Learn how to play W88 Fishing game online with betting guide!

Know how to Play W88 Fishing game online for real money or free with W88malayu. Play Ocean Explorer, Crazy Fishing, Insect Master, and more with this easy guide!

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The online gaming site W88 has been on top of its game by providing its customers with top-notch products to game for an entertaining time, and from all the amazing products, the W88 Fishing sections stand out. This is because this section not only has fun gameplay but also comes with a variety of themes that you can select from. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the top W88 fishing games you can find on the site as well as how to play fishing games online for real money.

9 W88 Fishing Games that you must check out today!

Before we get to the simple W88malayu tutorial on how to play fishing games online, let us look into the top 9 W88 fishing games on the website. These games have basic gameplay where you must aim to shoot and earn but they vary in theme. So, no matter which W88 fishing game room you select, entertainment is definitely guaranteed.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online crazy fishing

1. Ocean Explorer

  • First on the list, we have the Ocean Explorer fishing game which is extremely fun to play as there are different kinds of game rooms available based on what you prefer.
  • Here you get to game at different game rooms catering to different levels from beginners to pros and also get to game for free in the free game room.
  • Moreover, the fishing game room is free to use on the mobile as well since there is a mobile application for this product that you can download for gaming on the go.

2. Crazy Fishing

  • Next on the list, we have Crazy Fishing which is another must-try fishing game on the official W88 betting site.
  • Just like the name, Crazy Fishing has a fun theme where the fishes are quick in pace with extravagant bonuses floating around as well.
  • The Crazy Fishing game has a free demo game room to play which is helpful to practice shooting fast-paced fishes for bonus rewards.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online ocean explorer

3. Dragonball Fishing

  • Another most exciting game room to play fishing games online on the W88 casino website is Dragonball Fishing which is a game based on the main anime.
  • Here the bonus rewards are dragon balls that you must find and shoot while playing the game as you also aim for fun fish swimming throughout your screen.
  • Moreover, the Dragonball Fishing game comes with a free demo room too that you can use to play in the online betting site for practice.

4. Athena Fishing

  • If you are looking for a game with animated characters and special skills with super heroes, then the Athena Fishing game room at W88 may adhere to your needs.
  • As a new addition to the website, you can play this fun fishing game on the betting site and watch out for the Athena character to swim around after intervals for exciting bonuses.
  • Here you also get to game for real money or free but the loading time in this game is kind of more as the animations are top-notch.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online athena fishing

5. Fishing World

  • The Fishing World game is another Best Fishing Game that you can play online but not on the W88 website.
  • Instead, you can access the W88 website and get the official link to make the Fishing World download to game with ease on your Android or iOS devices.
  • Using the mobile application for Fishing World makes shooting the fish with huge rewards and bonuses even easier.

6. Longya Fishing

  • The next fishing game that you can access and play on the W88 betting site is Longya Fishing for some amazing bonus rewards.
  • Just like the name, you will rarely find tiny fish here as most of the bonus fish are long which makes it much more easier to shoot and earn.
  • But to keep the thrills of fishing games, the Longya Fishing game room is fast-paces but it has a free demo room you can practice on.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online dragonball fishing

7. Chill Fishing

  • Unlike Crazy Fishing, Chill Fishing is extremely chill and thus, lives up to its name on the official W88 Live Casino website.
  • Here you get to game at a reasonable pace and shoot on small to big fish with additional bonuses swimming across.
  • Thus, if you are a beginner, you can go ahead and use this Chill Fishing game room to enjoy learning how to play fishing games online.

8. Insect Master

  • When we speak of fishing we do not always mean that you must fish for fishes so with W88, you can go ahead and play the Insect Master game to fish for insects.
  • Although this gameroom may not cater to everyone, here you get to play fishing on various kinds of bugs with bonus rewards as well.
  • The Insect Master game room is available for real money and free for those who want a change in setting for their fishing game sessions..

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online insect master

9. Pirates Fishing

  • Last but not least, when you play fishing you can consider yourself a pirate, especially with the Pirates Fishing game room.
  • Here you get to game for real money or free on some of the most rewarding fishing game rooms under the Pirate Fishing game.
  • These game rooms vary on different levels where you get to select game rooms based on your preferences for a fun gaming session.

How to play W88 fishing game in 3 simple steps?

Now that you know about the top W88 fishing games you can play on the amazing betting site, let us go ahead and look at how to play fishing game tutorials by W88malayu. This tutorial can be applied to any of the online betting W88 fishing games in the casino. Using the W88 website to play fishing games online would give you the chance to grab exciting W88 Promotion bonuses on your new account and a first deposit.

Step 1: Log in at W88 and select a Fishing game

  • So, the first thing that you must do is log in at W88 by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials accurately.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online step 1

  • If you do not have an account in the W88 Register then you can click on the ‘Register‘ button and fill out the registration form.
  • Once done, click or hover your mouse over the ‘Fishing‘ product on the W88 dashboard menubar, and from here you can click on your preferred fishing game. Here we went with the Ocean Explorer game as there are many different rooms to choose from.

Step 2: Select a Fishing game room to play

  • When you enter the W88 fishing game you selected, you will be introduced to the different types of fishing game rooms on the W88 betting site.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online step 2

  • As you can see, you get to pick different kinds of levels when it comes to fishing games which includes a fresher room, and goes on to pro rooms. You will also see that there is a free fishing game room which allows you to play for free.
  • So, depending on your choice click on a fishing game room and wait for the page to load so that you can shoot and play the fun fishing game you selected. If you are a beginner, then we recommend using the Fresher fishing game room.

Step 3: Shoot and keep earning coins!

  • In the final step of the tutorial, all you have to do is shoot at the fish and collect your coins. This easy gameplay is extremely beneficial to collecting more money by sitting back and playing any of the W88 fishing games.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online step 3

  • Here, you get to select a gun and you must click on the fish continuously to shoot them and the coins collected will automatically be added to your W88 account online.
  • We recommend shooting at smaller fishes more since they are easy to earn coins with instead of only aiming for the big fishes. With this, you can select and play any fishing game as the gameplay is the same. But if you want Fishing Tips and Tricks then keep visiting W88malayu.

What are the W88 Fishing casino rules?

With what is mentioned above, you now know almost everything about the W88 fishing games and how to play fishing games online. So now, let us look more closely at the basic fishing game rules that you must remember when playing fishing games online. These rules apply not only to W88 but also to any fishing game available on the internet and must be adhered to properly.

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online malaysia

  • Owning an account on the betting site you select is important when it comes to fishing gaming online this means that if you want to earn money you must create an account to secure your wins, even if you practice in the free game rooms. Creating a W88 account and verifying it would grant you a W88 Free Credit of RM30.
  • To play fishing games online with real money to earn real money, you must make deposits in your W88 account. Since fishing games are usually played with coins, you must then enter the fishing game room and convert the deposited money into coins to earn in coins which you can then convert back to real money.
  • When you enter the game room, you must shoot at the fish which is very basic gameplay. However, to earn coins, you must continuously target one fish at a time as they swim through your screen until they burst into coins.
  • There are different kinds of fish in the game rooms, and depending on their size they vary with their prices. So, to shoot good fish, we recommended checking the fishing game rules in the game room itself to know the worth of the fish.
  • Lastly, fishing game rooms have their own in-game bonuses that appear after intervals which you can shoot and claim.

About W88 Fishing

W88 Fishing is one of the best places to sit back and relax as here you get to game on many fishing games at reasonable prices. What is even better is that even though the fishing games have the same gameplay, which is aim-shoot-earn, you get to indulge in a variety of themes with the fishing games making gaming at W88 overall an experience you can find nowhere else!

W88 fishing how to play fishing game online explained

Joining W88 as a member is beneficial in many ways and this is not only because the fishing games are provided by top game room providers but also because you can play the fishing games for free, which means you do not have to make a deposit in your account to enjoy these fun games. But if you decide to make a deposit then you can claim exciting W88 promotion bonuses up to RM1,288 online which also includes a W88 free credit of RM30 on verifying your account. So, hurry and join this all-rounder betting site today for exciting fishing games online!


With this, we conclude the article on W88 Fishing games where we also introduce a simple tutorial on how to play fishing games online which you can use to access and play any of the fishing games on the W88 betting site in Malaysia. That being said, it is important to follow the rules of fishing games online which are simple. Lastly, for more such betting tutorials, fishing games tips and tricks from pros, keep visiting W88malayu.