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Introduction to W88 eSport Online

Online gambling is something that has been rising in popularity lately and so if you want to keep up with this trend in the betting world then you definitely have to create an account at one of the top sites like W88 which provides some of the best sports bookies online. Luckily, out of all the amazing W88 sportsbooks, the W88 eSport sportsbook is the most eye-catching one, let us find out why!


With the World Cup currently on, sports betting online will be even more fun and so, W88 offers you not only some of the best sportsbooks in the betting world but also one of the ongoing hottest World Cup promotional deals in the football betting world online. So stick around to the very end to claim this amazing deal which gives you a free RM988!

Why Choose W88 eSport as Your Bookie Online?

Although we claimed that the W88 eSport sportsbook is the best and that you should definitely choose it as your online betting sports bookie for this World Cup season, you do not have to take our word for it. Instead, as you read this article and explore the site and its sportsbook yourself, you can decide for yourself whether this is the sportsbook you are looking for or not.


  1. Beginner Friendly: The first thing you will notice about this amazing W88 sportsbook is that it is very easy to use and navigate, which makes online betting not only hassle-free but also fun! Here, you can explore without having assistance even if you just joined the betting world online. But if you do need assistance then W88 has services that would help you including a section on the explanation of the betting rules.
  2. Offers Asian View: Although W88 already had a separate sportsbook for Asian matches, the eSport Sportsbook on the site released an additional sportsbook called ‘eSports (Asia), which gives you live updates on Asian matches online. You can now bet on your favourite Asian matches using any of the two W88 aSports betting sportsbooks online.
  3. Updated Odds: Odds in any sports match betting online is the most important as it does not only help you place accurate bets online but also is responsible for the amount you receive as the payout. However, with the W88 eSport sportsbook, you do not have to worry as you will give live as well as prior odds to place your bets accurately.
  4. Accurate Payouts: As mentioned above, the payouts are your winning which depends on the product after multiplying the betting odds with the betting stake your wager on a particular betting option. Most online sites tend to cheat their customers by calculating wrong payouts, however, you do not have to worry about this if you use the W88 eSport app as they offer accurate payouts all the time.
  5. Cashback Bonus Deal: Last but not least, most online casinos offer welcome bonuses that are not very grand, however, with the W88 sportsbook you can now get up to RM988 for free in honor of the World Cup matches. Additionally, you can get a daily cashback bonus of up to RM200 and even a free RM30 on account verification and first withdrawal.

All these amazing things are just a part of why W88 is one of the best online betting sites you can choose and why W88 eSport is a top-quality Sportsbook that never disappoints. Let us dive deeper into all the amazing things at W88 eSport Sportsbook.

Bet on the Top 5 Sports Matches at W88 eSport for RM5 ONLY!

Let us now get to the most exciting part of the article and see which sports you can bet on. One thing is for sure, W88 offers great sports betting bookies with many sports as well as sports matches to choose from.

#1 Bet on your favourite Soccer team for RM5 only

Soccer is a game loved by many Malaysians as it is a game that can unite people together to indulge in emotionally lively football matches. With W88, the best online football betting site in Malaysia, you can take your love for football further by placing bets on your favourite team for only RM5 at the W88 eSport sportsbook.


  • With the ongoing World Cup 2022, the online world of betting is more focused on providing the best for football fans so they can place their bets. At the W88 eSports sportsbook, you will find all main and additional betting options to place your bets on.
  • However, since W88 is partnered with Argentina, one of the strongest teams in the tournament, you can expect not only quick updates on soccer games but also wholesome offers to help you bet more!

#2 Get Live Updates on upcoming Cricket matches at W88

Although the cricket cup has ended, Cricket is another match that is still loved worldwide. This is because Cricket is a sport that can be watched with friends and families as we all share the same emotional reaction towards our favourite teams playing.


  • Betting on cricket matches to win is simple as W88 keeps offering accurate odds which you can use to place bets on and win wholesome payouts!
  • You can bet on various betting options like Moneyline, Over/Under, First Wicket, Man of the Match, etc. with a wide range of betting odds online.

#3 Play Basketball Betting by Analyzing the Game

Another famous sport to place your bets on is the W88 Basketball section where you can have fun watching the live match and also placing bets using the analytics provided by W88 eSports Sportsbook. Betting on Basketball can be fun as the gameplay is as exciting as the aforementioned 2 sports.


  • Just like the other sports, you can find many betting options to place your bets on under the basketball sports betting options.
  • Here, you can bet on 1×2 bets, or filter down your betting options by placing Full Time or Half Time bets. Like most games, you can also opt for the Parley bet to have fun with risks.

#4 Choose a Baseball Champion by placing bets on the highest odds

Another most fun game to watch and bet on is Baseball as it is very similar to cricket. However, some people might find this game even more thrilling because there are very strong teams as well as strong players in the baseball world that you can bet on.


  • Baseball is a sport that people usually do not watch until they learn how exciting the game can be and eventually end up becoming a fan.
  • Such fans can place bets on their favourite team in many baseball tournaments that take place and are updated at W88, using the provided odds by W88 eSportsbook.

#5 Which Tennis Player will be the next Tennis Star? Make a Bet to See!

Last but not least, we have Tennis, a game that is not played by teams but by individual players, making it an even more interesting game to watch. At W88, you can watch exciting Tennis matches and get live updates on the odds at the same time to place accurate bets.


  • The Tennis matches at W88 are divided into tournaments and the betting odds are neatly placed next to the tennis player’s name.
  • Here, you can bet on your favourite Tennis player, or go with the higher odds and place your bets to win more payouts.

This is not it, W88 eSports offers other exciting sports you can bet on using their accurate betting odds. Some of these sports include Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling, Futsal, Ice Hockey, Handball, Rugby, Golf, Pool, Table Tennis, MMA, etc.

Play E-Sports Betting with eSport at W88

One of the newest and most fun places you can play sports betting at is the W88 E-Sports section using the W88 eSports sportsbook. E-Sports here stands for electronic sports which often display video game matches which is more fun than watching sports matches. You can bet on classic games like League of Legends to W88 Dota 2 online in an easy way.


  • Using the w88 eSports sportsbook you can get live updates on your favourite teams playing E-Sports matches across the globe.
  • Not only this but the sportsbook also allows you to stream live matches to make betting easier.
  • It offers accurate odds on sports betting online which is often updated based don’t he real-life gameplay.
  • You can bet on tournaments for CS:GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many more video game matches to support your favourite E-Sports team with the ease and comfort of W88 eSports sportsbook online.

Access these Amazing Products of W88 e-SPORTS in 2 Easy Steps

As you can gee all the exciting sports betting you can play at W88 eSports, you definitely will want to join in on the fun and for this, we’ve got you. Here is a simple and easiest 2-step tutorial on how you can access all the above amazing sports matches and below mentioned sportsbook deals with ease.

Step 1: Join W88 and Visit eSports Sportsbook

  • The first step that you must do to bet on a sports match at the W88 eSports sportsbook is to join W88 by creating an account in the W88 register.
  • For this, you must click on ‘Join‘ and fill out the form with a unique username and strong password.


  • Once that is done you must use the login credentials to log into your new W88 account successfully by clicking on ‘Login‘. You should complete your account verification as well at this point to avoid any hindrance with betting online.
  • Once all the basic requirements of creating an account at W88 are done, you should click on ‘Sports‘, here you will get sportsbook options which you can choose from, so you must select the ‘eSports (European)‘ sportsbook to place your bets online.

Step 2: Pick a Match and Place Bets to Win

  • After following the above steps accurately, you must now be in the W88 eSports domain where you will find nothing but amazement by how organized and easy it is to place bets online here.
  • So, to do so, first, you must filter out which sports you want to place your bets on. Here, we selected ‘Soccer‘ from the available sports on the left-hand side.


  • Here, you will find all the ongoing soccer matches for the day which you can filter to check other upcoming matches as well. You must then click on the match you want to bet on, like here, we have clicked on the England vs Iran World Cup match to on.
  • So, to place bets, you must click on the highest odds of 12.00, which belongs to Iran in this match.
  • This should open a bet slip on the right-hand side. Here, you must enter the minimum betting stake of RM5, and click on ‘Place Bets‘ to complete the tutorial.

Real-Money Betting with W88 eSports Online

Let us now take you on a quick tour of what betting with real money at the W88 eSport sportsbook would look like. Here, you will also get some additional bonus tips which will help you win more in less time.

  • Following the tutorial steps, we decided to bet on Argentina vs Saudi Arabia‘s upcoming World cup match.
  • Here, the 1×2 betting option for the team sounds more appealing as the odds are higher for Saudi Arabia. So to place the bet, we will click on Saudi Arabia as the betting odds are 20.00.


As usual, this will open a betting slip on the right side where you must enter the minimum betting stake and click on ‘Place Bets‘. And as you can see, if you win the bet, you can get the payout or total return of RM100. This is why betting on the higher odds matter, especially with a site like W88 which keeps giving you updated odds very frequently. Let us compare the odds of the 1×2 bets and see why it is important:

(1) Argentina

(X) Draw

(2) Saudi Arabia

Betting Odds: 1.16

Betting Odds: 7.70Betting Odds: 20.00
Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5

Betting Stake: RM5

Payout/Returns: RM5.80Payout/Returns: RM38.5

Payout/Returns: RM100

  • The payout of any decimals betting odds is calculated with the formula Betting Odds x Betting Stake = Total Payout, and thus you can see that the winning payout is very accurate at W88 eSports.
  • Also, you can see that the higher the betting odds, the more payout is received. Thus, it is important that you always go for the higher betting odds, but for that, you must use a reliable sportsbook like W88 eSports as it won’t cheat you by providing fake odds.

Download the W88 eSport App to Play with Ease

So far you have learnt about all the amazing things you can get by playing sports betting at the W88 eSports sportsbook on the W88 site. However, if you are impressed yet are hesitant to create an account on the site, then don’t worry! Because W88 eSports has an exclusive app which you can download with ease and play efficiently.


  • The W88 download for the eSports sportsbook app has a smooth process without third-party interruption which makes you bet online at an amazing sportsbook only minutes away.
  • You can access this app anywhere at any time and get live updates on your favourite match from time to time via notifications and go about your busy day.
  • The bonus applies to the app too and the deposited money on the site is automatically added to the eSports wallet on the app, so you do not have to worry about losing valuable cash online.
  •  The W88 eSports app caters to both Android and iOS users, all you must do is scan the code and download the files followed by the installation of the app – all of which takes place within 5 minutes.

Join & Claim W88 Bonus  up to RM988 & Bet on World Cup Matches at eSports

Now that you have reached the end of the article, you are ready to go ahead and place your first World Cup bets and root for your favourite team at the W88 eSports sportsbook. However, as we promised that we will let you in on one of the most exciting bonus offers you can grab in the betting world as of today, here it is!


  • Upon joining W88 Malaysia, you can grab the W88 Promotion for the World Cup of 150% up to RM 988 on your first deposit of RM30 in your sports wallet.
  • When you are making the deposit, you will have to enter the bonus code ‘WC150ESB‘ to lock the bonus cash in your W88 account.
  • To unlock this bonus you must complete the wagering or rollover requirements 18 times by betting on World Cup sports matches online using the W88 eSports sportsbook.

Doing so would help you win up to RM988 but remember to claim this bonus before it expired in the month of December as the World Cup season does not last forever. Thus, this gem of a sportsbook bonus in the betting world is one great offer you can only get again after 4 years!


In conclusion, the W88 eSport sportsbook is a must-use sportsbook as it caters to the needs of all whether you are a beginner or a pro. Here you will not only find all the matches to bet on but also will be able to find different betting options to choose from. With accurate betting odds, you can place accurate bets to win even more payouts instantly. Using the W88 eSport sportsbook, you can also claim on of W88’s best sportsbook bonuses of 150% up to RM988 today!