How to play W88 crazy fishing: Level Up & win RM30 free bets

To all the fish gaming lovers, here’s the best game to go crazy! Learn how to play crazy fishing at W88. Grab RM30 free credit on Sign Up at W88! Start fishing!

W88 Crazy Fishing    W88 free RM 30

Shoot shoot shoot! Begin crazy fishing for a prize in W88 and prepare for the most memorable online gaming experience of your life. We all have a child inside of us that loves to go fishing and play shooting games. Let your inner child out!

What is crazy fishing game?

Crazy Fishing is an easy arcade game to play at W88 Malaysia. All you have to do to learn more about the Crazy Fishing game is grasp the fundamental gameplay and rules.

W88-crazy fishing-01

This one-of-a-kind game immerses you in the world of fishing. The purpose of the game is to shoot down fish and other items on the screen with your blaster. As you progress, you’ll win gold coins and come across strange symbols. Continue reading for more information.

7 Unique elements at W88 crazy fishing game

As you swim deep with other water animals in the stunning blue abyss, you’ll find special elements that can reward you with more points. Below are the 7 unique elements at the W88 crazy fishing game you must be aware of. Keep fishing & collect incredible prizes.



W88-crazy fishing-03The whole group of fish
This kind of fish always appears in multiple groups! Blast anyone and catch other fish at the same time!
W88-crazy fishing-04Surprise win
Blow this mark and the fish of the same kind marked on the screen will all be caught together!
W88-crazy fishing-05Full-screen bomb
Hit this kind of fish as the name suggests there is a chance to get a huge amount of gold
W88-crazy fishing-06Energy Canon
When you hit a fish, you have a chance to become an energy cannon. During the duration, the bullets fired by the energy canon can get double gold coins!
W88-crazy fishing-07Copper shell
Catching copper shell has a chance to win gold coin, lock-on, freeze. Using a bigger weapon will win a bigger prize.
W88-crazy fishing-08Silver Shell
Catching silver shell has a chance to win gold coin, lock-on, freeze. Using a bigger weapon will win a bigger prize.
W88-crazy fishing-09Gold Shell
Catching gold shell has a chance to win gold coin, lock-on, freeze. Using a bigger weapon will win a bigger prize.

3 steps on how to play crazy fishing at W88

W88 games can help you relieve stress by playing such interesting fish games.  It is a game with a vibrantly eye-catching design, an easy-to-use interface, and a lifelike experience. Simply follow the below 3 steps, and you’ll be able to play crazy fishing in no time!

Step 1: Visit the W88 official website and log in

W88-crazy fishing-11

  • To access the W88 website, players must log in using their W88 credentials.
  • If you haven’t registered before, you can create a new account at the W88 signup.

Step 2: Select W88 Crazy Fishing from the Games section

W88-crazy fishing-12

  • Go to the Game section of the menu bar to play Crazy Fishing.
  • You’ll find Crazy Fishing Game in the first line of W88 in the games category.
  • Click on it to begin fishing.

Fishing games lovers can also play Momo Fishing at W88 by placing a minimum bet of RM2!

Step 3: Start playing W88 Crazy Fishing Game

Crazy Fishing is one of the best games you can play. Shoot as many fish as you can to get in on the action and stay in the game. Consider yourself a fisherman who wants to catch a large number of fish in order to sell them for a profit.

W88-crazy fishing-10

  • The Crazy Fishing game works similarly: catch fish and earn money!
  • Your principal source of income is fishing, and the bigger the fish you catch, the more money you make.
  • You can advance to the next level only if you catch the required number of fish. Make sure you strike the targets on the first try.
  • Remember that you can play the demo version of the game by clicking on the “Try Now” button to get a better feel for the gameplay and a better result.

W88 crazy promotions – Free bets worth RM30

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Nothing will entice you more than the fact that W88 crazy fishing games are not only interactive and responsive, but also provide high-value odds, exciting bonuses, and big stakes. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a fishing game while also making a lot of money? This is a game you won’t want to miss out on. Play W88 crazy fishing game today and have a great time!