W88 Football Sponsor: From 2018 to 2023 Euro Premier leagues

W88 Football Sponsor history list from 2018 to 2023 European Premier League revealed. Know the W88 jersey shirt sponsors and the names of W88 brand ambassadors.

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The W88 website is home to many online gaming products that you can play starting from RM0.1 only or for free in the free demo rooms. This is why this online betting website is famous among many gamers on the internet. But besides gamers, the W88 website is also famous for being one of the best football sponsors in the sports world. Over the years, this website has been partnered in many W88 football sponsor deals which were successful. So here, let us look at the impressive history of the W88 sponsorship deals from 2018 to 2023.

W88 Football Sponsor 2023: Burnley F.C, Official W88 Shirt sponsor

W88 has been part of many W88 sponsorship deals over the years, and at the beginning of 2023, W88 managed to bag yet another impressive sponsorship deal which is the W88 Burnley F.C. deal. This W88 sponsor deal began in the year 2023, on the 28th of June. This W88 sponsorship deal is still ongoing as it is signed for an entire EPL year (2023-24).

w88 football sponsorship history w88 shirt sponsor burnley fc

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  • The W88 Burnley deal began with success as a W88 shirt sponsor partnership, wherein the W88 logo is seen on the team’s new jersey kit.
  • This W88 jersey kit is promoted on the official website as part of the new merch collection that fans can purchase.
  • Moreover, thanks to this W88 partnership, Burnley F.C. fans can get huge bonuses for betting on the team in the W88 Sportsbook.

W88 Shirt and Regional Sponsorship deals in 2022

The W88 football sponsor deal with Burnley F.C. is definitely a success, but before them, there were other two W88 football sponsor deals that boosted W88’s name across the globe. These were the W88 shirt sponsor deal with Fulham F.C. and the Argentine F.A. W88 sponsor deals in the year 2022.

Fulham F.C. signs W88 jersey deal with W88

The second deal of the year 2022 was signed by Fulham F.C. who posed as the W88 shirt sponsor team. This W88 Fulham deal began on the 25th of July 2022 and went on successfully for the 2022-23 European Premier League year.

w88 football sponsorship history revealed fulham fc w88 shirt sponsor

Fulham F.C. was the first W88 Football sponsor for the year 2022, who signed a W88 jersey partnership deal with the betting site. This deal gave rise to many W88 shirt sponsor offers including their new jersey kit for purchase on their official betting site. Moreover, the W88 website prioritized the W88 football sponsor Fulham matches, promoted them via banners and W88 Promotion bonuses, and many other cool gifts for its VIP members.

Argentine F.A. declared W88 regional partner

The first deal of the year 2022, was signed by the international team Argentine Football Association on the 25th of January. This W88 football sponsor team posed as Regional Betting partners of the W88 website for the year which gave rise to huge W88 Promotion deals.

w88 football sponsorship history revealed argentine fa w88 shirt sponsor

Since this W88 sponsorship deal was that of a regional partnership in Asia, all Argentine F.A. matches were prioritized in the region. Moreover, there were huge W88 Promotion bonuses provided for those wagering on the AFA team during the World Cup Qatar 2022. The best part is that the team won the cup while being W88 football sponsor partners of the W88 website, which resulted in the members winning huge payout bonuses.

4 Top W88 Football Sponsor deals & history

So far we have come across the W88 football sponsor deals that were not only impressive but also successful. Below mentioned are the previous W88 sponsorship deals that you should know of so that you can wager on the teams using the W88 Free Credit of RM30 bonus.

Crystal Palace 

W88 shirt sponsor, 2020

w88 football sponsorship history w88 shirt sponsor crystal palace

In 2020, the W88 sponsorship deal partnership included the Crystal Palace. The W88 Crystal Palace sponsor deal was that of a W88 shirt sponsor wherein there were W88 logo Crystal Palace kits available for purchase. This deal lasted successfully for the EPL year 2020-21.

Aston Villa 

W88 shirt sponsor, 2019

w88 football sponsorship history w88 shirt sponsor aston villa

The football team Aston Villa was part of the W88 Sponsorship deal, where the W88 Aston Villa team posed as the W88 jersey sponsor of the year 2019. This deal went on for an entire Euro Premier League year successfully, and you can still purchase the W88 jersey kit for that year.

Leicester City

W88 betting partner, 2018

w88 football sponsorship history w88 shirt sponsor leicester city

The W88 Leicester City football sponsor deal was not a W88 jersey sponsor, but they were they chose W88 as their betting partner in the year 2018. This deal promoted the Leicester City matches in the W88 sportsbook making it more accessible for fans to wager on them.

Wolverhampton F.C.

W88 jersey sponsor, 2018

w88 football sponsorship history w88 shirt sponsor wolverhampton

The very first W88 sponsor deal that gave W88 its golden logo is the W88 Wolves sponsorship deal. This was one of W88’s earlier sponsor deals, wherein the Wolves wore the W88 logo on their new kits. This 2018 deal for W88 boosted the brand’s name globally.

Know the W88 Brand Ambassadors: Brian Lara and Emile Heskey

There is no W88 sponsor deal completed without their Brand Ambassadors who also worked hard in promoting the brand’s name to fans across the globe. Throughout 2018 to 2023, W88 has had 2 famous sportsperson brand ambassadors, Emile Heskey and Brian Lara. Let us now take a look at these popular and legendary sportspersons. Become a W88 Affiliate to promote the W88 brand and earn huge commissions!

w88 football sponsorship history w88 brand ambassador brain laraw88 football sponsorship history w88 brand ambassador emile heskey

Brian Lara (2021-ongoing)

The second and ongoing W88 brand ambassador is Brian Lara who has been the brand ambassador of the website since 2021, still promoting the W88’s brand name. Brian Lara is a famous Cricketrer from the Trinidadian team who is also known for being one of the legendary batsmen in cricket.

Emile Heskey (2018-2019)

Before Brian Lara, Emile Heskey posed as W88’s Brand Ambassador in the year 2018 to 2019. Emile Heskey is one of the most famous footballers coming from the Liverpool team and England International football team who is now a professional head of the football development of Leicester City F.C.


The W88 Football Sponsor list mentioned here is definitely one of the most impressive lists, and thus W88 makes up for one of the best websites with top sponsor deals. The W88 sponsor list is bound to increase annually, and thus members can look forward to many new promotional offers, deals, bonuses, free credits, and other exciting benefits. So, join the W88 website today to not miss out on any of these W88 promotion deals. Claim the extravagant sportsbook bonus on your first deposit and wager on your favorite W88 shirt sponsor today!