Roulette payout table odds calculation guide with examples

The roulette payout table is an integral part to calculate the winning odds in online roulette gameplay. In this guide, W88Malayu defined the payout table odds!

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Roulette live casino offers several betting options that can look difficult to understand, but the bets are honestly precise. Learning the Roulette payout table is what determines a significant Roulette player from a newcomer player.

Roulette payout table – Odds explained

  • As a game of luck, a bettor’s probability of winning actual cash in online roulette spins entirely around odds. With more than 20 further types of stakes to make in online roulette and up to 8 versions of the roulette casino game to play, a participant’s probabilities of winning vary extensively with each spin of the roulette wheel.


  • By understanding the odds behind the sorts of bets, punters can enhance their events of winning real money in roulette online gameplay.
  • The below-mentioned charts, roulette payout tables, and descriptions will direct players via the diverse stakes in roulette betting and their bet payouts to make wiser determinations when playing roulette online.

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Inside Bets

This phrase directs to all the bets a bettor can make on the inner area of the roulette table. Inside bets include lessening the odds of winning in roulette, but they offer a higher payout. The below choices are regarded as inside bets:

  • Straight-up: A bet on one number on the board. You would only win if the ball lands on that number.
  • Basket: This is a 5-number bet which contains 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 on an American roulette table.
  • Trio: This bet combines the zero (0) on a European table or 00 on an American table and the 2 connecting numbers.
  • Street: By putting your chip on the edge of a 3-number row, your street wager would payout if the ball lights on any number in the same row.
  • Corner (Square): If you set your chips on the place where 4 numbers encounter, you need to place a corner stake that pays lower than the above roulette bets but wraps 4 numbers.
  • 5-Number: Also named a top-line bet, a 5-number bet is only for American roulette and is on 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Double Street: This is where you bet on 2 adjacent rows, which are a total of 6 numbers.
  • Snake Bet: Encircling 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34, this bet makes a snake figure across the table.
  • Split: You can divide 2 numbers you gamble on by putting your chip on the line which separates them. Spending just under half of a straight-up bet, you could set a split wager on any 2 numbers which are after each other on the wheel.

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Outside Bets

Wagerers utilize this term to represent all potential stakes that can be completed close to the outer area of the roulette table. Unlike inside bets, these bets hold higher odds of winning but feed lower payouts.

  • Column: A bet on any one of the 3 standing columns which have 12 numbers each pays 2:1.
  • Low/High: A low bet is on the ball lighting on 1-18, while a high-weighted bet is between 19-36. They both pay a precise amount.
  • Color (Red/Black): Pick red or black on the board and get paid precise money on any red or black number. Keep in mind the green 0 and/or 00 which lowers your likelihood of winning.
  • Even/Odd: Considerably similar to the earlier bet, this will pay 1:1 when you bet on odd or even. This involves all odd numbers between 1-35.
  • Dozen: The table is separated into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 12 numbers. Stake on 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 for a 2:1 payout when the ball lands on a number in the area you covered.

Roulette payout table chart

Punters that play roulette online for real cash must utilize an odds table, especially if they’re a newcomer to the live casino game. W88‘s roulette payout table will guide you to discover the bets with the finest odds and roulette payouts, quickly.


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Bet TypePayoutsAmericanEuropean
Roulette OddsRoulette Odds
Corner (square)08:0110.50%10.80%
Double Street05:0115.80%16.20%
Snake Bet02:0131.58%32.43%
Even / Odd01:0147.40%48.60%
Low / High01:0147.40%48.60%

Evaluation of Roulette payout table odds

To estimate the odds of your winning bet in an online roulette game you need to follow below pointers:



  • Locate the number of winning strategies. Suppose, you bet on the 24 number there would be precisely one probability where you will win.
  • Find the total number of results. There could be 37 different outcomes in European roulette whereas, in the American design, there are 38.
  • Split the number of winning techniques by the total number of results. The outcome is the possibility the wager spins in your favor.
  • Multiply this digit by 100 to represent the likelihood as a percentage.
  • Within W88Malayu’s roulette payout table calculations, we have comprised multiple kinds of bets, and you can estimate their individual payouts with the formula below:
    • Payout = [36 / S] – 1
      Here, “S” is the number of places your bet covers.


Remember that whatever you are betting on the roulette online gameplay, the house edge precisely at the most suitable secure live casino sites would always be against you. No matter if you employ a roulette payout table to calculate the winning odds. Techniques only seem to operate, but always fall in the long run. Learn when to quit and don’t ignore having joy.