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Playing Poker is something fun as this game can be enjoyed in get-togethers as well as to earn extra cash online at sites like W88. Regardless of which kind of poker game you decide to play, knowing the basic rules, as well as the poker rules card ranking, is important. So, in this article, we have introduced you to everything you need to know about the Poker online real money Malaysia game. Poker is a game played between 6 or more than 6 people or against the dealer in offline or online settings with the purpose of the game being to beat the opponent with the best card hand rank.

1. Terms in Poker you should know

Firstly, let us look into the most basic terminology that you will hear when sitting at any poker table, online or offline. These poker terms are something that you should learn as they are part of the poker online rules that you will need to follow so that you can earn real money online on online sites like W88.

poker online real money malaysia rules poker rules card ranking

  • Ante: To kickstart the game, players must place the first wager on the table which is compulsory. This wager is known as the Ante bet in Poker which is the first wager made for any new round.
  • Call: Call is one of the choices you get to make in Poker rounds. This option is used by players to continue the game with the hands given to them.
  • Fold: When players are not happy with the hand given to them, they may decide to quit the game round. Players can do this by selecting the Fold option from the given choices.\
  • Check: When poker games are played between more than 2 players, the player gets the choice to Check, which means that they get to pass the round without having to call or fold.
  • Raise: When the players see potential in the hand dealt to them, then they can raise their initial wager using the Raise option so that they get even better payouts.
  • Flop: The first three cards on the table which are community cards are known as the Flop cards in Poker.
  • Turn: The fourth community card on the table is known as the Turn as this card usually has the potential of turning the game around for players.
  • River: The last community card dealt on the table is known as the River card in poker games offline or online.
  • All-In: When a player is confident in the hand dealt to them, they can go all-in which means wagering their entire bankroll in a single round., a move not recommended to beginners

w88malayu poker online real money malaysia rules and card ranks

2. Real money offline Poker seats explained

When you decide to play Poker online in real money Malaysia, you usually have to play against the dealer and try to get the best hand rank from the dealer. So, join the W88 Register with a new account to play poker games online. But in offline poker settings, things are different as you are playing with more than one person. This is also applicable to real-player poker game rooms where you get to play with people from across the globe. Although the above terms apply to all poker games, the below-mentioned setting arrangement is more prominent for offline poker games.

poker online real money malaysia rules poker rules card ranking explained

  • Button:  The Button is a part of the Late Position on the poker table, which you will also find in real-people poker game rooms on the W88 Live Casino site. The purpose of making the person to the left of the player with the button, set the Ante wager on the table.
  • Blinds: The Poker table has two blind seats, big and small, and these are the people who sit to the left of the Button. The small blind makes the ante bet while the big blind double the stake. Since they wager without any card being dealt, they are called “Blinds”.
  • Early Position seats: Also known as Under the Gun, this position includes the blinds and the two players besides the blind. These are known as Under the Gun because they are most unlikely to turn the game around.
  • Middle Position seats: The players who have the potential to turn the game around are those in the Middle Position. These players sit next to the players in the under-the-gun position.
  • Late Position seats: Lastly, also known as the Hijack or Cuttoff, including the player with the button, the players in the Late Position can turn the game around with the cards dealt to them. The Late Position is considered to be the best but not everyone may get to be here. However, joining W88 would definitely grant you a W88 Promotion 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,288.

3. Memorize the 10 Poker card ranks and meaning

In the next section of this article, let us focus on the 10 Poker rules card ranking details that you must keep in mind when playing poker online in real money Malaysia games. No matter what form of poker you decide to play, you have to ensure wins by getting the best card hand in the game room. Below mentioned are the 10 card hand ranks that can ensure wins in poker games online.

poker online real money malaysia rules and card ranks explained w88malayu

RankCard HandPayoutDescription
1poker rules card ranks royal flushRoyal Flush100:1This hand consists of 5 high cards as shown in the image
2poker rules card ranks straight flushStraight Flush50:1This hand consists of consecutive ranks from the same card suit
3poker rules card ranks four of a kindFour of a Kind20:1This hand consists of 4 cards from the same rank irrespective of the card suit
4poker rules card ranks full house
Full House
7:1This hand consists of 3 cards of the same rank and two other cards from the same rank, irrespective of the card suit
5poker rules card ranks flushFlush5:1This hand consists of cards belonging to the same card suit irrespective of ranks
6poker rules card ranks straight handStraight4:1This hand consists of cards belonging to consecutive ranks irrespective of the card suit
7poker rules card ranks three of a kindThree of a Kind3:1This hand consists of 3 cards of the same rank irrespective of the card suit
8poker rules card ranks two pairTwo Pair2:1This hand consists of 2 pair of cards with the same rank irrespective of the card suit
9poker rules card ranks pair handPair1:1This hand consists of a pair of cards with the same rank irrespective of the card suit
10poker rules card ranks high cardHigh Card1:1This hand does not consist of any of the card combos above. So, the winner of the round is determined by looking at the highest card rank on the table.

4. The Poker real money Malaysia gameplay explained

Now that you have understood the basics of poker online real money Malaysia games as well as the Poker rules card ranking details, let us walk you through how the gameplay of poker commences in game rooms online. Using this knowledge would enable you to play in any online poker game room efficiently.

w88malayu poker online real money malaysia rules poker rules card ranking

  • Since online poker games are usually played between you and the dealer, you will first have to select a casino chip and place the ante bet on the table. You can also use some Poker Tips for Beginners to help you play the game efficiently.
  • Then the dealer will deal 2 cards for you and them each, which you can see. However, you will not be able to see the dealer’s cards.
  • Then the dealer will deal with the community cards on the table. Based on these, you can call, double up or raise, etc., and proceed with the betting round. But if you see no signs of potential wins, then you can fold your cards.
  • After the river card is introduced, the showdown will take place where the dealer will reveal their cards. Whoever gets the best hand rank on the table by the end of the betting round wins the poker game round.

5. How to play Poker online for real money at W88 Malaysia?

So far we have explained to you how the Poker online real money Malaysia games commence in game rooms online and so in this section, we will explain to you how to play poker online for real money using one of the best sites in the betting world, which is W88. To get detailed information on how to play poker online step by click, click on this W88 Poker link.

w88malayu how to play poker online real money malaysia

W88 is considered to be the best place to play poker online all over Asia, thanks to its pocket-friendly prices. Moreover, here you can claim one of the coolest online live casino bonus offers in the betting world online. Joining W88 would give you access to some of the best poker game rooms online including a 100% welcome bonus up to RM500 on live casino games on the site.


This was all about Poker Online Real Money Malaysia card ranking and rules explained in detail. Using this article as your guide you can play poker online in any online casino game room. However, we recommend using the W88 poker rooms as here you can get pocket-friendly game rooms with casino welcome bonus offer up to RM1,288. For more such east explanations on casino game visit W88malayu.info.