Baccarat 1326 strategy for daily wins explained with example

Learn the helpful Baccarat 1326 strategy to win every day up to RM900+ online. Read how the 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy works with real money via W88malayu guide!

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Betting systems are known to be of great help to gamblers who wish to increase their betting profits by the end of their gaming sessions. However, most of these betting systems do not really work most of the time, although there are a few that can work if used in the correct way. In this article, we will be looking into one such betting system which is the Baccarat 1326 strategy which can help you ace your profits on online betting sites like W88.

What is the Baccarat 1326 strategy in betting?

Online betting systems are considered to be helpful however, most of them are used by pro gamblers only as they also apply their own experience and insights to win most of the round. This is because progressive betting systems usually require you to win more rounds than lose them. As a beginner, you may be overwhelmed by such betting systems but if you try low-risk progressive systems like the Baccarat 1326 strategy in betting, you may be able to get the proper hang of How to Win Baccarat in Casino Online in no time!

W88malayu baccarat 1326 strategy for beginners to win big

Baccarat 1326 strategy is a progressive betting system which means that you will have to keep changing your betting stake depending on your wins and losses in every round. This betting system is designed in such a way, that if you win more rounds then you will see a significant boost in your bankroll by the end of your gaming session. Join online sites like W88 Register to access good baccarat game rooms online.

The system requires you to wager in the 1-3-2-6 sequence, whether you begin your betting stake with a set initial wager, and then increase it by 3, then 2, then 6 units every time you win the round. But if you lose a betting round in between or complete the sequence, then you must start back by making the initial wager bets all over again.

Overall, this is a low-risk progressive system that helps gamblers bet with a set bankroll, and maintain it in a way to gain profits by the end of their gaming sessions. Joining sites like baccarat can also provide you with W88 Promotion bonus on online casino games up to RM1,288!

How does the Baccarat 1326 strategy work in real money games?

Although it may sound confusing, the Bacacrat 1326 system is extremely simple to game with. In this section, let us take a look at how you can game with the 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy sequence effectively by using win/loss case scenarios. The table below shows you exactly how you must wager when you win or lose when learning How to Play Baccarat Online using the baccarat 1326 strategy.

baccarat 1326 strategy for beginners to win

Bet Round

Initial WagerWin or LosePayout

Next Round Wager will:


RM5LoseNoneRemain the same

Double up 1 time


RM10LoseNoneRemains the same

Double up 3 times


RM30LoseNoneGo back to the initial wager
6RM5WinRM10Double up 1 time


RM10WinRM20Double up 3 times
8RM30WinRM60Double up 2 times


RM60WinRM120Double up 6 times
10RM360WinRM720Go back to the initial wager because the sequence is complete

Total stake wagered: RM525
Total payout received: RM960
Total profit earned:

As you can see, the 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy definitely works but that is only if you win more rounds than you lose. Thus, this progressive betting system comes with its own cons that you must pay attention to. Regardless, this betting system is one of the most impressive betting systems in gambling which can show a significant amount of profits by the end of your gaming session.

Note: The 1326 betting strategy requires you to keep a huge amount in your bankroll for playing baccarat online since you have to double up on your wins. If the baccarat 1326 strategy is not budget friendly use its alternative, the Baccarat 1324 Strategy which is equally good. Get a detailed 1324 Baccarat Strategy Review and how to use guide at W88malayu!

Pros and Cons of the Baccarat 1326 strategy you should know

Online betting is fun when you use an equally fun yet helpful betting strategy to back you up, the 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy is definitely one such strategy that you can use to ace your wins online. However, as you may have noticed above, there are a good amount of pros as well as cons to this betting system. In this section, we will take a look at some of the major pros and cons of the baccarat 1236 strategy to help you decide whether this system is good for you or not.

baccarat 1326 strategy for beginners to win big

1. Can help you gamble with a fixed bankroll
2. You can set your own initial amount
3. Needs you to track wins and losses and gamble mindfully
4. Helps in boosting the amount in your bankroll by the end of your gaming session
5. Is completely beginner-friendly and easy to use Baccarat Winning Strategy
1. Requires you to play with a huge amount in the bankroll
2. Requires you to win more rounds than lose to be effective

3 Additional tips for the Baccarat 1326 strategy

Yes, the progressive 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy is indeed somehow risky as it requires you to win more rounds for it to work well. So, it is given that you will have to apply some additional Baccarat Tips and tricks for things to work well with this betting system. Below mentioned are the top 3 beginner’s tips for playing baccarat online that you can also apply when using the baccarat 1326 strategy.

baccarat 1326 strategy for beginners to win by w88malayu

  1. Set a fixed bankroll for gaming: Firstly, you should set your betting bankroll whenever you are using any progressive betting systems. Here, you must make sure you set aside a reasonable bankroll to play the baccarat games online as well as apply the Baccarat 1326 strategy in your gameplay.
  2. Always start with minimum stakes: Next, since you get to decide the initial amount of this betting system, it is important that you always start with the lowest minimum stakes in the betting room. Using W88 Live Casino can provide you with game rooms for baccarat starting from RM5 only.
  3. Do not always use this strategy: Lastly, although this is a progressive betting system that can indeed help you gain profits by the end of your gameplay if used well. We recommend not using this betting system every time as it can be heavy on your bankroll if used daily since in the end, baccarat is a game of luck.


The Baccarat 1326 Strategy is extremely useful when it comes to online gaming on any online casino game. However, it is important to note that this betting system requires you to add some additional baccarat betting tips to your gameplay. That being said, you should only use the 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy if you know that you can win more rounds than lose for it to be effective but if you want other cool strategies to win like this one, then keep visiting