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W88 Asian Handicap Sports Asian Handicap Sports Betting

Asian handicap sports betting is a style of betting on football. Teams are handicapped according to their record so that a more effective team must win by more goals for a player betting on them to win. It is a form of range betting. Handicaps typically range from one-quarter plan to many goals, in profits of half or even quarter goals. Let’s find out about Asian Handicap Sports betting as per W88Malayu!

What is Asian Handicap Sports Betting on W88?


  • Asian handicap sports betting is one of the most significant trends to wager on football. Still, it can be misleading for North American players at first glance while betting on W88.
  • Asian handicap sports betting is similar to distinct forms of point range betting. For example, it explains wagering on football because it defeats the potential results bettors need to recognize.
  • The persistence of an Asian handicap is straightforward, drop the draw from the betting card and balance the move on games among inconsistent teams.
  • Learn on for a complete breakdown of Asian handicap sports betting and how to gamble on them successfully.

Asian Handicapping Drops the Draw – Asian Handicap Sports Betting


  • Unlike famous North American sports such as football and basketball, football sports usually end in a tie or draw. More major than a quarter of English League games has finished in a draw in the past. The number of draws has only risen over the years. 1-1 is the most typical result detected in football.
  • Most football bets demand you to wager on three different outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins, or tie. Three-way money lines and double chance bets come into this section.
  • Bettors who don’t need to recognize the event of a draw are moved to decide between draw no bet and Asian handicap lines, both of which allow only two possible results.

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Asian Handicap sports betting Vs. Draw No Bet


  • Draw no bet allows you to eliminate the draw when betting on football, but they vary insignificantly from Asian handicaps. It’s most apparent to draw no bet wagers like two-way money lines in sports like baseball. You select a team to win the match right up, and your stake is restored if the game ends in a draw.
  • Asian handicap sports betting avoids the chance of a draw by ‘giving’ points to the underdog and ‘laying’ them on the favorite. However, because they add or subtract points from the last score no matter what, both teams can’t stop the match with an identical score.

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What are 0.25, 0.5, & 0.75 of W88 Asian Handicap sports betting?

  • Asian handicap sports betting that does not utilize whole numbers ensure that the decision is not a force, as no team can score a quarter or half of a goal.
  • Point spread bettors will be known to recognizing half points on basketball or football lines. They work the same way with Asian handicaps. A team must overcome the following whole number to cover the spread.
  • Quarter points seem like an insurance policy by dealing with your stake and putting two separate bets, one on the nearest whole number and one on the most next half number.
  • Suppose you bet $100 on Chelsea at +0.75 in a matchup upon Arsenal. You’ve put $50 on Chelsea to lose the match by less than two and $50 on the game, finishing in a draw or out-and-out Chelsea win. If they end up losing by one, you’ve suffered one wager but won the other, indicating you grow out with an advantage equivalent to half your initial stake.

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Football is the most well-liked sport globally, with more top-tier leagues and expert sportspeople playing globally than in any other play. Besides so many sports to bet on, it’s only natural to expand your approach and try your skill at various wagering types. You must analyze the choices in W88Malayu’s beginners guide on Asian handicap sports betting. Make sure you learn the differences between betting on football vs. other sports before putting down your hard-earned money.