How to Win Online Poker tournaments – 10 Tricks 99% Accuracy

Do you want to learn how to win online poker tournaments with 99% accuracy? See the top 10 methods recommended by W88tel betting experts to win RM1,400 every day

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To win an online poker tournament, you need to have particular tactics, methods, and strategies in addition to your poker skills. W88 Malaysia provides you with all you require to succeed, even if it is a minimal amount. Take advantage of all 10 and sign up at W88 login, which also functions as a training ground and a springboard for achievement.

#1. Make a list of your opponents and take notes

You may find a wonderful area of vulnerability by keeping in-game notes and evaluating your opponent’s performance both before and after the game. Consider reading your opponent’s thoughts and decision to move rather than preparing your move in advance.


  • A lot of online casinos that run poker tournaments let participants color-code their rivals to assign them to the strong, average, or weak categories.
  • Players can swiftly and strategically identify their rivals thanks to the visual appeal, which also helps them plan their own actions and assess their opponents’ strategies. When playing multi-tabling games, this is an essential technique.
  • You will be more adept at predicting and organizing your movements if you run across the same player again during the online poker event.

#2. Utilize a heads-up display

This ought to be obvious! If you do not use a heads-up display (HUD) to assess your opponent’s strength in an online poker event, you are putting yourself in the worst possible position.

  • By classifying your opponents, you can apply color tags to them according to their strength and potential threat to your winnings.
  • If you don’t use a heads-up display in online poker tournaments, you will be significantly behind every other player who does.
  • When playing multi-table poker in an online poker tournament, a heads-up display will be of great assistance to you. This is the finest strategy for winning online poker tournaments.

#3. Boost the stakes you place at first

If you’re not new to the world of online poker, you could already be aware of it. But if you’ve never played online poker before, let us expose you to its wonders. Pre-set betting buttons can be used to quickly and accurately size your initial bets at strategic points during an online poker event.


  • One benefit of playing poker online is that you can always see how much money each player has to wager, which makes it easier to estimate their blinds.
  • When placing your first wagers, consider all relevant factors, including average table stack and table dynamics, to determine the appropriate stake size.
  • This basically suggests that shrinking is significant when stacks are smaller and open in the typical ways.

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#4. Refrain from acting rashly when at the table

Only if you are certain that your hands are better than your opponents’ can you place bets on every stack you have. Therefore, refrain from bluffing and jumping to conclusions. the best strategy for handling the bubble system.

  • For instance, in a situation where other players might have to put down 10–12 big blinds, you have a clear push if you have five big blinds under the gun with an AQ card.
  • You have to come back to the table and attack in online poker tournaments; if your opponents have three or four blinds, it’s best to fold before you lose a lot of money.

#5. “Up to a certain point, tight is appropriate”

When an online poker event is in its bubble phase and you have a moderate stack, you can play rather tight. It’s not necessary to play with large stacks, but it’s better to avoid betting your chips on games that will just make you lose more.


  • You might run out of chips before you can get more if you play cautiously. Therefore, you should accumulate some chips before playing online poker again.
  • Playing with little stacks is much harder; you have to adjust your extremes to avoid going too high and incurring additional losses.
  • Although “tight is right” gameplay is highly precise, it’s crucial to avoid going overboard. The same technique is used when applying pressure both too gently and freely.

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#6. Utilize the full five minutes of your break

Extended sessions of online poker tournaments may be quite exhausting, and even small breaks might add up to a loss. Therefore, it is essential to allow players to take rests in order to refuel and clear their minds before continuing to play.

  • Utilize your time off wisely by unwinding and reviving your feelings and mood. Above all, try not to dwell on past defeats.
  • Step outside, enjoy some music, breathe in some fresh air, enhance blood flow to your legs and head, use the restroom, restock your water bottle, and most importantly, unwind.
  • Give your mind some space to relax and breathe; it will function best in the open air.

#7. When the wild swings hit, be prepared

Because there are so many players to contend with and defeat in low-stakes online poker events, variance is substantial. The majority of these opponents are actually unbeatable since they have played in so many online poker events and are so experienced.


  • The more recreational people you play against, the more likely it is that many of them will call your raises absurd holdings, which will make the result unpredictable.
  • Although this situation is incredibly beneficial in the long run, are you really interested in participating in online poker tournaments while confined to a single table? In a short-term competition, this is the worst-case situation.
  • It is advised by W88 Malaysia Live Casino that you save some money in case things go bad. Keep your cash and bet balance steady.

#8. Play at different poker tables

There are several tables available to pick from in online poker tournaments so that players may make money. You can profit from this variability and increase your real money earnings if you are aware of your win rate in online poker events.

  • To reach your desired norm, the best advice for winning online poker tournaments is to play as many as you can.
  • You will gain from playing at as many tables as you can without impairing your ability to make decisions.
  • Enter the online poker tournament with the smallest possible wager if you find multi-tabling to be bothersome.

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#9 Be straightforward and avoid overanalyzing the bluff

Keep it simple and steer clear of running intricate bluffs at any stage of the online poker game. Don’t add needless bluffing to online poker tournaments. Take into account the viewpoint of your opponents; the majority of them desire a quick battle and an opportunity to win.


  • The other players don’t care about your cards; they merely want to win quickly, and they aren’t interested in bluffing.
  • Use this to your advantage to learn about your opponents as well as your cards. Take full advantage of the hand cards you have just made.
  • Your opponents will love to call your bets, bluff in the right amount, and obtain the correct worth of your card if you know the value of your hand rank and do not accept less.

#10 Analyze your circumstances and decide

Playing as much online poker as you can before participating in mainstream online poker events is the easiest method to do this. To hone your skills and discover the secret to winning at poker, play W88 poker in a live casino.

  • The hand ranks are something you have to understand and commit to memory in order to be able to judge whether you are in a strong enough position to bluff as much as possible or in a poor situation.
  • Keep things simple and avoid extending your bluff if you’re in a bad scenario. Also, avoid giving your opponent any idea of your card’s value before to the showdown.


W88 Malaysia hopes you were able to find what you were looking for! See for yourself by giving the top 10 online poker tournament techniques a try. Make 99% more money from online poker tournaments than any other player. Open an account at W88 Malaysia to play poker online and stand a chance to win RM1,400 every day!