How to play Bai 3 Cay at W88 Malaysia – Win free RM30 credit

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Introducing W88 Game – Bai 3 Cay

Bai 3 Cay is a Vietnamese game, it means 3 card game in English, resembling most from poker. W88 Malaysia provides loads of games for its beloved customers to play and earn real money, Bai 3 Cay is one of the most popular games among all others at W88 due to its simplicity, elegance, and credibility.


In Bai 3 Cay, players don’t play against each other like poker, they play against the dealer. The player with the highest card points will win the game and takes the pot home. Know everything there is to know about Bai 3 Cay and enjoy the earnings with W88. Understand the game first and then move forward to play with our 3 simplest steps guide mentioned.

7 Basic rules to understand the game Bai 3 Cay

Before you jump into the mainstream, understand the game Bai 3 Cay better. Mentioned below are 7 basic points that will give you a clear-cut idea about Bai 3 Cay. Learn them & enjoy the game.


  1. Bai 3 Cay gameplay: Virtual dealer deals three cards for herself, and other players face down and whoever with more cards point then the dealer wins the game and takes the profit home.
  2. Bai 3 Cay objective: Players are supposed to get higher cards point than that dealers to win the W88 game and take the pot of real money back in their main balance account.
  3. Deck of cards and value: One deck of cards is used in Bai 3 Cay where Joker, King, and Queen have been removed. The value of the Ace card is 1 and the rest cards are worth their face value.
  4. Calculate the card points: The value of three cards is added and if the value is more than 10, then the unit digit is taken as a card point. For example, the point value of 9, 4, and 2 cards will be 5.
  5. Minimum betting limit: Bai 3 Cay can be played with just RM2, minimum betting limit among three tables. All one needs to play at W88 Malaysia is RM2 and enjoy earning real money.
  6. Betting option & time: Players get only 25 seconds to bet on Bai 3 Cay. The player plays the game against the virtual dealer at the table; therefore, they can bet only on their cards.
  7. Winner of Bai 3 Cay: A player with card points higher than that of the dealer will win the game and earn profits of real money. Card Points will always be single-digit only.

How to play Bai 3 Cay at W88 Malaysia – 3 steps guide

Let’s play the game together alongside the guide to understand it better and have more fun. Follow the points given below in a pointwise manner to play the game Bai 3 Cay at W88 Malaysia.

Step 1: Access W88 & register your account

  • Access the official site of W88 Malaysia via the link given in the article to be safe from the duplicated website.


  • Click on ‘JOIN’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make a W88 register by filling in the accurate details in the registration form.

Step 2: Choose Bai 3 Cay under Games at W88

  • Click on ‘GAMES’ in the horizontal list of W88 products to see all the games available for you to play, bet on and win real money.
  • Choose ‘Bai 3 Cay Mien Bac’ from the column of different games available at W88 Malaysia for the players.


  • Click on ‘PLAY’ to visit the page, where all the real action takes place, and play the game Bai 3 Cay to earn huge profits of real money.

Make a W88 deposit to play Bai 3 Cay Mien Bac and many more other games with real money at W88 Malaysia and win loads of profits.

Step 3: Virtual dealer appears, place the bets & win

  • Virtual dealer will appear on your screen to help you play Bai 3 Cay, she’ll shuffle the cards and announce the points for you.
  • Players will get 25 seconds to play their bets, the minimum amount of betting limit depends on the table you chose. The least betting limit at Bai 3 Cay is RM2. Place the bet after selecting the wagering amount.


  • The virtual dealer will deal with three cards for each player and herself face down. At the time of the showdown, whichever player have higher card points than the dealer wins.
  • Continue to play if your bankroll allows and as long as you have free time. Play at W88 Malaysia and win huge profits of real money.

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3 Points to remember while playing Bai 3 Cay for beginners

Don’t make some common mistakes made by other beginners, be the pro even in the beginning and remember the three points mentioned below while playing the game Bai 3 Cay at W88 Malaysia.

  1. Understand the rules better: Players often jump into playing before understanding the rules, you must understand the way the card points value is calculated to trust the game and enjoy tension-free gambling, without being scared whether you are getting rigged or not.
  2. Follow the small bets strategy: If you are a beginner then don’t go overboard with your bets, place a small number of bets in the beginning to see your tricks and strategies. So that, even if you end up losing the money, you won’t lose a lot of it. Start with small and then grab pace.
  3. Money & time management: Time is money, and we all know how important money is, that’s why we would like to warn you at the very start to take care of your time and money. Bai 3 Cay is an addictive game, spend only 5% or less of your hard-earned money on gambling for fun.

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Bai 3 Cay is an intimidating, innovative, and addictive online card game at W88 Malaysia. We hope that our beginner’s guide helped you to understand the game and gameplay of the game Bai 3 Cay. Join W88 now and enjoy betting on hundreds of sports daily and gambling with thousands of games. Start your online gambling journey and earn huge profits of real money on the way.