of Crazy Monkey slots is comprised of five reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay-lines. Without any complexity, players can play Crazy Monkey slots with an affordable amount of real money and can grab a chance to win huge profits of real money. Enjoy playing Crazy Monkey slots.

7 Basic rules to play Crazy Monkey slots

Let’s know a little more about the crazy monkey games slot before playing at W88 Malaysia and master the game before losing a single penny to it. Mentioned below are 7 basic points you must understand to play crazy monkey games slot.

  1. Crazy Monkey theme: The theme of Crazy Monkey slots revolves around the jungle and animals. With trees and greenery in the backdrop, sounds of different animals, a suspicious jungle soundtrack, and symbols embedded in the middle.
  2. Betting limit: The minimum betting amount you require to play Crazy Monkey slots is RM9 and the maximum you can bet on Crazy Monkey slots per spin is RM810.
  3. Return to player rate: Crazy Monkey slots at W88 Malaysia offers the return to player rate of 96.23%, which means that you’ll never lose 100% of your betting stake instead can earn back a maximum of RM8.6 if you bet RM9
  4. Number of reels, rows & pay-line: Crazy Monkey slots have 6 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay-lines. If you are fortunate enough to get all main symbols in one line then you will be going home with RM1000.
  5. Coin Value: Every coin value is equal to RM1, which means 1 coin value is RM1. Players are supposed to buy coins first and then play crazy monkey slots. At the end, the coins will be converted into RM and will be transferred to your main balance account.
  6. Symbols value: Crazy Monkey is the main symbol of Crazy Monkey slots and pays the highest in the slot. Other symbols at Crazy Monkey slots are chimpanzee, lion, golden skull, banana, butterfly, anvil, and snakes.
  7. Game Play: Crazy Monkey slots is a video slot game, place a bet and click on start to begin the spinning. 2-3 identical symbols make the Crazy Monkey’s winning combination and players are paid according to the paytable value of each symbol.

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How to play Crazy Monkey slots at W88 – 3 steps guide

All about Crazy Monkey slots sounds so interesting, right? Then what’s the wait for, let’s begin playing Crazy Monkey slots with W88. We present you with the simplest 3 steps guide for beginners to play Crazy Monkey slots at W88.

Step 1: Access W88, Sign up & choose Igrosoft

  • Access the official W88 Malaysia site via an official link in the given article and be safe from the duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘LOGIN’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make your W88 register, enter accurate information.


  • Choose ‘SLOTS’ from the given horizontal list of W88 Malaysia products available to play slots games.
  • Select ‘IGROSOFT’ from the number of slots games providers given in the rows below.

Step 2: Find and select ‘Crazy Money’

  • After you select IGROSOFT, a new page will open on your screen guiding you to all different types of slot games with different adventurous themes and soundtracks.


  • Click on ‘Crazy Monkey’ to play crazy monkey slots at W88 with the least betting amount of RM8 and expect a return to the player up to 96%.

Step 3: Enter the betting amount & click ‘Start’

  • You’ll be redirected to the crazy monkey slots game window to play crazy monkey slots ay W88.
  • The initial betting amount will already be entered in the total bet box, that is, RM9.


  • If you want to increase the amount you want to bet on crazy monkey slots, then click on ‘BET’ to increase your betting amount by RM9.
  • Click on ‘START’ to begin the crazy monkey slots and wait until the spinning stops, which will take only 2-3 seconds to stop.
  • After spinning stops, the lines are counted and you are credited with the amount as per the pay line table ensures.

3 Points to remember while playing Crazy Monkey slots

Don’t flow with emotions and excitement, remember these 3 points in mind to remember while playing crazy monkey slots at W88. Read the 3 points mentioned below and crave them in your brain before playing the Crazy Monkey games slot at W88.

  1. Have some well-deserved fun: Always remember why you are playing crazy monkey slots; you are here, at W88 to blow some steam off the tight schedule from your chest and not to boil up your blood again. Have some fun with crazy monkey slots games at W88 and stop worrying too much.
  2. Always check the paytable: Always play the crazy monkey slots games with high RTP to gain maximum returns. Check crazy monkey slot’s paytable before you start playing at W88 Malaysia to understand the symbols and their worth, better.
  3. Money management: crazy monkey games slot is an intimidating game as you’ll never lose 100% of your money if you end up losing the bet; like in poker, blackjack, baccarat, or other live casino card games. Hence, it becomes difficult to keep track of your money. Be aware and save your money first.

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We hope this guide helped you to understand Crazy Monkey slots better and you’ll earn high amounts of profits. Play many more slots games at W88 following the same 3-step guide, just choose different providers and different slots games. Join W88 & play many more games from sports matches betting to live casino card games. Grab a first deposit bonus of up to RM600 and have happy gambling!