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What is Rooster fight game?

Rooster fighting, sometimes known as cockfighting, is a popular sport throughout the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. Traditional Rooster fighting has evolved into an engaging internet game. If you love Rooster fight betting then visit W88 Malaysia and embark on a journey.

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Betting online Rooster fight is a terrific method to enhance your income. It’s a lot of fun with a lot of thrill and adventure. Here we will explain everything you need to know in order to play the game. So stay tuned!

W88 Rooster fight paytable

Before we dive into the W88 Rooster fight game rules, it’s important to understand the game payout. Below is the payout table of the W88 Rooster fight game with respect to the rooster type.



w88-rooster fight-09

3, 2.40, 1.80, 1.50, 1, 0.90, 0.60

w88-rooster fight-10

2.50, 2.40, 2, 1.60, 1, 0.90, 0.80
w88-rooster fight-11

1.60, 1.50, 1.20, 1, 0.90, 0.80, 0.60

w88-rooster fight-12

3, 1, 0.80, 0.60, 0.40, 0.30
w88-rooster fight-13

2, 1, 0.60, 0.40, 0.30, 0.20

w88-rooster fight-14

20, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2


W88 Rooster Fight game rules

Rooster fight is one of the simplest W88 games to enjoy. The rules are easy & quick to grasp. Beginners can begin betting in a couple of minutes & start making money in no time. Below are the detailed W88 Rooster fight rules along with examples.

w88-rooster fight-02

  • The player chooses whether Rooster A or Rooster B will win the fight.
  • If the player’s bet matches the winning rooster, the player wins; otherwise, the player loses.
  • If the fight ends in a tie, bets on Rooster A and B will be pushed.
  • A player can bet on either Rooster A or Rooster B, but not both.

Example 1: In case either wins

  • Player bet on rooster Rooster A(Red)
  • Bet amount: RM10 & Odd: 1.6
  • Result: The Winner – Red
  • Player Win: RM16

Example 2: In case of a tie

Players bet that the fight result will be tied.

  • The Player bet fight between Rooster A and B will be Tie.
  • Bet amount: RM10
  • Result : Tie(Both win or no win)
  • Player Win RM10

Special hint!

The performance of the Rooster is evaluated using a star rating system. The greater the rooster’s star rating, the better the chances of winning. Pay attention to the reward for each rooster in a fight.

3 steps on how to play Rooster fight at W88

The rooster fight game has been around for a long time and is now gaining popularity on the internet. W88 Rooster fight is the most loved among others due to engaging graphics & most importantly the payouts. Why waste more time? Follow the below 3 steps to get started.

Step 1: Visit the W88 official site & select the game section

  • Newbies need to open their new accounts at W88 Register to enjoy the Rooster fight for real money.
  • Existing members can simply enter the W88 credentials to access their accounts.

w88-rooster fight-05

  • After logging in, hover your mouse over the “Games” section on the menu bar.
  • Look for the Rooster Fight game and click on it to enter the battlefield.

Step 2: Pick the min bet limit of RM 2 & max RM 1000

w88-rooster fight-04

  • W88malayu cares about your funds & gambling concern.
  • To avoid huge losses as a beginner, we suggest you pick the least possible bet and then gear up once you are confident about the Rooster fight gameplay.

Step 3: Begin betting at W88 Rooster fight game

  • Now enjoy betting on your favorite cock while keeping the above-mentioned W88 Rooster fight rules in mind. 
  • To brush up the game consists of 2 roosters fighting each other until a winner is determined.

w88-rooster fight-06

  • There are 5 Roosters in this game who are ready to fight.
  • Each new round, the system will select fresh roosters for the fight at random.
  • You may scroll down to read the Rooster fight game rules once again.
  • Enjoy the action-filled fun game & bag big bucks!

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Hope you enjoyed reading about W88 Rooster fight gameplay, rules. and how to get started. Without wasting any more time, visit W88 the best betting site in Malaysia, and enjoy playing the Rooster fight game. Make sure to gamble with limits to avoid large losses. Have a fabulous time at W88!