Top 10 best online slots with highest RTP rate up to 99.17%

Find the top 10 best online slots at W88 with the highest RTP rate of up to 99.17%. Place a wager at W88 Malaysia betting site for a daily chance to win RM900.

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Enjoy the amazing opportunity to win large sums of real money by playing slot games with a 99.17% RTP rate and a reduced house edge when you play with the best, W88 Malaysia. Since slots never let you lose all of your money, find the top 10 best online slots to wager on at W88 online and make some spare cash.

#1. Ugga Bugga – Playtech Slot Provider with 99.17% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 36
  • Minimum wager: RM5
  • Reels or formats: 6
  • RTP Percentage: 99.17%


  • The reel with the highest RTP of 99.17% has a theme of a horrible forest with tribal artefacts, masks, food, and other stuff incorporated. The jungle safari theme is the most played on W88 slots.
  • Symbols include a black mask, a red mask, a hut, a tribal person, a bowl of fish, a bowl of rice and leaves, a tribal statue, and a tribal person playing an instrument.
  • Backdrop: A shop built of bamboo and threads, surrounded by a deep forest of dark trees. All of the symbols are embedded in the six reels and five rows, allowing players to spin and win real money.

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#2. Wizard of Gems – Play’N Go Slot Provider with 98.66% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM2
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 98.66%


  • The Wizard of Gems slot machine’s theme revolves around the magical realm, as the name would imply. Spin the reels to earn in accordance with the gems’ pay table.
  • Symbols: Magical gems in a variety of hues and forms make up the symbols of the Wizard of Gems slots online game. A purple square, a yellow star, an orange flower, a blue triangle, and a pink half-moon are all present.
  • Background: In the slot machine online, there is a stunning castle in the distance, an old and knowledgeable wizard behind him, and trees behind him where gems are blooming instead of fruits.

#3. Joker’s Luck – Skywind Slot Provider with 97.61% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 9
  • Minimum wager: RM1
  • Reels or formats: 3
  • RTP Percentage: 97.61%


  • Theme: If you don’t gather all of your coins before the joker appears on screen, you will lose them all because the joker has the best luck in the game. The motif is simple: bells and a joker.
  • Symbols: There are numerous symbols on this slot machine, such as eyeballs, a beard, stars, a joker’s headdress, and bells. Build a figure and gather the coins while spinning before the joker shows up.
  • Backdrop: The Joker’s Luck backdrop features a small three-reel buried deep in the rows, a pay table to help players understand the slot machine, and a plethora of stars.

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#4. Today’s Weather – Genesis Slot Provider with 97.36% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM2
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 97.36%


  • The phrase “today’s weather” conveys a lot about the theme. The weather is the main topic of discussion with W88, which offers five reels, a 97.36% RTP rate, and opportunities to win extra real money.
  • Symbols: The weather is represented by the numbers one through ten, the faces of queen, king, ace, and joker cards, and various weather-related symbols like clouds, rain, sun, wind, snow falling from clouds, and so on.
  • Backdrop: The players can hear happy weather, a gentle wind, birds chirping, insects making noise, a clear sky, and tidy hills behind the screen.

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#5. Big Bad Wolf – Qtech Slot Provider with 97.34% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM5
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 97.34%


  • Theme: Throughout the village, a large, menacing wolf is chasing defenceless pigs. The wild adventure has been given fresh life for Malaysian gamblers to play and win in the big evil wolf W88 slots game.
  • Symbols: The hut spins by spinning the face cards of the ace, king, queen, and joker, as well as the digits 1 through 10. Additional important symbols include a honeycomb, pigs, wolves, and so on.
  • Background: Tiny hills and fields stretch out to meet your gaze, a clear sky and far-off trees creating the illusion of a desolate area with a cabin in the middle.

#6. 3 Charms Crush – iSOFTbet Slot Provider with 97.23% RTP

  • Pay line number: 25
  • Minimum wager: RM2
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 23%


  • Theme: This slot machine game at W88 Malaysia is incredibly colourful, with every vibrant hue incorporated into the reel, pay table, and background featuring adorable little bunnies or excellent features.
  • Symbols: The five reels and six rows that may be spun and won at W88 are embedded with incredibly endearing bunnies in a variety of shapes and colours, including pink, green, orange, and so on.
  • Backdrop: A tiny cabin with a fan on top that may be used to turn on the electric lighting at night, set against a backdrop of green hills and a clear sky.

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#7. Angry Bees – GamePlay Interactive Slot Provider with 97.02% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 18
  • Minimum wager: RM0.50
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 97.02%


  • The concept is somewhat self-explanatory; bees buzz about, guarding their honey, and the symbols are incorporated into the honeycomb structure.
  • Symbols: Letters from the queen, king, joker, and ace are also incorporated as symbols, along with leaves, flowers, and a honey bowl. Numbers from 2 to 10 are arranged in the honeycomb reels.
  • Backdrop: Vibrant, beautiful bees and honeycomb, surrounded by verdant foliage and misty trees. Use W88 to play the 97.02% RTP slot machine and win real money.

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#8. Reel Rush – Evolution Slot Provider with 97% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM5
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 97%


  • The reel rush slot machine by Evolution, which has a 97% RTP, has a theme of candied fruits and reels shaped like rectangles, with the remaining spaces filled in with R symbols forming stars.
  • Symbols: A variety of colours, including red, purple, orange, and yellow, are represented by candies. Rectangular-shaped fruits and the highest-valued wild card of all the other symbols are present.
  • Background: An animated sky and hills may be seen in the slot machine’s integrated table. Play reel rushes to get extra money at W88 Malaysia.

#9. 5 Reel Drive – Microgaming Slot Provider with 96.95% 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM2
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 96.95%


  • If you enjoy playing retro-style games, the 5-reel drive’s theme is full of them. Microgaming, a provider of slots, created this one for you with a 96.95% RTP rate.
  • Symbols: The five reels feature symbols in the form of retro cartoons, such as French fries, hamburgers, blueberry pies, dice, cars driven by men and women, and many more.
  • Backdrop: The retro-style blend of red, orange, and yellow hues creates the illusion of a fire backdrop, allowing players to play at W88 slots and win more real money.

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#10. Hot to Burn – Pragmatic Play Slot Provider with 96.71% RTP 

  • Pay line number: 15
  • Minimum wager: RM5
  • Reels or formats: 5
  • RTP Percentage: 96.71%


  • The slot game’s theme is not implied by the name, Heat to Burn. It is actually entirely different from what the name suggests, with lots of fire, numbers, and fruit symbols.
  • Symbols: Hot-to-burn slot machine reels feature a variety of fruit symbols, including watermelon, orange fruit, lemons, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries. The number seven is a prominent and huge symbol.
  • Backdrop: The hot-to-burn slot machine from W88 features dark, flaming flames against a haunting soundscape including intriguing voices.

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