W88 Leicester City Sponsorship deal for EPL from 2018 to 2021

W88 Leicester City signed a two-year Sponsorship deal for English Premier League from 2018 to 2020. This partnership extended to 2021 & is currently terminated.

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Introducing Leicester City Football Club

Every football fan has probably heard the name of the Foxes dominating the football field a.k.a Leicester City Football Club. This football club has been around for a long time with its persistence to win in the football world. Throughout the years, they managed to build their way to the top and earn great respect not only from fans but also from rival teams.

One of the earliest Leicester City Champions (1984)
  • Leceister City Football Club was formed with the name Leceister Fosse by a bunch of students from a Bible Cass in London.
  • The founders of this club spoke excitedly about the project and have great visions for the future of this team.
  • Well, they were absolutely correct because Leicester City, dubbed as the Foxes in Football, have managed to reach great heights so far and continue to move forward.

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Prominent Milestones of the Foxes of Football

Just like many other football teams winning instantly was not really something Leceister City Football Club experienced in its early stages. However, once they got the taste of winning, they got even more hungrier and persisted to keep pushing forward. Here are the top 5 milestones that Leicester City managed to claim over the years.


  1. Leicester City Football Club, then known as Leicester Fosse, managed to win their first-ever league in 1894 against Rotherham, a few days after losing their first league match.
  2. After 10 Years, Leceister City won the Premier League with the Championship title in 2014.
  3. In 2016, they again win the Premier League title and go home as champions.
  4. In the summer of 2021, the Foxes of the Football fields emerge as champions of the FA Club.
  5. Shortly in the August of 2021, Leicester City win the second FA Community Shield against Manchester City.

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W88 Leicester City Football Sponsorship Deal

Among all the great deals and milestones that Leicester City Football Club have managed to earn, their sponsorship with W88 was one of the most successful deals in the betting world. This sponsorship deal brought the football world closer to the betting world in Malaysia, a country that loves soccer.


The origin of this Sponsorship deal started in the year 2018 and 2019 when both parties agreed to promote each other on their respective platforms. This partnership deal for both W88 Leicester City was so satisfying that they decided to renew the contract for another year that is 2019-2020.

How did the W88 Leicester City Sponsor Work?

Sports sponsorship deals are always satisfying if done right, not only for both parties but also for sports fans across the globe. Most sponsorship deals in the sports betting world are made to expand the fanbase and users of the football club and the betting app online, respectively. The W88 Leicester City sponsorship deal was not only satisfying but also fulfilled the criteria of being one of the best football sponsorship deals ever made.

The Leicester City Football Association managed to help W88 gain more audience to place bets on sports online via their impeccable advertisements as their W88 Football Sponsor. Whenever the football team played a match the W88 logo was advertised on their end of the pitch via an LED screen and banners. Thus, in promoting the online betting site W88, Leicester City Football Club because W88’s official betting partner.


W88 team’s work to promote Leicester City F.C.

Any partnership deal functions from both ends and so, this was not it as W88 worked hard to promote the football club Leicester City via their products in many ways.

  • During the amazing partnership deal, W88 promoted and prioritized all the matches played by Leicester City and gave top priority to updating the odds of their matches so that their fans get access to bet on them online immediately.
  • Not only this but the W88 promoted the Football Club on their app as well as website by introducing Leicester City Football Club game banners and more.
  • This partnership deal also helped promote the players in the Leicester team of the time and vice versa.
  • Additionally, W88 promoted unique content with the Club Football’s players as well as all the gains they got from the Football Team’s promotion of the online betting site on their end of the Pitch-Side.

As emphasized above, the Football Club as well as the W88 team found this deal so satisfying that they decided to be partners for another year in the 2019 to 2020 Premier League as well as UEFA European League.

With this, the Leicester City Football Club continued to promote W88 via their pitch-side LED screens and banners while W88 promoted the Foxes of football and their team on their online platforms. So, make a W88 register today to bet on teams like Leicester City and more!

Leicester City’s Most Recent Win (August 2021)

Important Exchange of Words During the W88 x Leceister City F.C. Deal

This sponsorship deal bought satisfaction to everyone involved in the partnership of two continuous years, and the heads of both parties did a great job of articulating the excitement this entire partnership deal brought out.

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Leicester City Football Club for the 19/20 season which allows us the opportunity to grow our brand globally. As well as the excellent awareness the partnership brings to us, delivering content together with the players helps bring our customers closer to the action.” – Hilly Ehrlich, Business Development Manager, W88.

There were interviews held regarding the W88 Leicester City Football Club partnership and both parties were super delighted over the renewal of the contract. Hilly Ehrlich expressed how delighted the W88 team was to continue this partnership for another season which would help W88 grow globally. Not only this but the W88 team were very excited to promote the football club Leicester City to their fans via their online betting platforms.

The Players of Leicester City Thank Sponsors W88

“We’re really pleased that W88 are continuing their partnership with us. It’s great to have such an ambitious brand on board and we look forward to creating more unique content with them for our fans in the UK and around the world to enjoy.” – Harj Hir, Head of Partnerships, Leicester City F.C.

On the other hand, Harj Hir, the Head of Partnerships at Leicester City Football Club expressed the football club’s delight regarding the continued partnership with W88. They appreciated W88 as an ambitious brand that helped them reach a wider audience and looked forward to creating more unique content for them and their fans around the world. Additionally, the football players of the Leicester City Football Club send a heartfelt video message regarding the renewal of the partnership.


Although the W88 Leicester City partnership came to an end, both parties managed to gain quite the reputation they expected from this sponsorship deal. Leicester City Football Club and W88 are now partners of other teams and online betting sites, however, this was one of the most prominent milestones that both the teams surpassed with great satisfaction. According to Leicester City Football Club, W88 possesses a powerful presence in Asia and offers an extraordina