12 Dota 2 tips & tricks for beginners by Professional experts

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Sports betting these days have been fun thanks to amazing online betting sites like W88 as they provide you with accurate betting odds and proper live-streaming services to make correct predictions. But what takes sports betting to another level is esports betting where you get to place bets on action-packed games like Dota 2. However, to win Dota 2, you need some strategies up your sleeves, especially as a beginner and to help you with this we have put together this quick guide on Dota 2 tips and tricks for beginners.

dota 2 tips and tricks for beginners to win

1. Use a good sportsbook with live streaming option

  • The first on the list is something that is extremely important for any sports bettor and that is to find a good sportsbook online that provides you with accurate betting odds.
  • Moreover, the sportsbook should also offer you up to two streaming services which you can use to watch the game online to make betting decisions.
  • Joining the W88 website would give you access to the W88 Sportsbook which offers you all the necessary requirements and more when it comes to ESports betting online. What is even more cool about this website is that the betting rates start from RM5 only.

2. Set a bankroll for the match or the day

  • The next and most important Dota 2 tips and tricks is to set a bankroll for the match you decide to wager on or for the day.
  • ESports betting is something that many people can get carried away with thanks to how fun the games are especially Dota 2, so, it is important that you maintain a daily betting limit for yourself so that you do not get carried away with placing bets.
  • Keeping daily betting limits based on the match can help you develop a healthy relationship with gambling online as a beginner. Thus, we recommend creating an account in the W88 Register so that you bet starting from RM5 only.

3. Understand the Dota 2 gameplay

  • Although many people think that Dota 2 can be fun to bet on by watching others play, it is important that you learn the basic rules of the game itself to gain insights when placing bets.
  • E-Sports games like Dota 2 are extremely unpredictable as these games require equipment that is definitely not available in normal sports matches and so the game can turn in anybody’s favor at any time.
  • Thus, when using the live streaming service to place accurate bets, knowing the gameplay and basic rules of Dota 2 could help you gain insights into which team is playing better than the other.

dota 2 tricks and tips for beginners to win

4. Keep track of top teams and leagues

  • Just like learning the basic rules of Dota 2 can help you gain insights on betting accurately, keeping track of top teams and leagues can help you bet on better odds and thus gain more payouts.
  • Sportsbooks tend to give more importance to matches that are considered to be hot matches, which are matches played between strong teams. In fact, sometimes an entire league can consist of hot matches with good odds to play.
  • Thus, knowing when such matches take place, can help you bet on better odds to win better payouts. To get such match updates, you can use the W88 sportsbooks or the W88 Mobile App to get updates on hot Dota 2 matches.

5. Watch live streams of gameplay without betting

  • Sometimes just watching the live streams of games without even placing any bets is one of the greatest Dota 2 tips and tricks you can use to place accurate bets.
  • The idea behind this is to enhance your observation skills on strong teams and how they play and what makes them win. Once you understand the pattern it takes to win Dota 2 games, you will be able to identify them when betting on live matches.
  • Doing this can help you place accurate bets, but it is not necessary to watch only live gameplays for observations as you can resort to sites like YouTube to observe recaps and key points in Dota 2 hot matches.

6. Use the main betting option more

  • If you have played gambling games before then you would know that the main betting options often offer higher betting odds since these betting options are highly dependent on the end results of a match.
  • Thus, betting on the main option to win more cash in one game is recommended although you should be sure to begin slowly with lower wages on these betting options as a beginner.
  • The most preferred main betting option in Dota 2 games is the over/under bets because using sportsbook statistic charts makes betting on this option easier.

dota 2 tricks and tips for beginners online

7. Wager on low odds for accurate wins

  • Betting odds are considered to be the most important aspect of online betting, especially in esports betting as they determine the payout you receive.
  • Lower betting odds are given to those betting options that have a higher chance of winning and since the risk is low, the payout tends to be low as well.
  • Since the payout is lower many people tend to avoid betting on lower odds however, if you are ready to win in small amounts, you can bet on lower odds for accurate wins on more than one Dota 2 match to gain earnings in small amounts. However, using W88 you can opt for the W88 Promotion on sportsbook to boost your account with up to RM1,088.

8. Wager on higher odds for more payouts

  • In continuation with the above-mentioned Dota 2 tips and tricks, wagering on higher odds would mean that you would receive more payouts since the betting stake is multiplied by the betting odds.
  • However, it is important to keep in mind that the higher odds betting options are often the ones with the least chance of winning and so if this betting option wins then the payout rewards would be more thanks to the high risk that the gamblers took.
  • But since this ESports Dota 2, the betting odds tend to change often and thus, there is nothing wrong with betting on higher odds. In fact, you can go for early match bettings to lock your bets on better odds.

9. Make use of the statistic charts in the sportsbook

  • Another easy way to win Dota 2 betting online is by making use of the statistic charts that are provided by the sportsbook itself as these charts present you with all the necessary data to make accurate betting decisions.
  • These betting charts present you with data on the previous matches played between the teams to help you learn which team has a better chance of winning over the other.
  • Thus, these statistical chats are extremely important when it comes to selecting a sportsbook and so using the W88 Dota 2 sportsbook can help you access these charts easily to make betting easy.

dota 2 tips and tricks for beginners real money win

10. Add some betting systems to maintain bankroll

  • Maintaining your bankroll is one of the best ways to earn more as it is important to spend mindfully as a Dota 2 tips and tricks. One way to do this is to add some betting systems to maintain your bankroll. In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems, progressive betting systems, and non-progressive betting systems.
  • Progressive betting systems are those that require you to increase your betting stake whenever you lose a betting round so that you win back the lost money as a payout when you eventually win.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those that require you to maintain the same betting stakes throughout your gaming sessions so that you bet with the same bankroll.

11. Use low-risk Progressive betting systems

  • With the above explanation, it is obvious that the progressive betting system is the best as one of the Dota 2 Betting Tips as these can help you lose extremely little and add more to your bankroll by the end of the session.
  • However, it is important to acknowledge that Progressive betting systems are meant for high rollers and are extremely high risk. So, using low-risk systems that are progressive in nature is something you should opt for.
  • The D’Alembert betting system is one low-risk progressive betting system that you can use where you must increase your wager by a unit when you lose and decrease it again when you win to increase profit.

12. Enjoy the game to gain insights

  • The last trick in the Dota 2 tips and tricks article is the advice to enjoy the game to gain some insights that can help you win big.
  • As mentioned above, knowing the game is important for you to make accurate observations, and to do this you can observe gameplay. But playing the game to see how it works in the first place is another great way to gain insights.
  • This is what makes ESports more preferred than normal sports matches because, with this, you can easily go ahead and gain first-hand experience on the game to understand the best strategies to win when betting online.

dota 2 tips and tricks for beginners online


These were the 12 Dota 2 Tips and Tricks that can help you win big on ESports betting online. But to gain more benefits and instant cash in your accounts, you can create a W88 account today to use their promotion bonus of up to RM1,088 on sports betting online. For more such beginner tips and tricks on ESports matches and more, visit W88malayu.