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Learn 10 Poker Winning Combinations explained by W88malayu. Know different combinations in Poker from Royal Flush to High Card + odds probability to earn daily!

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Playing Poker games online is fun especially if you use online betting sites like W88. However, to ace your wins, you need to know about the most basic thing for playing poker games and that is the hand combinations in poker. Here, we have explained the combinations in poker by creating a detailed list of Poker Winning Combinations that can get you to win instantly in the betting room, against the dealer.

w88malayu combinations in poker that you should know about

3 Poker Winning Combinations that guarantee 99% big win

Poker winning combinations highly depend on how rare the hand combination in the poker game room. And when it comes to such W88 Poker winning combinations that can give you instant wins, you must look out for the following 3 combinations in poker games.


Poker Winning CombinationProbability
1Royal Flush

30,940 : 1


Straight Flush3,589.6 : 1

594 : 1

1. The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush card hand is one of the most powerful poker winning combination that can get you an instant win, and if you understand what makes this combination in poker, you will know why.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation royal flush

  • Poker is a game based on luck because you wager to get the best hand rank on the table without knowing the outcome.
  • Getting the Royal Flush Hand, which is the 10 cards, with any face card from the same suit, gives you the rarest hand rank combination in poker.
  • Since this is extremely lucky, the chances of getting this hand is rare, it is the number 1 ranked poker winning combination.

2. The Straight Flush

The second combination in poker that can also get you to win the game round instantly is the Straight Flush hand, and this one is rare too.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation straight flush

  • The other hand combination in Poker that can let you win easily is the Straight Flush combination, which is the second ranking poker winning combination.
  • This combination is made up of consecutive cards from the same suit, which means that the ranks must be one after the other in the same color.
  • To test your luck and see whether you can get this rare poker winning combination create an account in the W88 Register today.

3. Four-of-a-Kind

The third rarest poker hand combination that you can find when playing poker is the Four-of-a-Kind hand, and the explanation of this hand is its name.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation four of a kind

  • The four-of-a-kind poker winning combination is the third and final rarest card hand you can get when playing Poker online.
  • Here, you must get 4 cards of the same Rank or Numbers, but the suit they come from does not matter.
  • Getting this, and the aforementioned poker winning combinations, is rare but you can use some Poker Strategies to boost your wins.

Another 4 Poker Winning Combinations for instant wins

Although the aforementioned cards are rare to get, there are other poker winning combinations that you can get for instant wins. There are 4 such combinations in poker which are rare but still easier to get when learning How to Win Poker.


Poker Winning CombinationProbability
4Full House

37.5 : 1


Flush32.1 : 1

20.6 : 1


Three-of-a-Kinda19.7 : 1

4. The Full House

The first rare yet easy to get poker winning combination is the Fullhouse, which is probably a jackpot hit and as exciting as the Royal Flush hand.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation full house

  • Full House hands are made up of multiple poker hands, as you can see in the image above, there are 3 cards of the same rank, and 2 cards of the same rank.
  • But if you look much closer, you will see that there is also 2 cards from the same suit making a secondary pair hand.
  • Hands made up of these combinations become a poker winning combination so you must keep an eye of for these.

5. The Flush cards

The straight flush hand combination is one of the rarest hand as mentioned above, but that hand combination is also made up of two different combinations, and the Flush is one of them.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation flush

  • Flush Cards is the combination in poker which make up a hand of cards from the same suit.
  • Thus, the Flush card hand rank in poker is also known as the Colored card rank as all cards must be either black or red.
  • Use these pro Poker Tips for Beginners to increase the probability of getting the poker winning combination of flush cards.

6. The Straight cards

In continuation with the aforementioned point, the Straight Flush hand’s second combination is the Straight hand which ranks lower than the Flush Hand.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation straight

  • Unlike the colored or Flush hand, here you must aim to get the poker winning combination of cards made up of consecutive numbers from the same rank.
  • As the image above shows, these cards must be in order of the rank, but the suit they belong to does not matter.
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7. Three-of-a-Kind

Three of a Kind is the 7th ranking poker winning combination that you must aim for in the poker betting rooms online.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation three of a kind

  • This card hand is very similar to the aforementioned four-of-a-kind hand rank but here you must aim to get 3 cards from the same ranks.
  • As the picture shows, it does not matter if these 3 card comes from a different suit, but if there are 3 cards from the same suit, then you can win this hand combination as well.
  • Wagering on Poker games with the help of W88malayu Advanced Poker Strategies can help you get these four rare yet easy to get poker winning combinations.

3 Common Poker Winning Combinations to secure a win

If the aforementioned Poker winning combinations are rare, then how are the bets in the game rooms won? If this is your questions then here are the last 3 common poker winning combinations that are easily gained to secure wins.


Poker Winning CombinationProbability
8Two Pair

3.26 : 1


Pair1.28 : 1
10High Card

4.74 : 1

8. The Two-Pair hand

The next poker winning combination is the Two Pair hand rank which is almost the same as the four and three of a kind hand combinations in poker.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation two pair

  • To get this winning hand, you must aim to get two pairs, which means 2 cards of the same rank and the other 2 cards of the same rank.
  • In total, you must get 4 cards in your hand to be a part of this combination, and getting these is somewhat easier than the above ones.
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9. The Pair hand

A split from the Two Pair hand is the single pair or pair hand, which is the easiest and the most common hand rank to get in Poker games.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation pair

  • The Pair Hand rank requires you to get a Pair card made up of two cards of the same rank. Know more about Poker Rules Card Ranking at W88malayu.
  • Getting this hand combination in poker is extremely simple and it is the most common way to win poker games online.
  • But although this is easier to get, this is also a lower ranking hand combination, so you can also lose the round just as easier if the dealer gets a better card rank.

10. The High Card

The last hand rank in poker is the High Card rank which is made up of only one card, can be easily gained, and can be considered as the wild poker winning combination.

poker winning combinations w88malayu explanation high card

  • The High Card is made up of a single card in the hand, which is the card with the highest rank in the hand.
  • This card is looked at only when no combination can be made with your cards in the hand, which means that whichever side has a card with the higher rank and no combination, wins the bet.
  • Thus, it can be risky when the poker winning combination High Card is used to determine the winner of the bet as there is almost a 50-50 chance.


These were the 10 Poker Winning Combinations that you can must aim for whenever playing poker games online. Using this as your guide, and the tips and tricks for poker betting online from W88malayu, you can earn up to RM900 daily. To boost this amount, use betting sites like W88 that offer promotions up to RM1,288 on casino products. For more betting tips, tricks, and strategies, keep visiting W88malayu.