W88 DOTA 2: How to Play for Real Money| Beginners Guide 2024

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Introduction to W88 DOTA 2 Betting

DOTA 2 is a video game involving multiple online players in a battle arena, published & developed by Valve. In DOTA 2, there are 2 teams of five players who defend their ancients (traditional building) from opponents on three different Maps. This MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game is the sequel to DotA (Defense of the Ancients). Each player gets one hero to control with different powers to defend their Ancient and win the game. The team which wins in more than 1 Map, wins the game.


You can play the game but if you want to bet on DOTA 2 tournaments, which are extremely popular in Malaysia, W88 is the right place for you. W88 Sportsbook provides DOTA 2 tournaments for betting, all you have to do is place a bet on the team you believe to win and confirm. Join W88, claim free credit of RM30, deposit your money, claim a 100% first deposit bonus up to RM150, and place bets on W88 DOTA 2.

Basic Points to know before betting at W88 DOTA 2

You must know what happens in DOTA 2 before placing a bet on the match, it’s important to know the gameplay before you bet on sports as you do for football. How can you predict the winner of the match if you don’t know what is happening in the match? Read the points given below to know all about W88 DOTA 2.


  • DOTA 2 is played in three different scenarios, there are three Maps of different themes and challenges, where the battle takes place. Whichever team wins more battles out of 3 three maps will win the game.
  • There are two teams with 5 players each and they all get to control one character with specific powers to win the match. The aim of the team is to defend their Ancient and destroy other teams’ ancient.
  • Ancient is a building, very large building in the base of each team’s side on the map, they are supposed to protect their Ancient and destroy the other team’s Ancient to win the game.
  • During the game, players collect experience points and different magical items for their characters (called ‘heroes’) in the game, which will help them to win combat with the opponent player.
  • There are three maps in the game, which implies that there are three rounds in the game, whichever team wins more rounds than the other team, that team wins the DOTA 2 game overall.

7 Most Preferred betting options at W88 DOTA 2

There are 7 most preferred betting types for W88 DOTA 2 and all of them are mentioned below for your convenience. Understand the game, gameplay, and betting options before knowing how to place bets on W88 DOTA 2.


  1. Moneyline: Even though the name of the bet might scare you the meaning of this betting option is extremely simple. All you have to do is a bet on which team will win the DOTA 2 at W88 sportsbook and wait for the conclusion to claim your winning amount.
  2. Handicap bet: Handicap bet gives an advantage to the weak team and a disadvantage to the strong team making the game equally leveled. A particular number of points is added to the weak team and the same number is subtracted from the strong team, which team wins after such alternations are the winner of the DOTA 2 match for handicap bet.
  3. Over/Under bet: There are many sub-bet types under the Over/Under betting option with a different assigned number. DOTA 2 has 2.5 Over/Under. If the team gets a score below 2.5, then the player who wagered on Under 2.5 wins. If the team gets a score above 2.5, then the player who wagered on Over 2.5 wins the match.
  4. Map 1 Moneyline: Players have to predict the winner of Map 1 in the Map 1 Moneyline betting option. Hence, predict which team will win the first map in DOTA 2 game to win Map 1 Moneyline.
  5. Map 2 Moneyline: Players have to predict the winner of Map 2 in the Map 2 Moneyline betting option. Hence, predict which team will win the second map in DOTA 2 game to win the Map 2 Moneyline.
  6. Map 3 Moneyline: Players have to predict the winner of Map 3 in the Map 3 Moneyline betting option. Hence, predict which team will win the third map in DOTA 2 game to win the Map 3 Moneyline.
  7. Correct Map Score: There are three maps in the game to play and one team has to win 2 maps to win the game. In this betting option, players predict whether the winning score of W88 DOTA 2 will be 2-0 or 2-1. If one team wins in the first two maps consecutively, then the score 2-0 will win. If the team wins 2 maps in total irrespective of the consecutive pattern, a 2-1 score will win.

How to bet on W88 DOTA 2 within 3 minutes & win real money

Learn how to bet on W88 DOTA 2 in 3 simplest steps and grab real money. Select a-SPORTS betting provider with a minimum betting limit of RM05, great odds, greater payouts, and win more real money to make a living out of it.

Step 1: Register at W88 & Select a-SPORTS under SPORTS

  • Access the best and most affordable online sports betting site in Malaysia, the W88 official website to place bets on DOTA 2 tournaments. Click on the link given above to visit the official W88 site.
  • Click ‘Join‘ to make a new W88 register within 3 minutes by filling in the details. Click ‘Login‘ and enter your username and password if you already have an account at the W88 betting site to bet on DOTA 2.


  • Select a-SPORTS > Sports section of W88 products. Click on SPORTS from the horizontal list of W88 products and services and Select a-SPORTS to bet on DOTA 2 tournament matches.
  • We recommend choosing a-SPORTS to place bets on DOTA 2 because it conducts betting for DOTA 2 tournament matches in just RM05 with the traditional layout of the betting platform.

Step 2: Select the odds of DOTA 2 under E-Sports

  • You will be redirected to a new page where loads of sports are given in the left vertical panel to select and place bets on ongoing or upcoming matches.
  • Select ‘E-Sports‘ and a menu will drop down. Select DOTA 2 from the dropped-down menu, it is present under E-sports because it is an electronic video game.


  • The number of ongoing and upcoming matches will appear on the right side of the screen, taking up most of the space. Select the match you want to bet on, we are selecting DOTA 2 – Moon Studio November Mood tournament and a match between Summit Gaming vs Reaper to bet on.
  • Observe the betting options and betting options, select the odds of the team you are willing to bet under the betting option and a bet slip will open on the screen. We clicked on 2.85 odds under the Moneyline betting option for Reaper.

Step 3: Enter the Bet stake & Click on Process Bet

  • Once the betting slip appears on the screen, check whether it contains the same team you are wanting to bet for. Once you are sure, enter the betting stake you want to bet on & click on ‘Process bet‘ to confirm the bet, wait for the conclusion of the match to know whether you win the bet or not.


We chose to bet on Reaper with 2.85 odds and an RM5 betting stake, as suggested by pros in the Dota 2 Betting Tips. If Reaper wins the match, we will get RM14.25 in return and if Reaper loses the match, we will lose the wagered amount of RM5. There are two possible cases if you propose to bet on the Moneyline betting option with RM100 and the conclusion of those cases are given below to help you understand the causes.

Case 1: Bet on Summit Gaming

Case 2: Bet on Reaper

Odds: 1.35Odds: 2.85
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM135Pay-out: RM285
If Summit Gaming wins: you get RM135If Reaper wins: you get RM285
If Summit Gaming loses: you lose RM100If Reaper loses: you lose RM100

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5 Additional tips to win W88 DOTA 2 Betting

We are here to help you and that’s why we present you with 5 additional tips from our side before you start playing online sports betting at W88 DOTA 2. Follow the tips mentioned below to lose less money and save more.

  1. Place small bets: As a beginner, you must not place large bets until you get the hang of the game. Place small bets to know the pattern and get familiar with the rules, match statistics, history, and head to heads before placing the bets. Increase the wagered stake gradually once you get familiar.
  2. Research on teams: Research as much as you can before placing the bets, research the history of the teams playing, strengths, weaknesses, head-to-head performances, etc to predict the winner best way possible. Look for the 4-5 predictions given by experts online and try to analyze their strategy.
  3. Select greater Odds: Teams that are given greater odds are more likely to win as per the sportsbook providers and that’s where you get a higher payout. Select the favorite team, which has the greater odds to place bets on DOTA 2 at W88 and you will get higher payouts than expected with lower odds.
  4. Claim promotional deals: Different online betting platforms offer different promotional deals, explore as many as you can and read the terms and conditions to find better for yourself. We have researched and brought one of the best promotions for you, the W88 Promotion, 100% up to RM150.
  5. Money & time management: There’s no doubt when it comes to money and time, that these two commodities are the most important entity of life, don’t waste any of them. Spend less than 5% of your monthly salary on online gambling and less than 30 minutes per day, twice a week is enough.


W88 DOTA 2 is a thrilling video game to play and place bets, you can either be a player in the tournaments or a bettor for the tournaments. Let others do the work and earn money with less effort, and place bets on W88 DOTA 2 after a good amount of research to earn money. Join W88 sportsbook now and claim free credit of RM30 with no deposit and just on verification. Claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM150 on 1st deposit and enjoy online betting.