1324 Baccarat strategy review – Punter’s weapon to win more

The 1324 Baccarat strategy is a fun technique for players who needs growth in their bets on a winning hand. In this guide, W88Malayu will share an honest review!

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Regardless of the variations of live casino Baccarat, be it mini-baccarat, Super Pan 9, or any other, is a card game that applies many techniques, and the 1324 Baccarat strategy is probably the most famous of them. W88Malayu is going to explain the honest review of the strategy along with suitable measures.

Introduction to 1324 baccarat strategy review

The 1324 baccarat strategy makes you raise the wager amount in a specific sequence.

  • It drops into the baccarat betting techniques category of “positive advance”, as the betting stake keeps rising.


  • The concept is relatively superficial: You begin playing with 1 unit, expand it to 3, then reduce it to 2, and lastly, raise it again to 4.
  • The title of this baccarat strategy likewise notifies you what your bet amounts need to be.
  • To obtain a more precise thought about this winning 1324 baccarat strategy.
  • When talking about its complexness, it is not complicated at all, you simply follow the sequence. So, being a professional baccarat players we can express that it is one of the most essential baccarat strategies and simple practices to win.

Working of 1324 baccarat strategy

With the 1324 baccarat strategy, the house consistently maintains an edge.


  • If you stake on a player, the house edge will be 1.24%, and if you gamble on a banker, it’ll be 1.06%, but you’ll have to compete with the banker’s commission. The tie wager with its 14.4% house edge is one you must not make precise if it pays 8-1.
  • So, similarly, does the 1324 baccarat strategy betting system won’t let you win baccarat often.
  • It certainly delivers you an assured win if you succeed in the 2nd bet, but ultimately, over sufficient hands of baccarat, the casino will consistently produce its edge no matter what baccarat betting technique you employ.

1324 baccarat strategy advantages & weaknesses

As you know this is a 1324 baccarat strategy review, W88 Malaysia would provide advantages and drawbacks of this approach. Below are the 1324 baccarat strategy advantages & weaknesses mentioned one by one.

3 Advantages of the 1324 baccarat strategy

  1. Positive progression: The staking cut gets high at the end, which indicates a better payout, in the end, showing an image of favorable progression in the 1324 baccarat strategy.
  2. Low risk & general gain: There won’t be a total loss by applying the 1324 baccarat strategy, there will always be lower defeats and breakeven; making it a low risk and general payoff approach.
  3. 90% of winning chances: There would be a 90% possibility of winning in the online baccarat game employing the 1324 baccarat strategy and it can actually go to a 100% winning chance if you are a fortunate punter.


Drawbacks of 1324 baccarat strategy

1324 baccarat is an efficacious technique. Do you think if 1324 baccarat strategy must be impoverished? Well, scroll a little to know more.
As the 1324 baccarat strategy is getting popular already, several casinos online baccarat rigged their gaming, so this strategy may not work.

  • This is the main cause you should look for casinos like W88 Malaysia that are legitimate and trustworthy with their payment systems!
  • W88 Baccarat gaming is guaranteed to provide you with impartial gameplay. Since W88 contains a random number generator, you are assured that the live casino games of W88 are not rigged. You can utilize the 1324 baccarat strategy and win cash prizes of up to 90%!

2 Main cons of the 1324 baccarat strategy

  1. Needs a great budget to be effective – Punters with giant size bankrolls can apply this strategy more effectively
  2. Not appropriate for low-budget participants – Players with a limited budget would be affected and eventually waste more money

The numbers behind the 1324 baccarat strategy

Apparently, you desire to win all 4 bets for a big win. Here are the details on how the numbers function:

  • If the 1st wager you lose, you will be down 1 unit
  • If the 2nd stake loses, the total loss is 2 units
  • If the 3rd gamble loses, you will get 2 units in returns
  • If the 3rd & 4th both win, you’re up 10 units


As you can notice, after passing the risk zone of the 1st two bets, you’re assured some profit. It’s relatively straightforward to win 2 hands in a row when playing online baccarat, so this approach may work.

How to win using the 1324 baccarat strategy

You may be shocked but you genuinely can win using the 1324 baccarat strategy.

  • The starting stake could be of the participant’s preference but the rest will mind the practices 3, 2, and 4.
  • If a player decides to bet ₹12 as an original or base bet then the 2nd stake will be 12 X 3 = ₹36 if a player succeeds in the 1st round.
  • Else, he’ll resume with a base bet in the 2nd round and it runs until the player wishes to quit. For instance, check out the table below for a specific return.

Round Number

Wager AmountWIN\LOSS











Total Stakes₹2,100Total Profit


3 Tips to keep in mind using the 1324 baccarat strategy

Our brain contains a practice of seeing algorithms anywhere it can. Keep in mind these 3 tips and tricks while utilizing the 1324 baccarat strategy.


  1. Beware of the odds: Don’t go blind-sighted when the online betting websites are presenting odds to help you pick the side with more possibility of winning.
  2. Don’t switch the side: The 1324 strategy is likewise a quiz of your commitment, don’t revise the side if you truly want the 1324 strategy to operate.
  3. Know diverse variants of Baccarat: Understand the diverse versions of baccarat, Baccarat Banque, and Punto Banco to learn the strategy application.


The 1324 baccarat strategy authorizes for the bonuses and returns a gain instead. There are rather several tricky maths behind this. 1324 is a straightforward system to use and W88Malayu recommends it for low-risk wagerers. Why delay then? Join W88 and start applying the 1324 strategy on baccarat online card games at live casinos now!