How to predict win in Dota 2: Bet prediction tips & tricks!

10 proven ways how to predict win in Dota 2 by W88malayu experts. Use these Dota2 bet prediction tips to boost your win rate by 98% & win up to RM900 every day!

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These days betting on sports on sites like W88 is fun thanks to the thrills the match brings to us but what is better than betting on sports matches is betting on ESports matches like Dota 2 as these matches not only bring gamblers the required thrills but also give them complete action-packed gameplay with elements that can alter the match anytime. So, to know how to predict win in Dota 2 by making the correct Dota2 bet prediction read on!

how to predict dota 2 win in sportsbook

1. Understand what Dota 2 game is all about

  • In order to win the bets placed on Dota 2, you must understand what the game is all about in the game rooms, as this will help you gain insights into the matches played by others.
  • In a nutshell, Dota 2 is a game played by 5 players on 2 opposing teams with the ultimate goal being to defend the team’s structure while destroying the opponent’s structure.
  • To reach the ultimate goal, team players pose as “heroes” in the game with different strengths, so understanding these strengths and which one-ups the other, is a great way to gain insights to predict how a match ends when placing bets. To play Dota 2 on one of the best online betting site, create an account in the W88 Register today.

2. Set aside a wagering amount for each game

  • Although this betting tip for how to predict win in Dota 2 is not very direct, it can help you boost your account wallet from the very start, since the ultimate goal of making a Dota2 bet prediction is to boost your wins to earn more.
  • This tip is to set aside wagering limits for the Dota 2 games you decide to wager on. Doing so would help you maintain a bankroll for each game as well as make more bets in a single game to win more.
  • That being said, this wagering limit should be a separate bankroll from your daily expenses so that you do not overspend as well as maintain a healthy relationship with betting online as you will be practicing gambling in moderation.

how to win dota 2 bet set wagering limit

3. Learn about the dominating teams in Dota 2

  • Having additional information about the bets you want to place can help you boost your win rate as it gives you an edge from the basic knowledge about wagering in sportsbooks.
  • One such additional piece of information you should look into is the dominating teams of Dota 2 and understand why they are dominating this domain with their gameplay.
  • Moreover, you should also keep track of which team one-ups the other so that you get a basic strategical chart to make predicting Dota 2 wins much easier. Using the W88 Sportsbook makes it easier to track such matches.

4. Use an Esportsbook that provides hot match updates

  • In continuation with the above point, knowing about the dominating teams in Dota 2 would mean nothing if you are not up to date with the hot matches for Dota 2 leagues and so, it is important to join an online betting site that provides you with constant updates on hot leagues and matches.
  • Below mentioned are the top 2 websites that can help you gain such updates as a member to make applying these how to predict win in Dota 2 tips easier. These websites are considered to be the best of the best all over Asia as some of them have the top Dota 2 teams as their partners in their sponsor history.
    • 1XBET: 1XBET is one of the most popular sportsbooks that Malaysian players can access to get updates on hot matches. This is because 1XBET has partnered up with most of the top teams of ESports, and as a member, you can get updates and fast odds on Dota 2 matches.
    • W88: Another sportsbook that you can use to get updates on hot matches and leagues on Dota 2 is the W88 Sportsbook. W88 is considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly sportsbooks that you can use to wager on as here you get good statistical reports in an easy way to understand top matches that makes betting easy.
    • M88: Last but not least, you can join the M88 website as a member because just like 1XBET, here you can get an entire sportsbook dedicated to ESports matches and so, getting updates on top matches here is extremely easy, making M88 another beginner-friendly website you can use.

how to win dota 2 bet predictions hot matches

5. Bet on options that have lower odds

  • To learn how to predict win in Dota 2, it is first important to learn how betting odds work and in this tip, we will elaborate more on them as betting odds are extremely crucial for making accurate predictions. Join W88 to get a W88 Promotion of up to RM1,088 on sports betting products.
  • It is widely known that higher odds are given to the betting options with high risks and lower odds are provided to those with lower risks, thus betting on lower odds is better than betting on higher odds.
  • To elaborate on this, let us look at the table below and look at the payouts of 3 different betting options from the W88 Sportsbook. Since the minimum betting stake in the W88 sportsbook is RM5, we will multiply 5 with the betting odds using the formula betting odds x betting stake = total payout.

how to win dota 2 bet predictions

Betting optionsTeam Secret (High Risk)Tundra ESports (Low Risk)
HDP2.25 x 5 = RM11.251.64 x 5 = RM8.2
Over/Under2.70 x 5 = RM13.51.47 x 5 = RM7.35
1X25.20 x 5 = RM261.15 x 5 = RM5.75
  • As you can see, since Team Secret has higher odds for most options, the bets placed on them has higher risks. Since the risk is higher, the payout if the bet wins would be high. But this also means that your chances of betting on higher odds are low since the risk is high.
  • But on the other hand, wagering on lower odds provide you with low payouts, since the risk of betting on such options is low. But in the end, winning something is better than winning nothing, and thus, wagering on lower odds, with lower risks, to win in smaller amounts than losing the entire betting stake, is the best strategy to go with to make accurate Dota2 bet predictions.

6. Make use of the statistic charts before wagering

  • Another way to help make correct W88 Dota 2 bet predictions is to use the statistical chart information that you can find on the internet to analyze the gameplay for predictions before wagering.
  • Statistic charts show you the information of previous matches played between the teams and with it, you can gain insights on which team has the upper hand over the other with more wins.
  • It is important to remember to use the statistic charts provided by your sportsbook, however, if your sportsbook does not provide you with such a chart, then you can easily find Dota2 bet prediction charts on the internet.

7. Watch the live gameplay of Dota 2 matches

  • Whenever there is a sports match, you watch the game to see how the players are playing to make predictions on who will win, and the same thing can be done for ESports games, as you can access the live streaming services in the sportsbook to watch the gameplay.
  • Although betting early is a great way of opting in for better odds, watching the live gameplay to place in-play bets is another great strategy as it will help you decide for yourself which team is playing better than the other.
  • Saba Sports, BTi Sports, and 1XBET Sportsbook are the 3 sportsbooks that offer live streaming services which can be found in the top 3 recommended sites above, W88, 1XBET, and M88.

dota2 bet predictions tips by w88malayu

8. Wager mostly on Map 2 and Map 3 bets

  • Another way to ensure accurate Dota 2 Betting Tips predictions is a tip that can be taken into consideration with the aforementioned point and that is to wager on the options on Map 2 and Map 3 mostly.
  • Since Dota 2 game winners are decided on the best-of-three strategies, when the teams are playing Map 1, you can use this time to observe the live game to determine who would win in Map 2 or even Map 3.
  • Doing so would help you be confident in the bets you will be placing in Map 2 or Map 3, as which team would win would become more and more accurate as the game round progresses.

9. Start wagering on simple bets like Over/Under

  • When it comes to betting as a beginner, wagering on big and main bets can become confusing as there is a good chance that your predictions may go wrong. This is why, we recommended observing the first round and starting wagering from Map 2 above.
  • However, when you are still not confident in the match winner bet, you should go for simple betting options like Over/Under or Total bets.
  • Over/Under betting options do not require you to predict which team will win, but in Dota 2, Over/Under bets would require you to predict how many Maps will be used to determine the winner of the game. Thus, this betting option is not only simple but also possesses the thrills of gambling on it making it a good starting option to go with.

how to predict dota 2 win in betting

10. Join betting forums to gain insights on Dota 2

  • Above it is emphasized that to make accurate predictions, you must gain additional insights on Dota 2, and the best place to gain such insights is online forums dedicated to Dota 2 Betting Tips and Tricks.
  • These forums also offer you match updates on the teams and keep you up to date with new information about the game. Moreover, using these forums you can also interact with other bettors to gain additional tips for Dota2 bet predictions.
  • Such forums can be found on social platforms like Discord or Twitch, or even in the Dota 2 game where you can interact with Dota 2 players while getting updates on top hot matches.


These were the 10 How to Predict Win in Dota 2 tips by W88malayu which you can try today on upcoming Dota 2 matches. Remember to research well on the sportsbook you decide to join to apply these 10 helpful and proven ways to make Dota2 bet predictions. If you want more such beginner tips, tricks, strategies, and even betting guides on Dota 2 or other ESports matches, then be sure to visit