6 Best types of online casino slots – Win RM 1,200 everyday

Want to know what are different types of slots available for Malaysia? Well, W88Malayu will let you know 6 types of online casino slots to win RM1200 daily!

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Slots online are the most favored games on the casino site W88 Malaysia with word-for-word thousands of different types of online slots to pick from.


But for new participants, this choice can be a bit puzzling. In this article W88Malayu has planned to provide you with an outline of the primary types of online casino slots you should become aware of.

1. Classic slots – 3-reel slots

  • Classic slots are also known as the 3-reel slots. These are single-line types of online casino slots games that are the most uncomplicated.


  • These slot games are also termed one-armed bandits, a phrase derived from the traditional mechanical slot machines.
  • The most straightforward format of online Slot games, 3 reel slots are effortless to understand.
  • A game window displays 3 columns and 3 rows of signs. The middle row is named the payline.

2. 5-reel slots – Video slots

  • 5-reel slots also known as Video slots, 5 Reels slots are a more complicated structure of the Slots game.


  • Instead of just one payline, 5 reel slots can hold up to 100, giving many more winning varieties and the player a more significant possibility of winning per spin.
  • Although these can appear slightly daunting initially, casinos skillfully let you view the paytables individually from the game.
  • 5 reel slots also contain notable qualities such as wilds and scatter symbols, to provide you with more and more prospects to win!

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3. Virtual reality slots

  • Virtual reality (VR) is now here, and among the multiple initiatives that have been welcomed, it is online betting.


  • You will get to see considerable virtual experiences and fun plays, all due to the technology serving with extraordinary helmets, including Razer OSVR, Samsung R, Sony Play Station, and many others.
  • These remote and soundproof points come fitted with a sound system and multiple LED displays.
  • The developers’ vision is to permit players to engage themselves wholly in virtual reality that favorably promotes and increasingly more profitable their real lives.

4. 3D slots

  • Types of online casino slots are incomplete without mentioning the 3D version of online slots.


  • These are all the online casino slots with 3-dimensional features within the game.
  • They are developed in diverse ways. Most 3D slots are illuminated by famous culture, films, and video games.
  • You will be likely to see 3D video slots that highlight multiple paylines and mini-games.

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5. Feature Slots

  • Feature Slots direct to those slots that deliver impressive characteristics like additional spins and bonus rounds that are unlocked via Wilds and Scatters – random symbols that function as wildcards, giving participants additional chances to win on every spin.


  • Feature slots are likewise the spot where you’ll locate most inventions in gameplay, such as Free falls or Collapsing stacks.
  • Feature slots comprise the bulk of the online casino offering, and there are tons to select from at a broadcaster of online casino sites.

6. Progressive jackpot slots

  • Generally, every slot has a bunch of jackpots that are unique to that round.


  • By picking the progressive jackpot, each player who will be playing the slot game at W88 casino, at any place in the world is playing for a steadily growing jackpot.
  • Every time somebody plays, the jackpot boosts.
  • These games are connected so the more participants that play, the more increased the jackpot heads.


When you believe in playing a slot game online, recall the different types of online casino slots available in Malaysia. Pick the one that demands most of you and give it a shot. You must relish playing slots online at W88 and attempting new tags as they get freed. Have a happy betting!