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Discover 7 Best free online Fishing games at W88 in Malaysia of 2024: Crazy Fishing, Ocean Explorer, Insect Master, Longya, Pirate, Chill & Dragon Ball Fishing.

Free Online Fish Games  Fishing Online  W88 Free Credit RM30

Online casino games are fun to play but they can get boring as using strategies is a must if you want to win wholesome payouts at sites like W88. But if you are one of those people that dislikes using strategies and likes to chill, sit back, and play some easy games that can help you earn more money, then here are 7 best free online fishing games that you definitely must check out!

Introduction to W88 Fishing Game Online

Fishing games are one of the easiest games to play as long as you have a good online betting account and also good gaming skills that requires you to be quick with your clicks. There are only a few good casinos out there that offer fishing games online and W88 is definitely one of them where you can find some of the most famous fish games to play.

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At W88, there are 7 types of fishing game rooms with distinct features that you can play at using this same standard rules for fishing games online where you must shoot fishes to collect coins. Moreover, these fishing game rooms come with free trials that you can try before playing for real money. As we go further down the article you will be introduced to these fishing games one by one.

Top 7 Criteria for Ranking Fish Games Online

Now that you have got an overview of how fishing games work online let us help you with the criteria that you must look out for to get the best free online fishing game rooms to play that you can eventually use to play for real money. Although we recommend creating an account in the W88 Register to play fishing games online since it checks out all the requirements here.

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  1. Legality: Firstly, it is important to make sure that the online betting site you select gives you legal fishing game rooms to play at so that you stay safe from any sort of fraudulent activities taking place online. For this, you must look for the online casino’s legal certificate provided by a legal foreign online betting site and also the SSL security certificate provided to the site’s link.
  2. Affordability: Since Fishing game is definitely one of the most fun games to play online, some people can get carried away and end up spending more money than they should when playing fishing games online. This is why you should go for W88 as the prices start from RM0.1 only and also you can claim free credit RM30 upon account verification via the W88 Promotion offer.
  3. Trial game rooms: The online casino that you select should offer you with trial game rooms to try out the games first because although fishing games does not require a lot of strategy, it does need you to be skilled when aiming. Besides, the pace of the fishes are sometimes fast, and so you may need practice. Trial game rooms help out a lot and so it is one of the major requirements.
  4. Does not lag a lot: As mentioned above, the pace of the fishes swimming across your screens is usually faster making Fishing games more thrilling and so, it is important that your online fishing game rooms does not lag at all. To make the fish burst into coins, you have to keep shooting on it while they swim, so using a game that runs smoothly helps a lot.
  5. Uniqueness of the game: Fishing games are all the same by their rules, you have to keep shooting on fishes till they burst into coins, the bigger the better. However, this can get boring and so uniqueness and variety of themes is necessary to make this fun game even more interesting. So, having an online site that gives you a variety of fishing games is a must.
  6. Pace and Availability of the Fishes: Fishing games with different paces is the best way to set the mood. Playing crazy fishing at W88 would give you the thrills but chill fishing is where you can sit back and relax. Additionally, since most fishing games have real players playing alongside you, there should be enough fishes for everyone to aim.
  7. Crowd in the Game Room: Lastly, you should have the options to chose between the amount of crowd you want in the fishing room. At W88, you can get access to 7 popular fishing games, but these games have sub-game rooms with different betting options and also different number of people playing the games. As a beginner, less crowd means that you’d get to aim for more fishes.

These 7 criteria would be enough to help you find the best online fishing game room and this is why we recommend W88 as it does not only let you try fishing games for free but also helps in boosting your online wallet by given you a W88 Free Credit of up to RM30 on your account verification.

Play Top 7 Famous Fish Games at W88 Malaysia

Using the above mentioned criteria for fishing games online, let us now introduce you to the 7 best free online fishing games you can play at W88! Here, you can try most of the games for free and depending on which ones you like, you can go in and play for real to earn some real money in the most fun way possible.

#1 Crazy Fishing

Starting off with Crazy Fishing and as the name suggests, this is one of the most exciting online fishing game rooms you can try. Here, the fishes swim around your screen like crazy with additional bonuses popping up occasionally too!


  • The Crazy Fishing game room at W88 is something you definitely must try as a beginner because this is one of the most fun fishing game rooms you can find online.
  • Here, the fishes are divided into three rounds, where first you will be introduced to smaller fishes and then the bigger ones with bonus symbols as well making your entire screen go crazy with many fishes.
  • Lastly, if you want to play Fishing games online but do not want to use sites, then you can download the Crazy Fishing app with a direct link from the W88 official betting site.

#2 Ocean Explorer

Next on the list we have Ocean Explorer another popular fishing game online where you can truly enjoy shooting at the fishes here. Although the fishes here are not crazy as in Crazy fishing, here, you can get a lot of fishes to shoot at easily.


  • Ocean Explorer is one of the best W88 Games for fishing on the online betting site that you can try for free as you can get small as well as huge fishes swimming together in different sceneries.
  • Not only this, but Ocean Explorer would give you simple tasks to carry out everyday which is very rewarding once completed.
  • As you can see in the image, you also will get fishes swimming in patterns and groups making it very easy to shoot and thus, a beginner friendly game.

#3 Chill Fishing

The calmer twin of Crazy Fishing is the top fishing game called Chill Fishing. Here, you get to play Fishing game like any other fishing game but what makes this game room cool and beginner-friendly is that these fishes are chill and do not swim away in a hurry.


  • Chill Fishing is a game which you can sit back and enjoy as the Fishes appear on screen slowly and are in no rush to hurry anyway.
  • Because the fishes do not swim in a rush after a few seconds, you entire screen can be full of fishes swimming in different directions, making it easier to aim and fish for more coins.
  • Like other Fishing games, there are bigger fishes that show up after intervals as well and eventually, the pace of the game slowly increases but not a lot.

#4 Insect Master

One of the requirements for the best fishing room online is to keep it unique and so, the next W88 Fishing game takes this on another level as it gives you insects to fish in a floral theme. Although the them of this fishing game is completely different, the same fishing rules apply where you can even get bonus coins to look out for.


  • In the Insect Master game room, you get to play fishing online in the same way but here you have to look out for insects.
  • However, with it’s floral and bright setting, playing the Insect Master game at W88 would definitely give you a different feeling than when you play other fishing games online.
  • Like the other fishing games, this game room is free to access at W88 where you must aim for the biggest bugs and bonuses to collect more coins.

#5 Pirate Fishing

Pirate Fishing is another fishing game where you  can find extraordinary creatures that keep roaming around the screen after intervals along with bonuses. What is even more exciting about Pirate Fishing is that you can choose different game rooms with different fishes of different sizes.


  • The Pirate Fishing game room is fun to play at however, its underwater background theme would make it seem like any other Fishing game online.
  • But here, after intervals, there are some fishes that are huge and some that can even block the attacks making this fishing game more challenging.
  • As a Fishing Game tip, it is best to aim for the smaller fishes when these bigger fish show up so that you can earn more by collecting smaller coins.

#6 Dragon Ball Fishing

Next, Dragon Ball Fishing is another unique yet simple Fishing game online that you can try at W88. Although this fishing game does not offer you with a Free game room, playing this Fishing game online is extremely rewarding.


  • The Dragon Ball fishing game room is a very entertaining game room because here you can aim for different kinds of fishes like any other fishing game.
  • Moreover, it gives you bigger fishes that you can aim for after some intervals that grant you with more coins.
  • But what makes this game different from other fishing games is that after the bigger fishes, you will get an extremely rare huge creature to aim for and once they burst, you will get a Dragon Ball which you must collect for exciting rewards!

#7 Longya Fishing

Another exciting fishing game room with bright settings is the Longya Fishing game room and here you can fish for huge creatures among many tiny fishes online. The Longya Fishing game room is a newly introduced fishing game room at W88 that you can try out for free.


  • At Longya Fishing you can play fishing games as usually however, here you will get many huge dragon-like creatures that you must take down as they roam around the screen.
  • What is even better about this is that since the creatures require you to shoot more number of times, they will keep roaming around the screen for a couple of minutes before they leave.
  • These Longya dragon-like creatures come in different forms, but you should also aim for the smaller fishes to win, before they show up again.


These were the 7 Best Free Online Fishing Games you can access at W88 and play as a beginner to eventually play with real money and earn more coins. Before we leave, it is important to give you a major quick Fishing game trick that will help enhance your winnings and that is to aim for smaller fishes and keep the aims consistent rather than changing your range. Lastly, if you choose W88 to play these fishing games then do not forget to claim the promotional bonus offers because besides free fishing game rooms you can also get Free Credit of RM30 on account verification as a W88 member.