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What is Basketball Betting?

Basketball is played at a highly quick and entertaining tempo. Furthermore, each player on the field is given the opportunity to play both offense and defense, and their responsibilities are only loosely defined.

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In Malaysia, online sports betting is quite popular, with the bulk of gamblers placing their wagers on football. Malaysians wager on a wide range of sports in addition to football. Basketball is popular, and the Malaysia Dragons of the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) are a popular wagering team. Continue reading to know more about basketball betting.

6 Important W88 Basketball betting rules

  1. Two 5-player teams compete to outscore one another. Each team attempts to score by passing the ball through the hoop.
  2. By passing or dribbling, the basketball moves around the court. With the ball in his grasp, a player cannot simply run.
  3. When a player scores within the opponent’s ‘D,’ he or she receives 2 points. When a player scores from outside the ‘D,’ also known as the 3 point line, he receives 3 points.
  4. Basketball is played in four 20-minute quarters (for a total of 80 minutes), though this varies depending on the level.
  5. The team with the most points at the end of 80 minutes, (or after overtime if the game is tied) is the winner.
  6. If no team has won before the completion of the first 80 minutes, the game is decided by a period of overtime. In basketball, there can be no ties.

7 Main W88 Basketball bets

Basketball betting frequently entails much more than simply predicting the winner of a game. However, many novice bettors are unaware that they have such possibilities. They believe you have the right to choose the winner and that’s all. That is not the case, and you must understand the many types of W88 Malaysia basketball bets available to you.

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  1. Moneyline – While we spoke in our introduction about the multiplicity of basketball bets, we still need to cover the most popular option if we want to be thorough. In basketball, the Moneyline bet is the most popular and easiest to understand. All you have to do with this wager is pick the game-winner. 2 teams will compete, and you must choose which one you believe will win… Place a money line wager on that team, and if they win, you will win.
  2. Points Spread – The spread bet is the 2nd most popular basketball wager accessible to you. Spread bets can be confusing at first, but once you understand them, they’re simple to understand and provide a terrific way to gamble on sports you wouldn’t ordinarily bet on.
  3. Total Bet – The totals bet is a close 3rd in popularity when it comes to basketball betting. An over/under bet is another name for this type of wager. While this bet can be used on a variety of items throughout a basketball game, it is most commonly used on the game’s total cumulative score.
  4. Over/Under – Bookmakers set a total number of points to be scored by the two teams combined in Over/Under bets, and bettors can wager on whether the actual number of points scored will be OVER or UNDER the total.
  5. Total Team Odd/Even – A 50/50 market is a very simple market. Place a wager on whether a team will finish the game with a score that is a multiple of two or not. If a team scores 0 points, the game is considered equal.
  6. Overtime – Predict if the game will go to extra time. Unless overtime has already begun, bets will be void if the game is abandoned. All bets will be void if overtime is played if the game is still tied after regulation.
  7. Winning Margin – A market designed to make basketball betting more appealing and competitive. This is a wager on how much one team will defeat an opponent in a game’s standard time. You must correctly forecast the winning team inside a particular point bracket.

3 easy steps on how to play basketball betting at W88

Online Basketball betting is very similar to betting with a real-life bookmaker. You simply choose your market, weigh the chances, and decide how much you want to wager. Here is a 3 steps simple guide on how to place basketball bets on W88.

Step 1: Visit W88 to access your account

  • Players who have previously created an account on W88 can simply log in with their username and password.
  • New players can visit the W88 register to learn how to set up an account and create a new one now.

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  • Hover your mouse over the Sports tab from the menu bar once you’ve successfully checked in.
  • After that, you must click on e-Sports to begin your basketball betting adventure.

Step 2: Select Basketball betting from the sports menu

  • You will be routed to a new window after clicking the bet now button.
  • On the left side of the tab, you’ll see a listing of various sports.

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  • Select Basketball Betting from the menu.
  • On the center of the screen, you’ll find all the ongoing as well as upcoming matches.
  • Decide your favorite team to gamble on and click on the “+9” button to enter the betting markets.

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Step 3: Start placing basketball bets & enjoy betting

  • Place your bets after choosing your preferred team by clicking on a particular match or set.
  • Click on the set you want to bet on once you’ve made your decision.

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  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a betting slip.
  • Enter the amount you wish to wager, and observe the return amount you will receive if you win the wager.
  • Then, to confirm your wager, click Place bet.

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Easy guide on W88 Basketball betting odds & lines

A sportsbook’s betting odds and lines can be perplexing at first, but they aren’t that difficult to comprehend. We’ll use the example of +6.5 to help you understand betting odds. When a team’s name has a +6.5 in front of it, it signifies they are 6.5-point underdogs in that contest.
For example:

  • Enisey Krasnoyarsk +6.5
  • Yunost -6.5

This indicates, Yunost has a better chance of winning the game than Enisey Krasnoyarsk. This is called a “spread” bet, sometimes known as “betting against the spread.” This is a popular wager in basketball and football games, but it can also be found in other sports.

If you pick spread bet on Yunost

  • Bet amount: RM50
  • Yunost: -6.5 @1.83
  • Return amount: RM91.5

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Before W88malayu sends you to the adventurous world of basketball betting, there’s one final item we would want to discuss. You don’t have to apply all of these different bets just because they’re available. If your technique is basic and effective, don’t make it more complicated. These wagers are only disclosed to you if you require them or if they fit into your winning pocket. Now you are ready to begin your W88 Basketball betting journey, Keep enjoying it!!