How to Use Quickpay W88 in Malaysia – RM30 Minimum Deposit

Learn how to use Quickpay W88 via Help2Pay, Touch’n PAY, W Pay, Pay88 & Paypro. Deposit a Minimum of RM30 at W88 Malaysia & claim a 100% bonus of up to RM600.


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Why choose Quickpay W88 as your payment method?

Online banking can be very risky and thus, scary. When it comes to online banking, one often holds themselves back from many amazing things you can get on the internet. Once such place where online banking is feared the most is at online betting sites. This is because there have been many fraudulent cases that serve as an evidence of online betting sites being fake and thus, untrustworthy.

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If so, then why do online betting sites still prevail? This is because of trustworthy sites like W88! W88 is a betting place where you can completed place your trust and make deposits freely. This is because they have a reputation for not only being one of Asia’s top betting site, but also for being a safest site for online transactions.

Author pictureAdditionally, they are known to make use of some of the safest transaction options available online that makes the entire procedure go smoothly. One such option, which is also the most widely used and trusted option, is Quickpay.
  • Easy to Use: Quickpay is a site that allows its users to make instant deposits in the smoothest way possible. Thus, it is an easy to use site which also beginners can easily navigate. The interface of Quickpay W88 is very east to understand and use as well.
  • Quick in Pace: As mentioned above, Quickpay W88 allows its users to make instant deposits in seconds! The next moment you click on “Deposit” at Quickpay is when you will receive a successful transaction notification.
  • Safe Internet Banking: Lastly, and most importantly, Quickpay W88 allows its users to conduct safe internet banking. This is perhaps a priority in any internet banking option and Quickpay almost never disappoints its users.

Not only this but it is a place where transactions run instantly which makes the process of depositing money online less scary because people do not have to anticipate outcomes of their deposit. Thus, when you make a deposit using Quickpay W88, you will get notifications of successful deposits instantly!

How to use Quickpay Online? A 3-Step Guide

Before we learn about all the important steps you need to take on how to use Quickpay Malaysia, it is important to understand the working nature of Quickpay W88 first. This is mostly related to the bank account you will be depositing the money too, so please pay close attention.

  • At Quickpay, you can only transfer from one bank to the same bank, an example that we will see below.
  • Secondly, the bank that you choose as an option, have the same name as the name you registered with and the bank account number you entered. If they do not match, your Quickpay W88 deposit will not be processed.
  • Lastly, W88 Quickpay Malaysia is a place where you can only make deposit. Thus, at W88, if you want to make your withdrawal you will have to choose the only withdrawal option of Bank Transfer.

Note: W88 Quickpay refers to a deposit method using any 1 out of 5 Payment Service Providers.

Now, let us look at the 3 easiest steps you must take to make a Quickpay W88 Deposit instantly!

Step 1: Log into W88 and Visit the Deposit Cashier

  • The first thing to do for depositing money at Quickpay W88 is to visit the official W88 site via Then you must click on “Join” to be redirected to the W88 Register form.
  • Then you will have to enter your details accurately in the W88 form – remember to enter your details as it is in your bank documents, including your name and bank account number.
  • Once successfully logged in, you must click on “Fund $”, which will open a drop-down menu. Here, select “Deposit” to start making a W88 deposit.

Step 2: Select Quickpay W88 as your Payment Option

  • You will now be on the W88 page to make a deposit, so the first thing you must do is click on “Help2Pay” under Internet Banking. Help2Pay is another name for Quickpay at the W88 official website.
  • Then you will need to enter the minimum or your preferred deposit rate. At Quickpay W88, the minimum rate is RM50 and the maximum rate you can deposit is RM10,000.
  • So, we will select the least betting option and enter it in the Deposit Amount Slot.

Step 3: Fill in Details & Select Bonus Code

  • The last step requires you to enter your preferred bank from the dropdown menu. When you click on it you will find many banks like RHB Bank Berhad, AmBank Berhad, CIMB Berhad, United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, etc.
  • Make sure the bank you deposit to is the one you are using to transfer the money from. This bank holder’s name should match the Registered Name and Bank Account Number.
  • Next, you will have to select the W88 wallet you want to deposit in. If you want to claim the 100% slots bonus up to RM600 then you must deposit at the Casino Clubs wallet.
  • Once done, select your preferred bonus code from the drop-down menu and click on “Deposit” to complete the Quickpay W88 deposit process.

3 tips on making a Quickpay W88 deposit for the first time

Now that you know about how to make a W88 deposit using Quickpay W88, you can go ahead and make your first deposit at W88 and also you can apply for the bonus code while filling the opt in form and claim RM600 all for yourself! However, there are some things that you must keep in mind before making a deposit, like:

  • Enter Legal Account Information: When you are making a W88 registration, it is important that you enter all the details as they are on your legal documents, which includes your name and surname as well. This is because the details that you enter in the W88 form will need to be verified as a part of W88 security protocol.
  • Verify Account Details: Continuing with the previous point, making a W88 account verification is important before you deposit any money using Quickpay. This is because it will strengthen your security and keep you away from fraudulent activities. You must verify and update your profile, bank details, phone number, and email address.
  • Read terms of the Promotions: Lastly, before applying for a W88 promotion it is important to read the terms and conditions under the promotions you want to take. However, it is also equally important to adhere to the conditions if you want to completely own the promotion. These usually include completing the rollover requirements before a given time.

In Conclusion

With this, you have learnt everything about QuickpayW88 that you needed to know! Make sure you follow the steps thoroughly and precisely when making a W88 Quickpay Malaysia deposit as it is important, especially for first time players. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and select the correct bonus code and grab exciting promotion offers at W88!