Enjoy Dragon Ball Fishing online for free or minimum bet RM1

Play Dragon Ball Fishing online at W88 with a simple bet guide from W88malayu. Know the game rules to play for free or real money with minimum bets of RM1 only!

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What is the Dragon Ball Fishing game about?

Online betting sites like W88 offer you a variety of casino and sports betting products, however, since this is one of the best gaming platforms on the internet, here you can also find fishing games online that you can play for free, on the app, or with betting stakes starting from as low as RM1 only. One such extravagant fishing game on the website that you definitely must try is the Dragon Ball Fishing game. w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial by w88malayu

The Dragon Ball Fishing game gives you huge bonuses as well as prizes based on the fish you shoot. And since the name is based on the famous anime, there are literal Dragon Balls that you must find to hit jackpots in the game rooms. These dragon balls appear after intervals depending on the fishing game room you selected. And although the fishing gameplay is basic, thanks to the different kinds of fish, speed levels, and bonuses, you can never get bored in this Best Fishing Game room online.

Important game rules of Dragon Ball Fishing at W88

Before knowing about the how to play Dragon Ball Fishing game in the game room, it is first important that  you must learn the basic and important gameplay rules of this W88 fishing game. The Dragon Ball Fishing game is simple to play which ensures that you have a fun gaming session online.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online by w88malayu

  • Firstly, you should select a Dragon Ball W88 Fishing game room based on your budget and once you do, you get assigned a gun position where you can shoot from.
  • The basic idea of the game play is to aim and shoot at the fishes swimming on your screen by continuously clicking on the fish.
  • You will collect coins by clicking on the fish till they burst into coins, different sized fishes contain different amount of coins and rewards.
  • Since the theme of this W88 fishing game is dragon balls, you will get a chance to collect dragon balls as well as they often appear with the boss fishes that you should aim and shoot to earn.

Keeping this simple gameplay in mind you can go ahead and play the Dragon Ball Fishing game on the W88 website where you can earn easily. Joining W88 website would give you a W88 Free Credit of RM30 as well as free fishing game rooms where you can practice. Know more about the different kinds of fishes and gameplay tutorial with the perks below.

3 Types of fish you can aim for in Dragon Ball Fishing online

As mentioned above, there are different kinds of fishes in the Dragon Ball Fishing game rooms and these fishes are classified into 3 kinds of groups which are the Boss Fish Prize Fish, and the Common Fish. Let us take a look at these different kinds of fish one by one.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online tutorial explained by w88malayu

  1. Boss Fish: The Boss Fish are the jackpot fishes that often carry the dragon ball with them. However, these fish appear after intervals and thus they are rare. To add to this, you need to be quick with shooting these fishes as they not only swim fast but disappear quickly.
  2. Prize Fish: The second kind of fish in the Dragno Ball Fishing game room is the Prize Fish, these fishes are not as rate as the boss fish but are not as common either. Prize fishes swim in single numbers across your screens and when you shoot you get coins as well as different kinds of bonus prize.
  3. Common Fish: As the name suggest, common fishes are common without any dragon balls or prizes. They are always present in the game room and swim in groups. However, the coins your recieve on them depends on their size.

Use 3 simple steps to play and win at W88 Dragon Ball Fishing

Now that you know more about the Dragon Ball Fishing game, let us move on to the part where we look into the simple betting tutorial of how to play Dragon Ball Fishing game at W88 Malaysia. Using the W88 gaming site for playing fishing games online would grant you with extravagant W88 Promotion bonuses to boost your account wallet.

Step 1: Log in at W88 and select the Dragon Ball Fishing game

  • The first thing you should do is log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button, but if you do not own a W88 account, then click on the ‘Join‘ button to create one within 2 minutes.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online explained step 1

  • Once you have logged into the W88 Register you must click or hover your mouse over the ‘Fishing‘ product on the website.
  • This will give you access to all the fishing game rooms on the W88 website and from these you can click on the ‘Dragon Ball Fishing‘ game room for real money or free demo play.

Step 2: Select your preferred game room theme

  • In the second step, you will be introduced to a screen with three different kinds of game rooms that you can choose from for Dragon Ball Fishing Online.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online explained step 2

  • All these game rooms come with different themes and payout rates, since RM1 equals about 1000 coins, depending on how much your budget is you must click on a fishing game room so that you play with a limit.

Step 3: Aim to shoot and collect coins in your bankroll

  • In the third and final step, you will find yourself in the Dragon Ball Fishing game room with different kinds of fishing swimming around your screen.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online explained by w88malayu step 3

  • Since W88 Fishing games are multiplayer games, when you enter a room, you will be assigned a site where you can aim and shoot the fish to collect coin.
  • The more you should fish, the more will burst into coins that will be automatically added to your account balance in the fishing rooms. It is important to remember the rules and the fishing points based on various fishes as well as to look out for the dragon balls when playing Dragon Ball fishing online.

Perks of using the Dragon Ball Fishing game room

With all the aforementioned information, you are well-equipped to go ahead and play the Dragon Ball Fishing game online. However, to make gaming easier, there are certain perks and benefits of the Dragon Fishing game that not only lets you win easily but also helps boost your account wallet.

w88 dragon ball fishing rules and tutorial online explained

  • Daily Check-In Rewards: The first perk is the daily check-in rewards that you can claim for just checking into the Dragon Ball fishing game room and playing the game daily. The amount of coins given increases depending on the day.
  • Handicap support: Next, you will get handicap support which basically means that you can lock a fish target and this would auto-shoot the same fish by targeting it till it bursts to coins. This feature is beneficial for boss fishes.
  • Smart fishing setting: Another cool feature newly introduced is the smart fishing settings which allows you to set what kind of fish you want to attack and earn points. Again this is beneficial for boss or prize fishes since they appear rarer than common fish.
  • Auto-canon option: Auto auto-canon option is another handy feature that you can find in the fishing game room online. This basically auto-shoots on any kind of fish till it bursts to coins before moving to another fish.
  • Single and Dual canon support: Last but not least, there is the single or dual Canon feature that lets you use one of two canons to shoot fish as they swim. However, this would mean that you will be spending your coins quickly so use this feature mindfully.


This was all about the Dragon Ball Fishing game that you can access and play for free or real money starting at RM1 only in the W88 website. This Dragon Ball Fishing game is most beneficial as here you get to shoot different kinds of fishes easily that bring to you different rewards and bonuses. Speaking of bonuses, join W88 today to claim W88 promotion bonuses for new members up to RM1,288 on your first deposit today!