W88 Wolves – W88 Sponsors Wolverhampton F.C. for EPL 2018-19

W88 Wolves Sponsorship deal for English Premier League 2018-19. W88 provides New Wolverhampton F.C. Kit, LED Banners, etc. Get W88 Bonus of RM988 on Sportsbook.

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Introduction to W88 Wolves

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, aka, the Wolves of the football field, have been one of the leading teams of football since 1877. This team, including 11 others, are founding members of the Football League and have since then been persistent in the football field just like a wolf pack.


  • What makes this football club cool is the fact that they take their nickname as Wolves of the Football World seriously, consistently working together as a pact with each new generation.
  • Not only this but the theme colours of the team have a deeper meaning too as it is a symbol of their motto ” Out of Darkness Cometh Light” where the black in their home kit represents the darkness and the bright gold represents the light.

However, all these cool things about the team are not only for show because they have been living up to the name of being one of the greatest football teams which would make you definitely want to bet on them. So join an amazing online betting site like W88 today to bet on all Wolverhampton matches to win easily as their football skills can be trusted.

Milestones Crossed by the Wolves of Football

Wolverhampton Wanderers have been around for a long time right since the major leagues of football were founded. Thus, as one the founders of major football leagues, they have to keep up with being experienced in their fields which they have. Let us look at some of the coolest milestone achievements Wolverhampton managed to create throughout the years.


  1. In 1893, the team took their very first FA Cup home after they beat Everton with a 1-0 score.
  2. Earned the title of “Champions of the World” by National Media due to their back-to-back overall winning streaks in many floodlit friendlies matches against stronger teams.
  3. Stan Cullis took over the Wolf Pack as a manager and helped them win another FA Cup with a 3-1 score against Leicester City.
  4. They reached the finals of the first-ever Europa league having defeated stronger teams to get there.
  5. Wolverhampton Wanderers have won 11 League Title trophies, 4 FA Cups, and 2 League Cups giving them an overall 17 major trophies throughout their career as a team since they were first formed.

What is W88 Wolves Sponsor? The Start of Great Opportunities

With all their achievements, the W88 Sports sponsorship is also one of the Wolves’ greatest milestones. However, the same can be said for W88 as this football sponsorship helped W88 gain a wide audience in a short time. In fact, the Wolverhampton F.C. Sponsorship is the first team to partner up with W88 officially.

Football sponsorship deals basically mean that both parties partner together to promote each other via banners, logos and other products to increase their reach to a wide range of audiences, something that beautifully blossomed during their W88 Wolves Sponsorship deal.


  • In 2018, Wolverhampton Football Club partnered up with W88 as their official Tshirt Partner.
  • This means that Wolverhampton wore jerseys with the W88 logo on the front in every game they played till their contract was supposed to end in 2020.
  • Not only this but the Wolves also used LED displays and posed with banners to promote the online betting site’s brand name with their Logo.

While Wolverhampton promoted W88’s brand name by wearing their new W88 kit, W88 went the extra mile by changing their original logo colours from Blue to Gold and Black to match Wolverhampton F.C. colours.

W88 and Wolverhampton Impacted Each Other in Many Ways

Promoting an online betting site who were already on the top game is something easier and comes with many benefits not only for them but also for the teams promoting them. Thus, the more you read you will know that this partnership helped both parties grow in ways which brought many new opportunities for them along the way. One reason is that W88 never fails to give its customers and affiliates top-quality service and so, you definitely should make an account in the W88 register to get extravagant offers!


  • W88 however left nothing behind when promoting the football team on their official websites via banners and posters. Besides this, W88 prioritized all Wolverhampton matches, making them the highlight of the official website’s homepage wherever they played.
  • Additionally, the online betting site offered products that most of the Wolves fans could purchase from the VIP section which included mugs, posters, etc. with  Wolverhampton’s fox logo.
  • Additionally, to promote W88’s brand name, Wolverhampton wore their new jersey kit which has the W88 logo in bold on the front. This was the same case for their away, home, and third kit.
  • Lastly, as official principal partners, W88 and the Wolves will work alongside each other to promote their sponsorship via various activities and products like bonus deals on any Wolverhampton matches, etc.

Words of Exchange Between the Managers

The W88 Wolves sponsorship deal was appealing to many people from the teams as well as online bettors and Wolves fans across the globe as they could bet on their favourite teams with ease. However, only a few of them were able to express their delightment in front of the media. Luckily, the managers of Wolves and W88 expressed the things on everybody’s behalf.

“We are excited and grateful about this shirt partnership because W88 have gone lengths to promote our club by changing their official logo to gold and black. Not only this but this partnership is one of the greatest milestones for the Wolves as it is the largest one we’ve had so far and so we look forward to working towards it.” ~ Laurie Dalrymple, Managing Director, Wolves

The managing director of the W88 Football Sponsor team expressed his delight over the fact that W88 was very dedicated to this sponsorship deal where they even changed their official logo to match the colours of the Wolves over a gold and black theme.


Additionally, he was also excited to partner up with W88 for two seasons continuously and on the behalf of the Wolves team expressed his anticipation.

“Just like Wolverhampton claims that this W88 shirt Sponsorship is a major one for them,we feel the same on our end as it will help us expand our brand globally. We hope to satisfy the Wolves fans worldwide by offering them with the best sports betting products to engage in.” ~ Hilly Ehrlich, Business Development Manager, W88

As for W88, Hilly Ehrlich, the Business Development Manager at W88 took up the opportunity to express his gratitude as partnering up with the Wolves of Football was a big step for them. In an interview, he expressed how this partnership was a major move for the W88 team to extend their products to more users across the globe.

Why Did the 2-year W88 Wolves Contract End Earlier?

The W88 Wolves football sponsorship deal was formed in 2018 for two years which means that it was supposed to go on till 2020. Unfortunately, this sponsorship deal ended a year earlier than expected in 2019. This is because both parties, W88 and Wolverhampton FC found other sponsors which would be more beneficial to them in the long run.

Thus, Wolverhampton called off this sponsorship deal only after a year of being partners thereby ending their contract with W88. This also meant that Wolverhampton has to change their t-shirt kit again. However, this was for the better because W88 since then has grown a lot thanks to Wolverhampton’s influence. Today, W88 sponsors great teams like Argentina F.A. and Fulham F.C.


Although the W88 Wolves football sponsorship came to an end earlier than expected, both parties grew gracefully during their partnership thanks to all the promotion tasks each of them undertook with diligence. That being said, W88 and Wolves still continue to expand their name in their own respective fields thanks to prominent teams and sponsors constantly partnering up with them, respectively. So, join W88 today and use the RM988 free bonus to play sports betting on Wolverhampton to win amazing payouts.