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W88 Football Over Under  W88 Football Over Under Odds

Football over under betting is also named a totals bet. The total in a Football sporting game is a combined score of both sides. This game’s capacity is a number set by the football over under the betting system based on how they envision a game open from a scoring aspect. As a bettor, you would require to choose if the total number of counts scored by both sides will be OVER or UNDER the estimated total.

What is football over under betting at W88?

From aims, controls, and cards in football to round betting in boxing, read how football over under markets work in betting.


  • Over/under betting is offered by bookmakers in a range of different sports.
  • As objected to win, draw, win betting, football over under is involved with the number of chances something will occur. Or the period it takes something to fall in a particular match rather than the outcome.
  • For instance, that could link to the total number of points or goals counted in a fixture. Therefore, the winning team is pointless.
  • Being a gambler, you need to determine if you believe the total number of points scored will be over or under a pre-decided number from the bookmaker.

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How does over/under betting work at W88 football over under betting?

Football over under betting acts the same form for most sports, with the most famous markets expecting you to predict the combined score of both sides or players precisely.

  • For instance, you desire to bet on 5 or more goals being scored in a football event.

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  • Find the market called ‘over 4.5 goals’ – over/under markets are offered in half numbers to eliminate confusion regarding settling a bet.
  • In case there were 5 or more goals scored in the sport, the bet would win.
  • The same could be done for corners or cards in a football match.
  • Meanwhile, in other sports, you could bet on whether there will be over or under a certain number of runs in a cricket match.
  • Over/under markets also allow you to back a total number of rounds in a boxing or MMA fight, but these bets differ slightly.
  • The over/under numbers for rounds are still offered as half numbers. Still, the game would have to reach the actual halfway point for the bet to be considered a winner or loser.
  • UFC rounds last five minutes, so for a bet on over 1.5 matches in a UFC fight to win, the second round of the fight would need to pass the 2:30 mark.

How to read over/under betting odds at W88 football over under?

  • While football over under betting is logically self-explanatory, there are specific points to consider when reading the odds.
  • As stated earlier, football over under markets is typically offered in half numbers. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to score half a goal, so the total number of goals will constantly be at least 0.5 on either side.
  • Sometimes the market will be given as a whole number, for instance, ‘five or more goals. Here, 5 goals in the match would end in a win.


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How to bet on over/under in football at W88 football over under?

Just follow the 3 steps below to place your bets on football over under at W88. However, suppose you’re new to play sports betting here. In that case, W88Malayu recommending you read more about Sports betting on W88 Sportsbook before getting started to place a wager.

Step 1: Access official website W88.com & Login


  • The first and most important yet basic step will be accessing the official website of W88. You need to go to W88 via your desktop/laptop or PC browser. Browsers can Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, sometimes it Opera, UC, Internet Explorer and many more.
  • Once you’re at the website’s landing page, you need to log into your W88 account. Suppose you haven’t registered yet at the W88. In that case, you must Signup at W88 first, then follow the next step by depositing a minimum amount of RM30 by following the guide on W88 Deposit stepwise.

Step 2: Locate Sports and click on e-Sports Asian


  • Once you are finished with the basic criteria of a new member on W88 by logging in and depositing the minimum amount into your account, come back on the homepage.
  • Find the Sports tab that displays on the menu bar of the homepage, and click on the e-Sports (Asian) option to play football over under betting on W88.
  • Once you’re on the betting screen already, follow the next step that gives you pointwise instructions on placing bets on W88 football over under.

Step 3: Try your luck on W88 football over under betting


  • You need to select first which type of betting you want to play from the left-hand side of the screen.
  • The earlier case practiced total goals as a relating point for betting on football over under markets, but that is not all they are restricted to.
  • You can likewise bet on the total number of goals for a unique team or a particular half.
  • It is also likely to back over or under a certain number of cards, either yellow, red, or the total number and corners.

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W88 sports betting, especially when it comes to football over under betting, often relies on money lines and lead measures where you’re gambling who will win the game entirely or against the spread. Although these are exciting bets, to begin with, other sports also offer OVER/UNDER odds.