12 pro Dota 2 betting tips and tricks for accurate prediction

Want to know secret Dota 2 betting tips used by pros to win RM1,000 daily? Discover 12 pro Dota 2 prediction tricks and a boost in your win rate up to 98%!

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Dota 2 is one of the famous video games that many people can play online. However, this game becomes even more interesting when you watch a live gameplay and bet on pro teams playing Dota 2 on online betting sites like W88. However, to make sure these bets don’t go to waste, you should know about some Dota 2 betting tips and tricks that can boost your win rate up to 98%.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for newbies

1. Wager on the betting options with lower odds for early betting

  • When playing Dota 2 betting online it is important that you understand the importance of betting odds and how they work in dota 2 game rooms.
  • Betting odds are provided for all betting options which basically lets you decide which team has a better chance of winning. Higher odds are given to the teams with fewer chances of winning since the risk of betting on them is high.
  • This means that lower odds are provided to the teams with a better chance of winning, and although the payout on them would be less, you are guaranteed to win the bet if you wager on lower odds.

2. Observe the gameplay for a while when playing in-play betting

  • Betting odds help the most when it comes to early market betting but when it come to in-play betting, that is betting while the match is ongoing, you must make use of the gameplay live stream.
  • Using the live stream can help you observe how the teams are playing in the sportsbook giving you a clear idea on which betting option you want to go with.
  • Using sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook will provide you with live streams with multiple servers including Twitch so that you can view the real match while making Dota 2 predictions.

3. Often use the gameplay in Map 1 for observations

  • As stated above, the live-streaming options in your sportsbooks help you make accurate decisions based on observation of the real-time gameplay.
  • That being said, a Dota 2 betting tips and trick strategy is to observe the first map and wager on the odds of the 2nd and third maps.
  • This is because Map 1 is enough to provide you with enough data on how the teams are playing for the day, and this observation will be handy for making accurate Dota2 Bet Predictions.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for accurate predictions

4. Make proper use of the Dota 2 statistic charts in the sportsbook

  • With the betting odds and live-streaming gameplay obeservations, you are well equipped with the two most important W88 Dota 2 betting tips and tricks to help you boost your win rate.
  • However, another helpful dota 2 prediction tip for accuracy is to look at the statistical chart data of the previous dota 2 matches played between the teams.
  • By analyzing these statistical charts, you can easily learn the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and make accurate dota 2 predictions when playing Dota 2 Online.

5. Avoid Parley betting on different esports matches

  • When playing Dota 2 Betting online, you will see that you can accumulate different types of bets in the sportsbook which will be tied as parley bets.
  • This Parley bet must be avoided especially if you are a beginner bettor as parley bets require you to win all the small bets in it.
  • Although the payout for all these small bets winning in the parley betting option is huge and beneficial, we recommend staying away from such betting options and focusing on one Dota 2 W88 Esports match at a time.

6. Make use of betting systems to help boost your bankroll

  • When playing Dota 2 betting online or any sports betting games online it is important that you maintain the bankroll you are playing with by applying betting systems.
  • You can use progressive betting systems in your gameplay which require you to increase or decrease your betting stakes based on your wins and losses for an instant increase in your bankroll by the end of your gaming session.
  • Or you can use the non-progressive betting systems, which require you to wager with the same betting stake for all matches to notice an increase over time in your bankroll.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for winning predictions

7. Apply progressive betting systems to your gameplay

  • Clearly, it shows that progressive betting systems are better when it comes to betting to notice instant increase in your existing bankroll by the end of each session instead of overtime.
  • However, betting systems that are progressive requires you to have a huge bankroll in the first place so that you can increase and decrease the bet stake according to your wins and losses.
  • This means that progressive betting systems are meant for high rollers and must be used carefully. Using betting systems like the D’Alembert method is a good progressive betting system to go with for Dota 2 betting online.

8. Do not wager on all matches from the Dota 2 top leagues

  • When it comes to any sports match including esports, there are different kinds of leagues or tournaments that the teams participate in.
  • These tournaments offer daily matches for Dota 2 with different teams competing against each other daily.
  • However, it is important to note that you should not wager on all the matches in the leagues as this could cause you to lose your bankroll quickly.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for beginners online

9. Use a sportsbook that provides updates on hot matches

  • In continuation with the aforementioned Dota 2 betting tips strategy, to get updates on the top matches from the Dota 2 leagues, it is important that you use a sportsbook that provides you with these updates.
  • The Dota 2 matches are often displayed at the top with other esports matches and using this information, you can place early matches on the betting site.
  • If you register an account in the W88 Register, you can access many sportsbooks on the betting site to keep you updated on dota 2 matches that are hot and must-bet-on!

10. Make use of sportsbook bonuses from your betting site

  • Dota 2 betting tips and tricks are often used to get more wins with the bets you place, which ultimately means boosting your account wallet with more cash.
  • However, you can use these tricks to predict the winners of the match most of the time which does not really guarantee what the future holds. So, to instantly boost your account wallets you can claim the betting site’s sportsbook bonus offer.
  • For instance, if you use the W88 website then you can claim the W88 Promotion on the first deposit for the sportsbook products that can help you get up to RM1,088 bonus.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for correct predictions

11. Watch live streams of teams playing Dota 2 to learn their strategies

  • Live streams are important in understanding the gameplay for in-play betting, as stated above, but another thing that live streams can help with is looking at the strategies used by the top teams.
  • This means that sometimes, you can tune into the sportsbook for just watching the live gameplay in the sportsbook rather than betting to look at how the teams play their game.
  • In fact, you can tune into streaming platforms like twitch, youtube, etc., to observe the action-packed gmeplays of dota 2 matches for free.

12. Keep track of which team is stronger than the other in Dota 2 esports

  • Last but not least, as an important Dota 2 Tips and Tricks strategy, you should be up to date with whatever happens in the dota 2 world.
  • This means that you should track the stronger teams, which team plays better than the others, and other important things about the players from the teams as well.
  • Keeping track of these information outside the sportsbook in the Dota 2 betting world can help you gain additional insights when it comes to betting on hot dota 2 matches and good betting odds.

W88malayu dota 2 betting tips and tricks for winning predictions for beginners


These were the 12 helpful Dota 2 Betting Tips and tricks for beginners to make Dota 2 predictions accurately on online betting sites. Use the W88 website to get some of the best sportsbooks to bet on and also one of the most extravagant sportsbook bonus offers in the betting world online. Using these betting tips and tricks for Dota 2 games can help you boost your account wallet significantly, as W88malayu experts always provide pro winning strategies and guides.