W88 Racing Reels – How to play & Win cash prize up to RM400

Play W88 Racing Reels, a combination of Slots, Casino & Horse racing games on betting websites available for Vietnamese players, in addition to the appearance of Hot live dancers.


In early February 2020, Begun Racing Reels combines Casino, Slot Game, Horse Racing, and Number game at W88 and the presence of live hot Dancers available in Vietnam.

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What are W88 Racing Reels? – Discussion on the Game

This online club has started a Slot Game with a significant investment, a modish, and a well-regulated approach. Players are allowed to partake in the international field. An Amazing Race, The very first Slot game to go live globally. An extraordinary moment like no other, it could be you! So, you should surely don’t miss this fascinating event!

Note: For the first time globally, this SLOT is no longer a small personal game. RACING REELS provides players the feel of an exciting race between mutual cooperations. Exceptionally engaging immediately next to the passionate and charming hot dealers!

What are the rules of the W88 Racing Reels game?

W88 Racing Reels, also recognized by the classic Vietnamese title of “Amazing Race”, is a game with a massive stake in ideas, form, and finance. Racing Reels is an unusual blend of Slot games, horse racing, and at the same time, a Casino.


  • Each race in the game has a whole of 12 slot machines facing in every spin. All 12 machines will start the event with the equivalent score and the corresponding slot game.
  • When the betting time-lapses, all machines turn simultaneously, refreshing the race leaderboard based on the real-time balances of all 12 slot machines. In the end, in every race, all of these slot machines will stop turning, and the final scale of the 12 slot machines is used to pay the stake.
  • In extension, some slot machines have a free spins trait. If a machine still has free spins at the end of the race, the W88 operator will complete those free spins and then take the final balance due to player payout.
  • The W88 Racing Reels has gained a lot of attention and participation from gamers. It can be assumed that this is a new wind besides the engaging games to date presented by the W88.

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Available betting types at W88 Racing Reels

W88 Racing Reels has many various types of bets to compete in a single bet with several options. As a result, your winning odds will also be higher. Each kind will have its features, so you need to discover correctly to have a betting approach for yourself.

How to bet winning odd on W88 Racing Reels

Players will choose for themselves 1 Slots machine out of a total of 12 participating machines in the race. After the extreme racing process finishes, if the number of machines chosen by the player has the highest visible balance, the player wins this bet screen. The payout proportion will be 10.5.

Precisely, let’s say if you bet $200 on Slots machine number 5, at the end of machine number 5 with the highest balance result, you will earn a prize of $200 x 10.5 with your stake. If machine number 5 does not obtain the highest output, the player will waste a $2000 bet. In this instance, your account will be compensated a particular portion if it is a VIP. You will be paid with a regular account if you participate in the weekly lucky round arranged by the W88.

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Spins – betting structure

  • Spins betting will be based on the closing result of the Slot machine that the player prefers. With this mode, you will bet an amount, the wages you receive back will be the calculation below:
    Bet amount x (end balance/start balance) = Cashback
  • To be more specific, you can understand through the following example: You bet $500 on Slots machine number 7. At Slots machine number 7, the initial balance is $1000, after the end of the spin. Then the balance is $500. So the result that the player will get back is:
    $500 x ($500/$1000) = $250

It can be observed that if the ending scale is lower than the opening balance, the player will fall and vice versa. If it is higher than the inception balance, the player will earn interest in the W88 wallet. Spins odds will not waste your whole initial bet, so if you fail in the opening round, take the unused money to split the funds for the next game.


Place bet form

  • It is betting that boosts a player’s winning chances. In Place, you will wish to bet a Slots machine for the first 3 slots. If after the W88 Racing Reels race is finished, the number of machines that the player selects has a balance of 1, 2, 3, which intends you have got a convenient bonus rate.
  • Explicitly, suppose the player picks to wager $1000 with Slots machine number 2 after the process of 12 moving machines stops, machine number 2 reaches at number 1/2/3. In that case, you will be divided the bonus ratio is $1000 x 2.8 = $2800. So the total value you get back, both capital and profit will be $3800.

Note: W88 Racing Reels is currently not available on the site for any region.

4 Perks of joining the W88 Racing Reels game

When playing in this engaging game, besides moments of comfortable fun and handsome bonuses, players also collect other incentives like below.

  1. For new members of W88, you will get some specific amount immediately after registering an account on W88 and doing top-up card transactions. With this, players can use it in W88 Racing Reels bets.
  2. If you make your first-time deposit to your account, you will have the chance to get 150% of the top-up card benefit.
  3. Give players recharge card rates ​​from 10% to 30% daily.
  4. For W88 Racing Reels players, weekly, you will own the possibility to engage in the excellent spin to receive cash back rewards with the highest rate of 0.4%.


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Start playing W88 Racing Reels efficiently

To play this unique game, players need to download for mobile app version or access it with quality links. To be able to modernize the latest and most active link, players can visit W88.com.

Once you’ve securely entered the game, know how to scale and measure your odds rightly. Must start with small numbers to gain the most suitable and powerful playing approach. Hit the bars with a quick win pace as per the earlier event. Although this is a betting game with a factor of occasion, you can still command it if you anticipate it wisely.


W88Malayu has fully shared the essential but beneficial learning about W88 Racing Reels in this article. Indeed, players will have the apt approaches to gather multiple “fragrant berries” with the winning Racing Reels game. Quickly register a W88 account and join W88 now!