How to win Baccarat in casino online consistently – 10 tricks

10 Tested & proven ways how to win baccarat in casino online consistently by W88malayu. Apply these 10 winning tricks to your gameplay & earn up to RM800 daily!

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Baccarat is one of the famous online casino games that many pros love and beginners should try online betting sites like W88. But it is also a casino game that requires its customers to use casino tips and tricks to help them win as much as they can. So, to help you with this, W88malayu has put together this article on how to win baccarat in casinos online like a pro!

W88 how to win baccarat online

1. Select a proper game room based on the bankroll

The first and most important thing that you should do is select a good online betting site that offers you more than one baccarat game room to choose from. This is a good trick as it will help you select a game room that caters to your bankroll.

  • Online baccarat can be an expensive game to play as it has easy rules and betting options and so, many people tend to play more rounds.
  • Using a good online betting site to play the game is thus an ideal beginner strategy so that you can save and maintain your bankroll right from the start.
  • If you create an account on betting sites like the W88 Register, you can get to play with no-commission rooms where there is no house edge making this more beneficial for the customers.

2. Observe the game before placing any bet

Next, you should be sure to observe the game before placing bets as it will help you figure out which betting option wins more rounds. With simple betting options like the ones in Baccarat, observation is one of the best tricks to make accurate bets.

  • Online baccarat game rooms have 3 main betting options, Player, Banker, or Tie, which makes observing the game easier to see which of the options wins more rounds.
  • Moreover, you can place mental bets to see if these observations are correct before placing bets.
  • Only once you are sure of which bet is a good one to go with, you should start wagering on the betting option.

W88 baccarat winning tricks online

3. Track any winning patterns in the game

In continuation to the aforementioned point, understanding which betting option wins the most is important but what is equally important is tracking that betting option. This is because the most winning betting option would eventually chance after intervals.

  • Tracking the most winning betting option is like tracking a winning pattern where you must also see how many rounds a betting option wins or loses.
  • It is also important to look into how many rounds later a betting option finally goes on a losing streak.
  • To keep track of these winning patterns you can look at the previous betting round results available in the game rooms of online casinos like W88 Live Casino.

4. Make proper use of the side bets

Another baccarat trick you can use to win more rounds is the side betting options as they are easier to win than the main betting options in game rooms. Using side betting options along with main bets could also help you receive higher payouts.

  • Side betting options may not pay out as much as the main betting options do in online casinos and so it is important to use them carefully.
  • However, using the side betting options can help you win more in small amounts as they are easier to observe, predict, and win.
  • So, with only the side betting options or by adding in a main bet, you could place your bets using the minimum betting stake to eventually win more rounds in the game room. To do this for lower prices, you can create an account at W88 and verify it to get a W88 Free Credit cashback offer of RM30!

how to win baccarat online

5. Place betting stakes in small amounts

The next online casino tip to win more rounds when playing Baccarat is to bet using small amounts in the game room. This way you can ensure that you can play more game rounds with a limited bankroll. For this, you can also apply for your online casino bonuses to get free cashback offers to play the game with.

  • To do this, you can set a bankroll for yourself specifically to play Baccarat online. Once done, you can go ahead and use the lowest minimum betting stakes to wager every time.
  • But if you want to win more payouts then using a slightly more amount but not a big one would be a better choice.
  • This is why, to spend as little from your own pockets as possible, you can make use of the casino bonuses like the W88 Promotion bonus offers that give you up to RM1,288 cash deal!

6. Use betting systems to maximize profit

If you decide to bet using a limited bankroll, then it is important that you remember to keep adding to it than spending. So, to maximize profits in the best way possible, you can go ahead and apply some betting systems to your online gameplay.

  • Betting systems are a good way to use a limited bankroll as it helps you wager in patterns that revolve around using small bets that cater to your budget. There are two kinds of betting systems, progressive and non-progressive.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your wager depending on your losses so that when you lose you can get back the money as the payout.
  • Non-progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same betting stake regardless of your loss to play with the same bankroll.

baccarat winning tricks online

7. Use progressive betting systems more

As a continuation of the aforementioned Baccarat Tips, progressive betting systems are better than non-progressive ones, especially for those gamblers that wish to increase their betting stake. Progressive betting systems let you use minimum betting stakes while increasing the money in your bankroll.

  • Using progressive betting systems to win is a great way of maintaining your bankroll as you must increase the minimum betting stake as you lose to receive the lost money back as the payout.
  • However, some settings systems like the D’Alembert system require you to decrease your betting stake as you place whenever you experience a win.
  • That being said, it is important to remember that progressive betting systems is meant for high rollers and so keeping a good amount as your bankroll is ideal.

8. Try the 1324 baccarat betting strategy

Another betting system that you can use is the 1324 betting strategy which can help you wager in the 1-3-2-4 pattern and also tell you how much you must stake for every loss of win. This is another progressive betting system that is beginner friendly.

  • In the 1324 Baccarat Strategy, you must set an initial wagering limit and when you win a round you should increase the limit by 3 units, if you win again you should increase the stake by 2 units, and if you win again you should increase the wagering limit by 1 unit.
  • This way, if you lose a round, you should keep the betting stake the same as the previous betting round.
  • So, here you are only increasing your stake in patterns of 1-3-2-4 and also maximizing profit using a limited bankroll that should increase only when you use the minimum betting stake.

how to win baccarat online every time

9. Watch online tutorials by pro players

Another thing that can help you win more rounds in online W88 Baccarat games is by watching tutorials and gameplay by pro players in the betting rooms. Using these could also help you choose the correct game room and betting sites recommended by pro players.

  • However, it is important that you are mindful of watching such tutorials meant for beginners and not pros as pros tend to spend more money on gambling.
  • Moreover, you can get tips on how to make observations, baccarat betting systems, etc easier and gradually learn more about how pros place their eager strategically.
  • Using this, you can eventually come up with your own baccarat strategy that would help you win more based on your gaming style.

10. Place mental bets to improve observation skills

With this, we come to our last how to win baccarat in casino online strategy and that is to learn how to place mental bets to improve observation skills. As emphasized, observing the game is extremely important and so, you should try to do so without spending a lot of cash.

  • Observing the most winning round would require you to try and test out if your observations are correct or not.
  • Most players tend to feel the need to wager with real money for it and in the initial stages lose more money than they should, deeming the baccarat game to be rigged.
  • Since observing requires patience, you should instead place mental bets by stating that the most winning side would win and then watch the gameplay to see which side wins.

W88malayu how to win baccarat online in casinos


These were the 10 How to Win Baccarat in Casino Online strategies that you can use to receive more wins and payouts consistently with each game round. Using fun online casino betting sites like W88 and betting guides like W88malayu would help you boost your winning rate quicker than usual. With this, we hope that you gamble responsibly, and mindfully, and wish you luck for more wins.